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The War to End All Wars (English Subtitles)
After a mock pistol duel leads to tragedy, Marleau's investigation points to murder.

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A Price to Pay (English Subtitles)
Marleau investigates a talented blacksmith suspected of murder.

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A Dead Season (English Subtitles)
Marleau investigates a murder in an out-of-season seaside resort.

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The Burning Man (English Subtitles)
Marleau unearths everyone's secrets as she investigates the murder of a noted theater actor's lover.

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Captain Marleau is a captivating French television series that first aired in 2014, and has since gained international acclaim, including being picked up by the US channel MHz Choice. Largely beloved for its quirky and authentic style, this hit series is a fusion between crime detective drama and character study, treating viewers to an engrossing blend of gripping cases and unique character interactions.

The series revolves around the unconventional and talented Captain Marleau, a police investigator with an acute intellect and laser-focused attention to detail that enables her to crack her cases in her unique way. Marleau is no ordinary police officer; she's a singular character decoded by both her peculiar style and sharp wit, consistently juggling her eccentric personality with her unerring commitment to her job.

Depicted wearing her trademark fisherman's hat and military-style coat, Captain Marleau is distinctive in appearance, reflecting her distinctiveness in personality as well. Corinne Masiero masterfully plays the titular character, bringing an indescribable charm and intensity to the role. Masiero's spirited performance, combined with the well-written storylines, continue to captivate viewers, steadily amassing a loyal fan base.

Episodes are generally standalone, each focusing on a specific crime requiring Captain Marleau's distinctive crime-solving perspective. These cases vary greatly in content, from murders and robberies to more intricate white-collar crimes, allowing the viewers to immerse themselves in the diverse and unpredictable world of criminal investigation. However, the common thread is Captain Marleau's tenacious pursuit of justice, irrespective of the hurdles she faces.

One of the standout features of the series is the crafting of Captain Marleau's character, and the balance struck between her professional life and her personal traits. The scripts successfully depict Marleau as incredibly competent and brilliant at her job, while also showcasing her quirks and individuality. She juggles her serious work with her eccentric character in a way that is both entertaining and engaging.

Ambient landscapes beautifully captured through skillful camerawork complement the gripping storylines. The French backdrop with its varying locales—ranging from quaint provincial towns to bustling cities and serene countrysides—acts as an additional character in the series, adding another layer to the narrative's depth.

The interplay between Captain Marleau and her suspects creates another engrossing dynamic. Because of her eccentricities, suspects often underestimate her, a mistake that she is more than capable of exploiting. This dynamic adds an element of unpredictability and tension to the interrogations and investigations, thereby enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Also notable is the series' sprinkling of humor. Although the show deals with grim and sometimes morbid themes, there is a consistent undercurrent of dry wit and humor, mainly stemming from Captain Marleau's unexpected musings and unconventional methods. This somewhat surreal approach to solving crimes lightens the mood and provides a gratifying contrast to the often intense action.

Guest appearances by notable French actors infuse added variety and freshness into each episode. These cameos further elevate the series, giving audiences a chance to relish in the guest stars' performances alongside Masiero, who remains a constant.

Overall, Captain Marleau is a standout crime investigation series with a rich blend of suspense, humor, and standout performances. The heart of the show is undoubtedly its titular protagonist, a brilliantly conceived and executed character who, while wholly unorthodox, brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. While the series positively brims with gripping narratives, high stakes, and character evolution, it never loses sight of its human component, grounding the drama in relatable struggles and victories, making it continuously appealing to a broad base of viewers.

MHz Choice's acquisition of Captain Marleau was undoubtedly a smart move, as the series has continued to garner international recognition for its innovative take on the genre and its daring deviation from the traditional crime show format. The unique combination of intrigue, amusement, and humanizing elements ensures that Captain Marleau remains captivating and enduringly popular.

Captain Marleau is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 29 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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How can I watch Captain Marleau online? Captain Marleau is available on MHz Choice with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Captain Marleau on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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