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The road to freedom is paved in blood.

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Noah struggles with his new reality; Elizabeth lets fear take control.

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Auld Acquaintance
Noah struggles to devise a new plan; Ernestine forms an unlikely bond.

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Rosalee and Noah discover that family betrayal hurts the worst.

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Harriet Tubman reminisces about a life lived with conviction, compassion, and courage.

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Cato takes a big risk; Ernestine takes charge of a new apprentice.

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Nok Aaut
Cato and Noah face the decisions they've made to get where they are.

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Unbearable complications threaten to break both Ernestine and Rosalee’s will to live.

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Things Unsaid
Rosalee, desperate to find who took Noah, discovers she is being followed by a new threat.

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The remaining members of the Macon 7 have made it North, but they've learned that freedom is not as simple as crossing a line.

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Underground is a riveting TV series originally aired on WGN America that was set in the Antebellum Southern United States. Spanning two seasons from 2016 to 2017, this captivating drama managed to blend elements of American history with complex characters and edge-of-your-seat storytelling.

Created by Misha Green and Joe Pokaski, Underground chronicles the story of American slaves who dared to escape their chains and make the perilous journey to freedom via the Underground Railroad, a covert network of abolitionists and safe houses that stretched from the deep South to the free lands of the North. The show takes its name from this historic escape route and delves deep into the lives of those involved with maneuvering it – both the escapees and their would-be captors.

At the heart of the series is a group of slaves living on a Georgia plantation who make the perilous decision to break for freedom. The dynamics, relationships, and riveting narratives of these core characters form the backbone of the story. Each character is unique, bringing a different perspective to the horrors and hardships of their shared predicament in a deepening exploration of the human spirit and its ability to strive for freedom against all odds.

Acting as a backbone to this is the character of Noah, a field slave who possesses an unyielding spirit towards independence, and Rosalee, a sheltered house slave who yearns for the freedom she has only ever dreamed of. Their intertwining narratives, dashed with elements of a forbidden romance, bring the audience up close and personal with the realities faced by African American slaves in a system of racial injustice.

Interwoven within this narrative are a host of other characters that serve to enrich the texture of Underground's narrative. Among them are the white abolitionists, Macon slaves, a complicated pair of slave hunters, and more characters whose lives intricately intersect with the main protagonists. The series does a great job at presenting its characters with shades of grey, not shying away from posing moral dilemmas, inner conflicts, and compromises to their quest for freedom.

The series intertwines these individual stories with larger societal issues and political upheaval of that era, painting a vivid picture of 19th-century America. From the intricacies of plantation life to the dangerous and clandestine activities of the abolition movement, and the brutal systematic mechanisms that sustained the institution of slavery, the show is both revealing and insightful.

One of the unique qualities of Underground is its successful attempt to recontextualize a historical timeframe with a contemporary perspective. It brings fresh energy to the narrative with its exhilarating pacing, complemented by a modern soundtrack curated by musician John Legend. This juxtaposition of a grim past with a rhythmic tapestry of current music, from hip-hop to gospel, lends the show its unique timbre and an anachronistic appeal.

Despite its historical setting, the series often feels contemporary, as it connects with today's audiences through universal themes of hope, sacrifice, and the quest for freedom. It provokes deep thought on social, racial and class issues, mirroring many concerns that prevail in modern society. This aspect gives the series a timeless quality, making it relevant and poignant in the present time.

Importantly, Underground delves into a portion of American history often dealt with obliquely on television, bringing to light the stories of resilience, courage, and the unbreakable human spirit born of a dark era. The result is a compelling drama series that, while entertaining, does not shy away from presenting raw, moral contrasts, and asking tough questions about a period in history that has shaped the nation.

The show's narrative continues to nestle the audience in the center of its character’s complex lives, their choices, their losses and gains, their wins, their sacrifices. This alongside a bevy of brisk narrative turns, compelling performances and a magnificent production value gives Underground an allure that is deeply riveting, moving yet thrilling all at once. Though the series reached an untimely end after its two seasons, it has since found a special place in the hearts of many for its bold storytelling and an unyielding depiction of a pivotal and influential chapter in American history.

Underground is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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Alano Miller As Cato Aldis Hodge As Noah Christopher Meloni As August Jessica De Gouw As Elizabeth Jurnee Smollett As Rosalee Marc Blucas As John Hawkes Reed Diamond As Tom Macon
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