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Love Is Engagement
An old flame wants to resurrect his romance with Nuri, Yasir finds a place to stay, and Sean reveals something personal to Yasir. Plus, Nuri asks Yasir to marry him before she makes a shocking discovery about his script.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 110 Now

A First Script
Nuri (Michelle Weaver) has a big professional moment just as issues in Nuri's relationship with Yasir (Will Catlett) come to light, and Nuri makes a very personal confession.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 109 Now

"Rose" (Going Home)
Nuri and Yasir visit Yasir's son Deonte, but things quickly turn volatile when Yasir questions how his son is being raised. Plus, Angela receives an unexpected professional opportunity.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 108 Now

Not Valentine's Day
Yasir meets Nuri's mother for the first time and Yasir and Nuri disagree over the importance of Valentine's Day.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 107 Now

Experiencing friction with Angela at work, Nuri confides in Yasir, who helps her keep things in perspective and keep her friendship with Angela.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 106 Now

Nuri leaves for the ski trip with Keith, where he later makes a surprising confession. After she returns to LA, Nuri and Yasir have a fight about her going on the ski trip that explodes into the ultimate connection.

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(His) Answers
Yasir comes clean to Nuri, who is upset and confused; Nuri reconsiders an old flame's potential; Yasir must confront the current reality of his career, finances and feelings for Nuri.

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(Her) Questions
Nuri and Yasir's time together is interrupted and Yasir faces another setback. Later, Yasir is shocked to find Ruby in pain following a surgery, which causes him to miss his date with Nuri.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 103 Now

First Date
Yasir and Nuri confess their love, and Yasir makes an important decision. Later, Nuri is determined to meet Yasir at a concert even if it means jeopardizing her status at work.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 102 Now

Nuri and Yasir
Nuri and Yasir celebrate their 30th anniversary, where they take us back to the time they first met when Nuri's career was on the rise and Yasir was professionally and personally struggling.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 101 Now

Love Is ___: Season 1 All Access
See an exclusive interview with Oprah as she talks to series creator Mara Brock Akil and her husband, Salim Akil. Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew for an in-depth look at "Love Is___.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 100 Now

Rose (Going Home)
Yasir and Nuri have a phone conversation with Yasir's mother, where it's brought to light that he has yet to talk to his mother about their relationship.

Watch Love Is Season 1 Episode 8 Now

"Love Is" is an intriguing dramatic series that made its debut on OWN network in 2018. The creators of the show are Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, the real-life couple behind successful productions like "Black Lightning," "The Game" and "Being Mary Jane." The Akils drew inspiration from their own experiences and journey as a couple to create this unique series, making "Love Is" a truly personal and authentic romantic drama series unlike any other.

The show presents a multifaceted depiction of love and relationships from a refreshingly grounded perception. It explores the full spectrum of love – from the passion of new romance, the deep bond of long-term companionship, to the challenges and hurdles that inevitably arise. Love here is portrayed in all its revelry and struggle, as something beautiful yet demanding, worth cherishing and fighting for.

The narrative insightfully thread two timelines – the 1990s, where the lead characters Nuri (Michele Weaver) and Yasir (Will Catlett) meet, fall in love, and start their journey together, and the present day where they are shown as a married couple who have weathered the storms of life. These two narratives complement each other perfectly, providing a comprehensive and rich exploration of their love story.

Nuri is a bubbly, ambitious, and hard-working sitcom staff writer aiming to make a name for herself. She’s confident, forward-thinking, and busy juggling her professional dreams with her personal aspirations. On the other hand, Yasir is an aspiring director, currently unemployed, who despite the hardships refuses to give up on his dreams. Their paths cross, and an unanticipated but passionate relationship begins to unfold, testing them both in ways they didn't foresee.

Throughout its course, "Love Is" effectively illustrates not just the progression of Nuri and Yasir’s relationship, but also their individual growth and the evolution of their dreams, fears, and compromises. The show captures the essence of the '90s with an authentic portrayal of the aura and culture of the era — from the fashion, music to the topical issues, making it a delightful trip down memory lane for many.

Through such layered storytelling, the series not just glorifies the challenges of a relationship between two dreamers, but also realistic portrayals of societal issues regarding race, sexism, and career conflicts. "Love Is" paints a picture of a love that stands the test of times, a love that survives the best and worst of circumstances, and a love that remains strong, truly living up to its name. It offers a sense of relatability that makes it a pretty engaging watch for viewers.

One of the most engaging aspects of "Love Is" is its excellent cast. Michele Weaver and Will Catlett, playing the lead characters Nuri and Yasir respectively, share remarkable chemistry on screen. The supporting cast comprising veterans like Wendy Davis, Clarke Peters, and Kadeem Hardison, among others, all do a brilliant job in their respective roles adding depth to their characters and the narrative.

A highlight of the series is the interspersed interviews with the older, wiser versions of Nuri and Yasir, sharing their stories, reflecting on their choices, successes, and losses. These bits add an element of wisdom, delivering impactful lessons about love, life, and relationships. The series has been praised for these realistic depictions of black love and their authentic representation of a real-life couple’s journey.

"Love Is" is laced with powerful dialogues, memorable performances, and emotionally engaging plotlines that keep the viewers hooked. The show doesn't shy away from showcasing the challenges faced within a relationship, yet also encapsulates the beauty, joy, and fulfillment that come with truly loving someone. It's an uplifting series that leaves audiences with a hopeful and poignant message – that love, in its purest form, is enduring, transformative, and worthwhile.

In conclusion, "Love Is" is an engaging, powerful, and heartfelt exploration of love, relationships, and personal growth. With endearing performances, an evocative '90s setting, and profound storytelling, it’s a must-watch for anyone who enjoys romantic dramas with a dash of reality. This well-crafted OWN series offers a universal lesson of love that every viewer can relate to, irrespective of their own relationship status or experiences.

Love Is is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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