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Block Party
Buck takes the whole family back to his and Will's old South Side neighborhood to show the kids what life was like for them growing up.

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The Interrogation
Will and Alexis return home after being gone for the day and are shocked by what they find.

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I Got This
Buck's tradition of watching the Bulls games is interrupted by Tia, Miles and Maizy.

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Going To Jail Party
After Alexis catches Miles trying a risky stunt, she blames Buck for influencing him. With Miles' punishment looming, Buck hosts a "going to jail" party while Mom and Dad are out, but things don't go as planned.

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Will becomes jealous when Buck hits it off with his architect office buddies. Meanwhile, Alexis drags her reluctant kids into a lip-sync battle hosted by the snooty president of her college sorority alumna.

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Ride Along
Alexis insists on riding along with Buck on his first day as nanny, but nearly drives her crazy with the way he handles the demands of the day.

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Li'l Scarface
Alexis and Will encourage Maizy to break out of her shell in order to sell Sunny Scout cookies. Mom does her best to teach Maizy a valuable lesson.

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In the series premiere, a hustler is domesticated when he becomes the nanny to his brother's family.

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The ABC series Uncle Buck is a comedic television show that premiered in 2016 as a sitcom-style interpretation of John Hughes' classic 1989 feature film of the same name. This live-action comedy series is not only a homage to Hughes's iconic filmography, but also an opportunity to breathe new life into a beloved story with a fresh perspective and modern knack for humor. The narrative revolves around Buck Russell, an eternally cheerful, lovable, yet incredibly irresponsible bachelor whose wild adventures have set him apart from his more conventionally successful and high-achieving siblings. When his brother and sister-in-law, Will and Alexis, are suddenly in desperate need of help with their children, they grudgingly turn to Buck. Despite the fact that Buck has neither wife nor job to his name - or perhaps precisely because of this - he jumps at the chance to take on an unexpected new role: Caretaker or, more appropriately, "manny" to his brother's children. The unique twist of the show derives from the fact Buck Russell is played by Mike Epps, a popular American comedian, actor, film producer and writer known for his brilliant comic timing. Epps brings his own brand of humor and charm to Uncle Buck, making the character all the more endearing and memorable. Set in the suburbs of Chicago, an environment that beautifully encapsulates the trials and triumphs of family life, Uncle Buck has at its heart the eccentric and unpredictable Buck, who attempts to apply his unconventional approaches to nurturing and parenthood. These little missteps and silly mistakes provide the axis around which the show's comedy rotates. The cast of characters includes Will and Alexis's three children - Tia, Miles, and Maizy, each with their own distinctive personalities. Teenager Tia, precocious and on the brink of rebellion, frequently clashes with Buck, while young Miles is intrigued by his fun uncle, and the sweetly innocent Maizy not only adores Buck but also manages to learn some rather unusual life lessons from him. While this may all seem like a recipe for disaster, Uncle Buck is successful due to its high level of comedy and charm, liberally sprinkled with moments of genuine warmth and touching sentiment. It explores themes of familial love, moral values, addiction, resilience and personal responsibility, all coated in humor and laughter. The show effectively captures the essence of Uncle Buck as he traverses his unexpected journey from being the irresponsible fun uncle to a semi-responsible caretaker, tackling a variety of dilemmas ranging from school troubles, childhood tantrums, all the way to teenage dating issues. As the series progresses, Buck begins to slowly and unexpectedly learn from his surrogate parental role, hinting at a transformation from his reckless ways. This ABC series splendidly retains the core spirit of the original film while simultaneously breathing new life into it, ensuring that every episode is a charming blend of comedy, empathy, and the highlighting of various social issues. And all this is deftly handled with a light touch and gently suffused with laughter. Uncle Buck's strength lies in its standout performances, particularly Epps' strong comic delivery, and its narrative structure, which ensures that beneath the humor, there are threads of sincere storytelling and heartwarming emotions. The series was co-produced by Universal Television and ABC Studios, with co-showrunners Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley ushering the production. With all these experienced television professionals behind the helm, Uncle Buck promises to charm viewers with a balance of comedy, charm, and family values. In conclusion, Uncle Buck is a show that transforms the formulaic family sitcom model into a delightful comedy with a soul. Based on a timeless classic, the series is an engaging and fun-filled journey into the wacky world of Uncle Buck, where manic antics meet heartfelt moments.

Uncle Buck is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.7.

Mike Epps As Buck Russell Nia Long As Alexis Russell Aalyrah Caldwell As Maizy Russell Iman Benson As Tia Russell James Lesure As Will Russell Sayeed Shahidi As Miles Russell
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