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A Sunday in September
After the shocking events of the last few days, a battered nation goes to the polls. Directed by Emiliano Goessens, 2014.

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The Wake
Elin is contacted by an unexpected party who suggests a collaboration, but can this new ally be trusted? Directed by Emiliano Goessens, 2014.

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The Surge
Veritas stages its most audacious attack yet. Directed by Fredrik Edfeldt, 2014.

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The Earthquake
Elin struggles to understand why Gunnar has been lying. Directed by Fredrik Edfeldt, 2014.

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My Parents' Lies
Elin's apartment is broken into and she discovers who falsified Sarah's leave request. Directed by Emiliano Goessens, 2014.

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The Last Farewell
Elin grows increasingly unsure about whether or not to trust Max. Directed by Emiliano Goessens, 2014.

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Migratory Birds
Janina confronts Olle and Kristoffer when a large sum of money goes missing from their campaign funds. Directed by Fredrik Edfeldt, 2014.

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Ashes to Ashes
Elin finds evidence about the plot to cover up Sarah's disappearance. Directed by Fredrik Edfeldt, 2014.

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A Thousand Pinpricks
Nazi terror cell Veritas emerges from obscurity to carry out a coordinated series of attacks. Directed by Henrik Georgsson, 2014.

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Let The Party Begin
When the Minister of Justice's chief of staff vanishes without a trace, her replacement begins to suspect a cover-up. Directed by Henrik Georgsson, 2014.

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Blue Eyes is a complex and gripping Swedish political drama series that aired in 2014-2015, available on MHz Choice. Its narrative expertly weaves together elements of thriller, crime, and political intrigue. With its themes of political extremism, corruption, and personal ambition, it prompts viewers to probe into their conceptions of democracy and societal structures, making for thought-provoking viewing.

The narrative of Blue Eyes predominantly revolves around the politics of the fictional far-right political party, Trygghetspartiet, 'The Security Party', which is on the cusp of a significant electoral breakthrough. Integral to the core plot are two compelling and strong-willed female leads, Elin Hammar (Louise Peterhoff) and Annika Nilsson (Sissela Kyle). Elin is depicted as a driven, young political aide who returns to Stockholm from the U.S. after working for the Justice Department, ready to make her mark in the political world. On the other hand, Annika is a seasoned, grassroots politician serving as the municipal chief of Uddevalla.

Their parallel stories progress with an undercurrent of brewing political tension that lurks within the background. The drama begins with the mysterious disappearance of Annika, yet another twist in an already tumultuous political landscape. As the narrative unfolds, Elin's life gets intertwined with the mysterious chain of events as she is thrust into the role of her missing predecessor at the Security Party. Amidst this whirlwind scenario, Elin finds herself attempting to understand the mysteries behind the sudden disappearance while wrestling with the intricate and often ruthless political machinations within the organization.

Alongside the main plot, the series also delves into issues of immigration and the rise of right-wing political forces; weaving a narrative that is deeply relevant to contemporary social issues. As secrets unravel and certain events come to light, we see a stark revelation of the dark underbelly of Swedish politics—a grim counter to the country’s global image as a model of liberal democracy.

Blue Eyes strikes that fine balance between being a taut thriller and a social critique, using its nuanced portrayal of characters and masterfully crafted plot to lay bare the struggles within society. The blend of gripping narratives with a chilling portrayal of how easy humanity can veer towards destructive extremism makes this television series a must-watch.

The series offers a compelling exploration of the human characters at its center as they grapple with their ambitions, fears, and the moral complexities within their spiraling circumstances. Another remarkable aspect of the show is its ability to keep the viewers engaged, despite exploring some challenging themes. The suspense is maintained throughout the series, keeping viewers hooked from beginning to end.

Blue Eyes takes us through a landscape of tension and intrigue, capturing the viewer's imagination with its engrossing tale anchored in real-world issues. With a strong cast delivering powerhouse performances and a carefully woven narrative arc, it keeps us on the edge of our seat. Yet, beyond its thriller plotline, it's the socio-political exploration that sets Blue Eyes apart. It treaded into territories, not many dramas would dare to go, bringing into bold relief topics such as the corrosive power of political and personal ambitions, the intricate machinations of bureaucratic mechanisms, the rise of extremist right-wing ideologies and the deep-seated tensions within society.

Throughout its ten-episode run, Blue Eyes maintains a nerve-wracking pace, delivering a consistent blend of high-stakes political maneuvering, chilling suspense, unforeseen plot twists and a thought-provoking study of the rise of far-right politics. Resonating with our times, it captured the zeitgeist of Europe in general and Sweden in particular.

A creation of award-winning scriptwriter Alex Haridi and director Emiliano Goessens, the series boasts a cinematic quality in its execution. The show's production values, the aesthetics of filmmaking, ambient soundtrack, and high-quality performances all contribute to making it a highly engaging watch. The series is subtitled, embracing its authentic Swedish language and locale, adding to the realness and granularity of the experience.

In conclusion, Blue Eyes is a captivating drama that packs a solid punch with its blend of spine-chilling suspense, political intrigue and its courageous foray into real-world issues. The series highlights the fragile nature of democracies and social structures amidst rising tensions and changing political landscapes. This makes Blue Eyes far more than just an absorbing watch, transforming it into significant television that commands attention. If you are a fan of gripping thrillers imbued with socio-political commentary, Blue Eyes is one show that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Blue Eyes is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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