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Underground Fighting
In Japan, young gangs are looking to break away from the older Yakuza through underground fighting.

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Vietnam€˜s Transgender Underground
Discriminated against and shunned, Vietnam's trans community turns to illegal hormone and cosmetic treatments.

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Crime Towers
Scammers setup shop for their criminal enterprises inside London's public housing.

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Cheap Whites
With their economy in decline and a simmering war with Russia, Ukraine's citizens depend on smuggling contaminated, illegal cigarettes into the EU for survival.

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Sugar Babies
A new kind of dating is changing the rules of prostitution and romance.

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Poaching Pangolin
The world's most trafficked mammal may go extinct before most people know what it is.

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Syrian Refugee Girls
Desperate young women fleeing the Syrian war are being trafficked into the sex trade under the guise of religion.

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Dark Web
A secret part of the Internet is revolutionizing drug dealing.

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Taking advantage of Venezuela's subsidized gas, Colombian smugglers known as kamikazes eek out a precarious living by smuggling this highly explosive commodity.

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The Tunnels of Gaza
Suffering under economic blockade, Gazans use an illegal network of tunnels to smuggle in goods to survive. But the tunnels are under attack from Israel and Egypt.

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Black Market: Dispatches, released by Viceland in 2016, is an eye-opening and gripping documentary television series that takes a deep dive into the dark and threatening underbelly of the global black markets. Hosted by Michael K. Williams, best known for his role as Omar Little in the well-acclaimed HBO series "The Wire," this show paints a vivid and probing picture of the illegal activities that define global black markets.

Over the course of its episodes, the show covers a variety of black market trades that operate behind the scenes in our global society. It ventures into the grimy world of smuggling, illicit substances, illegal gun trading, human trafficking, and a host of other harrowing realities that form the backbone of the shadow economy. The series acquaints its viewers with some rarely seen realities of life, putting forth an insightful exploration of these dangerous yet thriving business pursuits most people know exist but seldom understand in depth.

Michael K. Williams, who has played characters in the heart of urban underworld in his acting career, uses his understanding of clandestine operations to bring a personal touch to the show. His candid and empathetic approach helps the audience to connect with the subjects of each episode on a personal level, fostering understanding and, at times, empathy. His street-level insights and willingness to walk a mile in others' shoes are instrumental in revealing the human aspects behind these scary undertakings.

Black Market: Dispatches manages to maintain a precarious balance between a voyeuristic gaze into the black market and an honest look at the socio-economic structures that perpetuate it. The series never loses sight of the fact that these illegal trades are a direct result of poverty, political instability, corruption, and various forms of societal inequality and disenfranchisement. By depicting these black markets as the other side of the legitimate economy's coin, the show not only presents a raw image of these illegal activities but also questions what drives people into these perilous situations.

The series combines elements of investigative journalism, documentary filming, and narrative storytelling to paint a picture of human struggle, survival, and the desperation of some individuals who exist on the margins of society. Each episode, filmed in locations as diverse as the UK, Russia, Japan, and the Middle East, has its unique unsettling revelations, coupled with reflections on the societal conditions that underpin them.

The compelling power of Black Market: Dispatches lies in its up-close-and-personal storytelling. Exploring geographical and cultural terrains, the show unravels the faces that are lost in the shadows and gives them the attention that mainstream society often denies them. By presenting intimate narratives embedded within depressing realities, the series succeeds in blurring the boundary between the 'us' and 'them' mindset prevalent in civilized societies. It leaves viewers to question their preconceived notions and re-evaluate our shared humanitarian responsibility.

Beyond bearing witness to the darker realities, the show also gives a voice to the powerless. With compassion, on-ground reporting, and perceptive interviews, it uncovers the agonizing situations that drive people to take illegal and dangerous routes for survival. It presents an invaluable counter-narrative to the dehumanizing portrayals of participants in black market trades in mainstream media and society.

The entire series doesn't shy away from difficult situations and sensitive topics. However, it doesn't bask in the sensationalism or shock factor associated with the subject matter of the black market. Instead, it focuses on unraveling the mechanisms of these trades and understanding the circumstances that encourage their existence.

Black Market: Dispatches is a game-changing series that raises provocative and hard-hitting questions about societal inequalities and injustices that go unseen or are conveniently overlooked in our daily lives. This show presents an unflinching depiction of the hardships and adversities faced by those caught in the dark yet widespread web of the black market. It is a brave and commendable attempt at sparking conversations around the tenuous balance between legality and survival and the lengths people can go to when systemically left with no other choices.

In summary, Black Market: Dispatches is a deeply impactful, study of the dark corners of our world, a gut-wrenching journey alongside those who are struggling in the vast shadow of the black market. It forces us to confront the harsh realities hidden right under our noses and poses uncomfortable yet crucial questions to make us reflect on these realities more deeply. The powerhouse performance of the host, Michael K. Williams, elevates the series, bringing a sense of immediacy, urgency, and heart to this exploration of the dark underbelly of global society.

Black Market: Dispatches is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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