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The Reckoning, Part 2 (Episode 8 of 8)
Hamilton meets a woman who turns out to belong to a group of militant environmentalists. When Hamilton realizes the activists are telling the truth, he breaks with OP5 and joins the group.

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The Reckoning, Part 1 (Episode 7 of 8)
Hamilton is self-destructive after the terrible consequences of his previous mission, but is persuaded to do what he does best. He is sent to Poland to retrieve a Swedish businessman who is sitting on important information.

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Shadow World, Part 2 (Episode 6 of 8)
Hamilton comes home to Lykke and makes plans for the future, but first he must complete a mission that is becoming increasingly frightening. Hamilton travels to the Lithuania-Belarus border to face the terrorists.

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Shadow World, Part 1 (Episode 5 of 8)
Hamilton has to leave Lykke in the middle of an engagement party, but his will to live a normal life continues to grow. Important information risks falling into the wrong hands when a scientist is kidnapped and blackmailed.

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Need to Know, Part 2 (Episode 4 of 8)
All information about the operation is classified and Hamilton is sent to Brussels as a bodyguard for the Minister of Defence. At the same time, a group of rebels prepares for a violent action in connection with an EU summit.

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Need to Know, Part 1 (Episode 3 of 8)
Hamilton travels north to uncover a suspected research espionage at the Kiruna Space Project. At the same time, a lorry crosses the Swedish border via Finland.

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Reset, Part 2 (Episode 2 of 8)
Hamilton and Kristin go undercover to find out more information about the background to the murder. A dangerous chase, which ultimately involves the whole world, leads via the french riviera casino to exclusive villas and out into the Mediterranean.

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Reset, Part 1 (Episode 1 of 8)
During a top-secret NATO operation in the Mediterranean, a Swedish attack diver is murdered. Hamilton knows the victim from his days as a Navy SEAL and travels to Toulon military base in southern France to investigate the incident.

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Agent Hamilton is an enthralling Scandinavian thriller series that was aired on MHz Choice in 2020. Inspired by the bestselling Hamilton novels penned by Swedish author Jan Guillou, the television adaptation takes the story to new depths. The story unwinds in today's Europe, in the era of the Internet and social media, and amidst geopolitical tension, where the traditional rivalries between East and West are no longer as clear-cut as before.

The protagonist of the series, Carl Hamilton, is portrayed by Jakob Oftebro as an intense, skilled, and intelligent field operative. With a history serving in the Swedish Special Forces, he is also well-versed in advanced technology. Hamilton is brought back into the intelligence world from a self-imposed exile, and rapidly finds himself thrust into a world of international espionage, filled with intrigue, danger, and complex geopolitical agendas. Oftebro plays the role of the intense and complex Hamilton with perfection, making audiences empathize with his struggles while cheering for his successes.

The series goes beyond the cliched 'cold war spy' narrative and navigates Hamilton's life through a modern perspective. Fighting against the backdrop of today's complex, digital-savvy universe, Hamilton is required to use a unique combination of physical prowess, superior intelligence, and advanced technological capabilities to overcome adversaries exploiting the cutting edge of the world's technology.

The narrative of Agent Hamilton is a complex web of herculean challenges, personal dilemmas, and the gritty realities of twenty-first century politics. As Hamilton grapples with his personal demons, each episode also unravels a piece of the larger puzzle of Hamilton's past, his relation to his deceased friend DG, and his affiliations with the intelligence community.

Furthermore, Hamilton isn’t alone in his world of high-stakes intrigue. The show has a diverse cast of supporting characters that only add to the dynamic narrative. From his former lover, Swedish Secret Service agent Kristin Ek, who has her struggles to the icy Russian double agent, Mouna, each character leaves a unique and lasting impression. These characters provide context and depth to Hamilton’s world, as well as challenge him on his journey.

An integral part of the series is its depiction of geopolitical tensions, reflecting authentic narratives of the world we live in. The battles fought in the world of Agent Hamilton might be for the control of intelligence on certain weapons or systems, but the cause behind them goes beyond that – it's often about domination at a global scale and the idea of a 'new world order' and ideology struggle.

The detailed sets and international filming locations contribute to making it visually appealing, giving the viewers an immersive experience of the high-pressure world of international espionage. The storyline is propelled by impressive action sequences and high-stakes stunts that blend seamlessly with the tense atmosphere of the narrative. Moreover, complementing this is a suspenseful, layered soundtrack that enhances the intensity and depth of the scenes.

Agent Hamilton not only excels in its thrilling plot and unexpected twists but also provides a nuanced exploration of the human psyche. It showcases the often-blurred lines between what is right and wrong, lawful and unlawful, in the realm of international intelligence. The character of Hamilton, although a hardened operative, is not devoid of vulnerability. It presents the palpable struggle of a government agent with a adamantine exterior harbouring a deeply sensitive core.

In conclusion, Agent Hamilton is an action-packed thrill ride that brilliantly weaves a narrative of political conflict, personal tragedy, and redemption. With edge-of-the-seat action sequences and intricate storytelling, this 2020 MHz Choice series is a compelling cinema experience for thriller and espionage genre enthusiasts. With its look into the complexities of global politics, the social fabric entwined with the digital age, and its exploration of personal morality and loyalty, Agent Hamilton guarantees viewers an intense, riveting viewing experience.

Agent Hamilton is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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How can I watch Agent Hamilton online? Agent Hamilton is available on MHz Choice with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Agent Hamilton on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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