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Freak In The Streets: F*ck Marry Kill
Freedia goes to Bourbon street to play a few rounds of F*ck, Marry, Kill with passers-by. Letting them choose whoever comes to mind, answers range from Tyrese to Donald Trump to Mandingo.

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Freak In The Streets: How Far Would You Go On A First Date?
Freedia goes to Bourbon street to ask people how far they would go on their first date. While some answers are very chaste, others are wild and Freedia adds her comments as only she can do.

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Sin City Shakedown
It's an explosive finale as Big Freedia takes over Las Vegas for a show-stopping performance, only to have drama follow from New Orleans that threatens to ruin Freedia's reputation and show.

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What Do, I Do!
Big Freedia's best friend, Katey Red, heads to the altar while competing LA-based record companies approach Freedia with life-changing opportunities

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It Just Got Real!
Freedia records a song for a local accident attorney that goes viral and rumors of Devon cheating turns Freedia's personal life upside down.

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Girl Down!
It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Freedia has finally earned a coveted spot in the main parade, but a visit by a mysterious voodoo priest unsettles her as she hears shocking predictions about her future.

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Team Freedia: Veterans vs Rookies
While Freedia lives it up in LA, Berto is mixing things up with the dancers in New Orleans and Tootie snaps like an alligator when she hears Freedia is bonding with the new dancers deep in the swamps of Louisiana.

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The Power of Weed
Freedia heads back to Los Angeles to attend the Grammy Awards, but the temptation of weed affects her every step and threatens her ability to stay out of jail.

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Booty Poppin Potatoes
It's the Queen's BIRTHDAY and parole ain't stopping this DIVA from celebrating with family, friends and getting lit. Meanwhile chef Freedia hits the streets to better her community with her famous booty poppin potatoes.

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The Queen Diva is Back!
In the sixth-season opener, Freedia's recent felony conviction forces her to change everything in her life and career

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Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce is a unique, raucous, and groundbreaking docu-series from Fuse that aired in 2013. This evocative reality series showcases the life and career of Big Freedia, a New Orleans-based musician known for popularizing Bounce music – a subgenre of hip-hop born in New Orleans, characterized by high-energy, infectious beats, call-and-response style lyrics, and an undeniable invitation to dance.

The series shot to notoriety for its unflinching look into Big Freedia's life, shining a light on the highs of achieving recognition and the challenges of maintaining a music career amidst the unique cultural landscape of New Orleans.

Big Freedia, whose real name is Freddie Ross Jr., has become a significant and influential figure in the music world, a leader in the queer community, and an emblem of New Orleans' rich and expansive cultural fabric. The show characteristically revolves around the vivacious artist as she balances her rising career with her personal life and the quirities of living in The Big Easy.

The series comprises of six seasons, seamlessly blending music, drama, friendship, and dance, all staged against the vibrant and colourful backdrop of New Orleans. Beyond her music, Big Freedia's life makes a compelling narrative, dealing with various explicit themes such as sexuality, identity, and societal biases.

Fundamentally, Big Freedia’s life story makes for compelling viewing: her passion for the unique Bounce style; her rise to fame; her unabashed self-expression in a conservative society; and her unflinching conviction in pursuing her dreams despite facing adversities related to discrimination and the law. Her struggles and triumphs on the road to stardom resonate deeply with viewers, motivating them to be true to themselves, regardless of societal norms and prejudices.

Throughout the series, emphasis is placed on Big Freedia's role as a spokesperson and role model for the LBGTQ+ community. Her strength and grace amidst repeated adversities have proven inspiring, offering a powerful and needed representation of a queer, Black artist thriving in the mainstream music world. Her story emphasizes and celebrates diversity and acceptance, demonstrating how Big Freedia is not only the queen of bounce music but a queen of hearts as well.

In addition to offering a candid look at Big Freedia's personal and professional life, the series also delves into the lives of her closest friends and team members, who together form a diverse and supportive community. These engaging side-narratives add another layer of depth and authenticity to the show, highlighting the challenges and joys of life in New Orleans and in the fast-paced music industry.

One of the most compelling aspects of the show is its music. Big Freedia's Bounce is catchy and infectious, the kind of music that makes you want to get up and dance. From the comfort of your living room, you get a taste of what it's like to be part of Big Freedia's energetic and engaging concerts, complete with her troupe of backup dancers performing high-energy twerking, which is characteristic of Bounce performances.

The series also serves as a travelogue of sorts, highlighting the vibrant and multi-faceted culture of New Orleans, offering glimpses of the local food, dialect, landmarks, and the lively and colourful Mardi Gras celebrations. Here, the series does a remarkable job of capturing the soul of the city, creating a deep connection between the environment and the characters, which only adds to the engaging narrative.

In conclusion, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce offers an unfiltered look into the life of a groundbreaking artist, highlighting powerful themes of acceptance, resilience, and the undying spirit of a cultural icon. The series is packed with infectious music, captivating dance, and the unravelled spirit of New Orleans. It's a unique blend of reality TV, musical performances, and slices of everyday dramas, all while challenging norms and celebrating the journey of an influential figure. It’s a must-watch for those interested in contemporary music, the cultural richness of New Orleans, and the exploration of a journey that truly encapsulates the phrase, 'being true to oneself'.

Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 50 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.9.

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