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Set in the late 1950s, The New Nurses offers a glimpse into a pivotal moment in Danish medical history, when the nation began to break the gender barriers in the nursing profession. This period drama, available on MHz Choice, is a Danish series originally titled "Sygeplejeskolen" and has garnered acclaim for its blend of historical insight, character development, and engaging narrative.

The show is set against the backdrop of the Danish hospital, Fredenslund, which becomes a microcosm of societal change. The hospital decides to admit male students into its nursing school for the first time, challenging norms and setting the stage for drama. The series is an enthralling look at the trials and tribulations faced by this first generation of male nurses as they navigate the rigors of medical training and the prejudices of the era.

The New Nurses does not just focus on gender politics; it also addresses other topical issues of the time, such as social class differences, sexuality, and the pressures placed on medical professionals. The show intimately explores the lives of its characters, each with their unique backstory and reasons for pursuing nursing. It is through these personal journeys that the series paints a broader picture of the changing social landscape of 1950s Denmark.

At the center of the narrative are a group of male and female nurse trainees. They must work tirelessly to prove themselves in an environment where male nurses are often viewed with skepticism by their female counterparts and by society at large. The main characters bring a range of perspectives and personal challenges that provide ample ground for dramatic storytelling. Some come from working-class backgrounds, fighting to rise above their station, while others carry the burdens of past traumas that they must overcome to succeed as healthcare professionals. Their interactions with patients, teachers, and each other are filled with both heartwarming moments and tense conflicts.

One of the commendable aspects of The New Nurses is its commitment to historical authenticity. The creators have paid meticulous attention to period details, from the costumes and set designs to the medical procedures and societal attitudes. The show does not shy away from exposing the harsh realities of the era's medical practices, nor does it gloss over the prejudices faced by different characters. Yet, amidst the challenges, there is also the portrayal of resilience, compassion, and the relentless pursuit of progress.

Throughout its several seasons, the audience witnesses how the young nurses grow both professionally and personally. They encounter a variety of patients, each case presenting not only a test of their medical knowledge but also their ethical convictions. From the delivery room to the surgical theatre, the series provides a well-rounded look at the breadth of experiences that shape a nurse's career. These experiences serve to bind the group together, illustrating how the common goal of caring for the sick can transcend individual differences.

Central to the show's theme is the evolving relationship between men and women in a professional setting. As the male and female characters interact and learn from one another, The New Nurses deftly portrays the gradual shift in attitudes toward gender roles. It offers viewers a compelling portrait of how collaboration and understanding can lead to personal and professional growth. The characters' individual storylines touch upon romance, friendship, and rivalry, capturing the complexity of human relationships in the midst of societal change.

Moreover, The New Nurses tackles the education and mentorship of its characters with great sensitivity. The instructors at the nursing school are portrayed as stringent yet supportive figures, pushing their students to excel and sometimes confronting their prejudices. As the students handle the pressures of their training—balancing exams, practical skills, and on-the-job experiences—the show celebrates the power of education to transform lives.

In terms of its production, The New Nurses has been praised for its high-quality craftsmanship. The cinematography captures both the beauty and the starkness of the period, while the music score underscores the emotional journey of the characters. The ensemble cast delivers nuanced performances, ensuring that the historical context is embodied through the portrayal of well-rounded, flawed individuals who are relatable to a modern audience. The program's ability to maintain a balance between entertaining drama and informative historical commentary is a testament to the skillful writing and direction.

Ultimately, The New Nurses is a journey into the past that resonates with contemporary themes. It is a celebration of those who dared to challenge the norms of their time, a recognition of the struggles in the pursuit of a medical career, and an homage to the enduring human spirit in the face of adversity. For viewers on MHz Choice, the series offers not only a window into a bygone era but also an inspiring reminder of the progress made and the progress still to come in the realms of medicine, education, and social equality.

The New Nurses is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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