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Hawaiian Honeymoon... For 8
Flex and Shanice finally take a long-waited-for honeymoon to Hawaii, but the getaway turns into a family affair: Imani and Elijah embrace paradise; Ruba takes a spiritual voyage; and Mike and Crystal get lost in the jungle.

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Moving Up & Moving On
Shanice gets ready to debut her new music for music industry executives; Flex helps Elijah with a video assignment for school; Ruba moves into Brooklyn's small living space; and Crystal gets a new client.

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Basketball, Boys & Bad Behavior
Shanice's duet companion drops out and a surprising replacement shows up; Flex helps Elijah channel his annoyances onto the basketball court; Ruba stumbles onto the path to hell.

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Bullies & Breakdowns
Elijah reveals to his parents that he's being bullied at school; and Crystal, who desires to manage Imani, gets noisy at an audition.

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What Happens In Vegas…
Shanice has to choose if Shanice 2.0 will be performing or if she'll go old school; Flex has a new stand-up skit that Shanice is concerned will embarrass her; Ruba is out of control.

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Channeling Vegas
Flex and Shanice schedule a show headlining together in Vegas; Flex searches for inspiration for his new comedy act.

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Wiggin' Out
While Shanice visits a recording studio in Atlanta, Flex attempts to be the best ever Mr. Mom; Crystal and Brooklyn wonder if Flex is fooling around behind Shanice's back and try to trap him in the act.

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From 0 To 360
In the Season 3 opening, Shanice faces a tough career choice; Flex attempts to shock Elijah with VIP Harlem Globetrotter tickets; and Crystal reforms her R&B group, Crystal Penny.

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Flex and Shanice is a docu-series that first aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in 2014. The show centers around the vibrant married couple, Flex Alexander and Shanice Wilson, who juggle their careers while being parents in their bustling family home. Uplifting and inspiring, the series excellently blends the elements of family, fame, struggles, victories, and love.

Actor Flex Alexander, known for his roles in "One on One" and "Homeboys in Outer Space," and Grammy-nominated singer Shanice, famous for her hit "I Love Your Smile," both had been superstars in their respective fields. However, like many in the industry, they faced turbulences in their careers and hit rock-bottom. In Flex and Shanice, the couple openly shares their experiences, how they faced their financial setbacks, and their journey back to recovery.

Flex and Shanice peel back the veneer of picture-perfect Hollywood marriages to give the viewers an in-depth look at what life is like in their bustling, intergenerational home. Over the seasons, the audience gets to know their two beautiful children; Imani and Elijah, Shanice's "playful" uncle Spirit, and her hard-working mother Crystal. There's also Flex's hilarious cousin, Ruba, who continually adds a side of laughter and joy to the moments in their house.

The Alexander-Wilson family proves that love and humor can stand against all odds, making this relatable real-life series heart-warming and genuine. It's not just about the massive star power that Flex and Shanice bring to the table, but it also revolves around the equality of their feelings, emotions, hopes, and aspirations on a human level.

Throughout the series, we see Flex and Shanice trying to reignite their careers while shuffling through their regular day-to-day family lives. Shanice tries to reinvent her music career to once again reclaim her space in the global music industry. She's not just a gifted singer but also a resilient woman who handles her professional responsibilities while anchoring her domestic life.

Similarly, Flex focuses on his acting career, seeking new roles and opportunities to secure his position in the competitive Hollywood landscape. His optimism and willpower are evident throughout the series, proving that resilience and hard work are instrumental in achieving goals regardless of past professional challenges.

One of the notable aspects of Flex and Shanice is the rare authenticity it brings. The family's on-screen chemistry is palpable, a testament to the real-life bond they share. The show is a blend of tender, emotional moments and delightful humor, often resulting from the family's affable dynamics. It explores many different themes throughout its run, such as financial stress, maintaining relationships, dealing with family dynamics, and not to forget, the courage to struggle and triumph during adversity.

With its truthful representation of highs and lows, Flex and Shanice beautifully echo the fact that celebrities are not exempt from real-life challenges. It precisely captures the trials and tribulations they face while living under the same roof with their extended family and trying to hustle hard for their dreams, all coated with a slice of life humor and heartwarming family moments. It truly is a comprehensive package of laughter, tears, drama, and togetherness.

The dynamic duo of Flex and Shanice made a comeback from the financial ruins, redefining what it means to be a celebrity - it isn't just about fame and fortune but also about resilience and enduring the test of time.

Overall, Flex and Shanice, airing on OWN from 2014, is a compelling watch, a series that grips you with real-world experiences of two charismatic individuals, their love for their art, and unwavering commitment to their family. It's a show that redefines what reality TV can deliver in terms of authenticity, togetherness, and endearing, relatable content.

Flex & Shanice is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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