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Thirst Trap
The stakes are critical yet the black market of water it's barely on our radar.

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Inside Job: Skin Deep
Black market beauty enhancement has become a game of Russian roulette.

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Cannabis legalization has deepened divides in the marijuana industry.

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Rage Against the Machines
That hit song or sold out show may not be what it seems. Digital trappers are manipulating streaming platforms to turn nobodies into somebodies.

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The Art of Boosting
Legendary boosters have reshaped fashion.

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Scam Likely
Young street genius entrepreneurs have mastered stealing your identity

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Black Market is an eye-opening television show produced by Viceland in 2016. The program provides insightful glimpses into the underworld economies that exploit desperate circumstances for illicit gain. The brainchild of the controversial actor, Michael K. Williams— known for his groundbreaking role in the renowned television series, "The Wire," Williams brings his deep understanding of crime and poverty from his roles on-screen to the real world in Black Market.

An immersive exploration of underground economies, Black Market exposes the lives and deals going unnoticed and unregulated by legal authorities worldwide. From illegal gun sales in New Jersey to poaching wildlife in South Africa, the show is unflinching in its coverage of the dark underbelly of global society. Williams does not shy away from the dangerous territories and volatile situations that these economies thrive within, introducing a human element often lost in talks of illegal activity.

Black Market is not your conventional docu-series. It leverages Williams's unique approach to combine intensive field reporting with fast-paced storytelling, effectively exploring the worlds of contraband items and services. The year-long series is an unfettered dive into these illicit markets, offering audiences a revealing, and sometimes harrowing, journey through the world's black markets.

Michael K. Williams, who serves as the host as well as the executive producer, explores these shadow economies with profound fearlessness and curiosity. His exceptional empathetic approach allows him to connect with the individuals engaged in these activities on a deeply human level. He probes into their stories, delving into their motivations, fears, and hopes. In this way, Williams gifts us a layered insight into the socio-economic realities that often lead people into these precarious, dangerous, and illegal practices. His engaging narratives always center on the people involved, their lives, experiences, and overall conditions.

What makes Black Market distinctively profound is its contextualizing of these illegal activities within wider economic, political, and social frameworks. It asks challenging questions about alternative and survivalist economic practices, the role of the state and law in creating conditions for such economies to thrive, and the ethical dilemmas arising out of survivalist imperatives. From exploring the desperation-driven smuggling operations in the Palestine tunnels to the life-risking artisanal mining in North East India, the show unearths the unsettling side of global capitalism.

The presentation of these narratives is conclusively raw and fearless, driven by Williams's fearless engagement with the subjects. Williams does not just interview; he immerses himself deep into these lives and stories, often risking his own safety to bring these shadowy worlds into the light of day.

Alongside this, the production quality of Black Market is of paramount excellence. The cinematography, the directorial vision, and the authenticity of its approach make the series compelling viewing. The moments of earnest human connection, audacious exploration, and hard-hitting reality checks as unfolded in Black Market are amplified by excellent footage, engaging narrative threads, and thought-provoking montages.

Despite the show's explorative and adventurous nature, it brings forth pressing questions regarding ethical consumption, systemic inequalities, and economic alternatives. It confronts viewers not just with the realities of these dark and dangerous economies, but it guides them to question the global socio-economic structures that engender such practices.

In summarizing Black Market, it is more than a docu-series; it is a socio-political commentary presented with excellent storytelling. Tuning into the show might seem daunting given its subject matter, but as viewers start to unpack the layered complexity of these black markets, they will find themselves vested in the lives and circumstances of individuals who, in one way or another, are victims of a broken global economy.

Black Market is an empathetic and daring journey into the heart of the world's illegal economies, leaving viewers contemplative and with a broader perspective of the world. If you want a docu-series that pushes boundaries, provokes thought, and draws awareness to the often-ignored aspects of society, then the Black Market would undoubtedly prove to be a riveting watch.

Black Market is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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