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Temper of Doom
The fatality of a woman who had recently filed for a divorce; a threesome that transformed into a twosome when the wife fell for the other lady; and a woman who became angry when her partner called her the wrong name.

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Indecent Proposals
A wedding becomes a funeral when a fiance comes home drunk; a military veteran comes home to an upset wife; and the husband is suspected when a body is discovered in the ground.

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Toxic Romance
Suspected arson burns the house of a man and his spouse, a cop; the police take another look at a man who's accumulated a lot of money after his wife's passed away; and a mailman fears his wife is being unfaithful.

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Boiling Point
A man rekindles romance with his ex wife, but find out she's been dating other men; an ex NFL player takes on a mistress and then returns to his spouse; and a woman repays her debts with bedroom time.

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Playing With Fire
A romance between an 18-year-old and a 28-year-old woman bothers his mom; the suspected arson of a cop's house; and a controlling ex who won't move on.

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Deadly Addictions
A man has an intense relationship with a drag queen; an impotent husband starts taking Viagra for his wife, but he may be using them with someone else, too; and energy drinks, diet pills and paranoia interfere in a marriage.

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Blinded by Love
Elderly couple Jack and June's marriage is disrupted by the onset of June's blindness. Years after the death of Anne, her kids wonder if there's something their dad isn't saying.

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Twisted Desires
Jonathan claims his wife was killed, but he may not be as innocent as he suggests. Things go a little too far after a cafe owner's husband allows her to embark on an affair.

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How (Not) to Kill Your Husband is a riveting documentary television series aired on Investigation Discovery in 2014. This gripping show delves into the dark side of relationships, offering a provocative portrayal of marital conflicts that eventually result in severe outcomes. As depicted by its paradoxical name, the show studies an intriguing number of bizarre, disturbing, and few times morbidly comedic cases where wives are embroiled in their husbands' demise. The fundamental premise of How (Not) to Kill Your Husband is to dissect the different reasons and circumstances that have pushed wives to the brink of utter despair and frustration. Each episode of this series is structured like a mini-documentive; a monographic case study of a relationship gone horribly awry. It explores the couples' histories, their seemingly normal lives outside, and the lingering tensions that ultimately spiraled into deadly altercations. Every episode unravels a new narrative, structured around a trial, a mysterious disappearance, or an inconceivable crime scene. At the heart of each tale are wives who have either been accused or convicted, or are under suspicion for their spouse's death. The series does not take sides but lays bare the factual presentation of each peculiar case, all documented from actual criminal records and court proceedings. Behind the chilling façade of the show's doom-laden theme, How (Not) to Kill Your Husband also presents an intricate exploration of complex relationships. It is a daunting revelation of the menacing side of some marriages, a world far removed from the conventional notions of love, trust, commitment, and passion. It underscores the individuals' psychological motivations, their spontaneous reactions to aggression, and the unforeseen repercussions of their acts. The series is meticulously curated with real-life interviews and testimonials from friends, family, investigators, and attorneys related to each case. In some instances, the wives, who have been either acquitted, released, or are still serving a prison sentence, share their side of the story. These first-hand perspectives add an extra layer of authenticity and credibility to the narrative, making the viewers privy to the uncensored, unadulterated, gritty details. How (Not) to Kill Your Husband is not about glorifying crime but is a testament to the unspeakable horrors of domestic conflict that potentially can culminate into fatal outcomes. It invites viewers to ponder the extent to which individuals are willing go to save themselves from a life of continuous suffering, deceit, betrayal, or violence, and whether these actions are driven by desperation, vengeance, self-defense, or sheer malice. Intertwining elements of crime, mystery, psychology, and drama, the show uses sleek visuals, atmospheric music, and riveting storytelling techniques to recreate the eerie whirlwind of events. The often-dark tone of the narrative is occasionally counteracted with wry humor resulting from the absurdity and irrationality of some scenarios. These elements contribute to the creation of a suspenseful ambiance that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The series also does a remarkable job of highlighting the roles of law enforcement agencies and judicial systems. It dives into their tedious investigative methods, the trial procedures, the belief in the due course of justice, and how these cases have stirred conversations and debates about laws pertaining to domestic violence, marital discords, and self-defense. Ranging from deceit and fraud to manipulation and infidelity, and from verbal abuse and physical violence to financial discrimination and emotional torments, the reasons for these murderous incidents vary as widely as their real-life implications. It captures the dark realities lurking behind the facade of wedded bliss, forcing one to question if they truly know the person they have vowed to spend their life with. How (Not) to Kill Your Husband is not just a documentary series but a stark portrayal of life-altering decisions and their earth-shattering consequences. It aims to shed light on the frequently ignored and taboo topic of spousal abuse, bearing testimony to the lesser-seen chaotic dynamics of married life. Its greatest strength lies in its uncompromising realism, tinged with a jot of bone-dry wit, making it a compelling addition to Investigation Discovery's portfolio. Overall, this show offers a thought-provoking take on the profound complexities of marital relationships when they are stretched to the extreme. Beyond the initial shock value of its grim premise, it presents a social commentary on the darker, hidden aspects of marriage and the capacity of human beings for extreme actions when pushed beyond their limits. For those interested in crime investigations or those who enjoy intense psychological explorations, How (Not) to Kill Your Husband is a must-watch.

How (Not) to Kill Your Husband is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 28 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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