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Grace and the Greenleaf family must lay the past to rest once and for all as God's plans for the future unfolds.

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The Seventh Day
It's the Greenleafs versus Harmony and Hope and neither will go down without a fight. Grace fights to stop the demolition.

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The Sixth Day
An old enemy returns, pushing Lady Mae to reveal a family secret. Jacob and Kerissa deal the reality of their divorce with Zora and Winkie.

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The Fifth Day
Holding a small service at home, the Greenleaf family contemplates their futures and what it might mean to start over. Noah shares an insight into the house's history.

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The Fourth Day
Grace pushes forward in her investigation into Bob Whitmore's former company, Edenvale Lending, discovering a key informant who could unlock the answers. At the church, preparations for the last Sunday at Calvary get contentious when Charity...

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The Third Day
Grace is torn between pursuing Bob Whitmore's past and being present for family. Lady Mae and Bishop start their new church, while Jacob's discovery threatens the family's grip on the one thing.

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The Second Day
Noah returns to help Grace with A.J., offering her stability. Bishop and Lady Mae take a walk through their history when they visit Mavis's club as a potential venue. Jacob uncovers a shocking revelation about the history of the Greenleaf family home.

Watch Greenleaf Season 5 Episode 2 Now

The First Day
With Calvary's imminent demolition, Lady Mae and Bishop seek a sign from God; Jacob digs into the family mansion's past; and Grace learns the real reason why Bob Whitmore is so invested in keeping the Calvary congregation under his wing.

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Greenleaf is an American television drama series that aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) from 2016 to 2020. With a power-packed ensemble featuring acclaimed actors like Keith David, Lynn Whitfield, Merle Dandridge, Desiree Ross, Lamman Rucker, Kim Hawthorne, Deborah Joy Winans, Tye White, and Gregory Alan Williams, the series is both gripping and introspective.

Greenleaf offers a profound exploration of a complex, unorthodox, and spiritual world. It is set against the backdrop of a Memphis megachurch, The Greenleaf World Ministries, a multi-faceted organization that deals not only in bringing souls to the saving knowledge of Christ but also in politics, power brokering, and business. Under the veneer of its sanctified environment, we find a wellspring of secrecy, deceit, and sin - a compelling dichotomy reflective of life in the church's upper echelons.

The storyline primarily revolves around the Greenleaf family and their sprawling Memphis mansion. Here, the charismatic bishop, James Greenleaf (Keith David), with his steady and dutiful wife Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield), provide spiritual leadership and upliftment to their congregation while harboring dark family secrets that dramatically unfold as the series progresses.

The family's youngest daughter, Grace 'Gigi' Greenleaf (Merle Dandridge), becomes an integral component in the plot. Once an estranged daughter, her return to Memphis after a 20-year absence sets the stage for the show's prominent family drama. As the prodigal daughter who was once the shining star of the family, she stirs the pot with her unflinching pursuit of the truth and justice.

The other Greenleaf siblings tell their own gripping tales as well. There’s Jacob (Lamman Rucker), the ambitious elder son carrying the weight of high expectations, and Charity (Deborah Joy Winans), the often-overlooked daughter fighting for recognition in a male-dominated church.

Greenleaf takes viewers on a rollercoaster journey of emotional highs and lows. It masterfully spotlights the spiritual quandaries and moral dilemmas people face while engaging with the themes of faith, family secrets, and corruption. Intertwined with authentic religious traditions and gospel music, the series gives a visceral sense of the African American church culture.

Desiree Ross shines as Sophia, Grace’s bright and curious teenage daughter who must grapple with her shaken faith following a tragic happening. Kim Hawthorne delivers a dynamic performance as Kerissa, Jacob's ambitious wife, seeking her place in the church. Tye White depicts the enigmatic Kevin Satterlee, Charity's husband, facing a life-changing struggle. Rounding out the main cast, Gregory Alan Williams endows compelling nuance to the character of Robert 'Mac' McCready, Lady Mae's charming yet devious brother.

Throughout its five seasons, Greenleaf masterfully interweaves various thematic strands such as faith, family, betrayal, redemption, and forgiveness. Each episode builds compelling character arcs, transforming spiritual parables into engaging narrative threads.

What makes Greenleaf so evocative is its willingness to delve into controversies and complexities often brushed under the carpet in religious organizations. It does so with sincerity, grace, and a pinch of soap opera drama. The result is a binge-worthy series that is dramatic, engaging, and thought-provoking.

Under the helm of Craig Wright and executive producers Oprah Winfrey and Lion King's director Roger M. Bobb, the series strikes a balance between complexity and grandeur. With a strong ensemble delivering powerhouse performances, the script's maturity, depth, and character development stand out, making Greenleaf a game-changer in the realm of television drama series.

From its debut, Greenleaf received much critical acclaim, lauded for its storytelling, performances, and its unique approach to exploring the contradiction of faith. The series has effectively broadened perspectives and fostered conversations around issues customarily hidden in the cloistered corridors of faith institutions. In doing so, it’s offered a fresh tincture of reality TV and an inside look into the distinctive world of megachurches.

In conclusion, Greenleaf is a complex and arresting drama series that unflinchingly examines the trials and tribulations of a family entrenched in the business of faith. Its stunning performances and layered narratives make it a must-watch for fans of compelling drama and stories of faith tested in contemporary society.

Greenleaf is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 61 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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