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Tina's wedding becomes a showdown between Anna and her nemesis Justina Epp. Noah confronts the man who stole his son, forcing Isaak to make a terrible choice.

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Anna makes a desperate attempt to guarantee Tina's safe passage back to the colony. Noah's efforts to catch Anna's narco boss could backfire.

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The Proposal
Anna's attempt to cover her criminal tracks prompts an unexpected offer of marriage; Noah discovers that Anna is not the only family member working for the cartel.

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Return of the Lamb
Anna hopes that an extra-large shipment of cocaine will accelerate Isaak's return; Noah comes face to face with the new boss.

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Forced to return to a life of crime, Anna looks for a way to win Isaak back from her narco bosses; Noah and Abel agree to help the police identify the new boss.

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A year after Noah's departure, Anna struggles to support her children in the world of the Auslanders; trapped in his own hell, Noah gets a sign that he is not forgotten by God.

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Pure is a captivating and intricate crime drama series from WGN America that enjoyed a two-season run from 2017 to 2019. The show features a multitalented ensemble cast that includes Ryan Robbins, Alex Paxton-Beesley, A. J. Buckley, Peter Outerbridge, Rosie Perez, Alyson Hannigan, Christopher Heyerdahl, Zoie Palmer, and Alex Crowther.

At the core of the series is Pastor Noah Funk, portrayed by Ryan Robbins, who gets ensnared in circumstances that compel him to make ethical compromises he would have never contemplated. Noah is a newly-elected Mennonite pastor who maintains a peaceful existence with his family in a tight-knit Mennonite community in Southern Ontario.

However, the equilibrium is disrupted as Noah becomes acutely aware of the illicit activities involving drug trafficking lurking within his community. His staunch belief in righteousness and order pushes him to expose this operation, only to realize that the roots run deeper than he thought, entangling him in a complex scenario over which he eventually loses control.

Alex Paxton-Beesley as Anna Funk, Noah’s wife, delivers a stirring performance as a woman who stands stoutly with her husband, torn between upholding her faith and preserving her family's safety. Anna’s character’s evolution is a compelling subplot in the story, highlighting her strength and perseverance in enforcing their Mennonite values and tackling impending doom.

A. J Buckley's portrayal of Bronco Novak, a local cop with his own set of issues, provides an additional dimension to the series. Investigating the infiltrating drug cartels, Bronco’s path collides with Noah's, creating a narrative rife with tension and personal stakes.

Peter Outerbridge is compelling as Eli Voss, a menacing figure within the Mennonite community who wields substantial power and influence. He is the heart of the drug operation Noah is determined to expose, and his character's cunning and ruthlessness add a chilling touch to the show.

Rosie Perez, Alyson Hannigan, and Christopher Heyerdahl bring to life engaging characters that further the escalation of tension in Pure. With threats and secrets seeping into every corner, these characters are grappling with their own individual challenges, juggling their loyalties and survival instincts.

Zoie Palmer gives a solid performance as Valerie Krochanski, a law enforcement official working closely with Bronco. She is critical in upping the stakes and offering a fresh perspective on events. Alex Crowther rounds off the cast with his portrayal of Isaac Funk, Noah and Anna's son, who struggles to come to terms with the turmoil unraveling around him and the repercussions of his father's quest for truth.

Set and filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada, Pure's real-life setting adds depth to the narrative, complete with captivating scenic beauty that serves as a backdrop for the grim events unfolding. The tranquil and pastoral countryside is a stark contrast to the darkness lurking within the Mennonite community, which heightens the show's overall impact.

Created by Michael Amo, Pure combines the crime, thriller, and drama genres with a unique angle on faith, family, and corruption. The thematic blend of a serene farmland community and a vicious drug cartel paints a rich tapestry of paradoxes – between faith and crime, innocence and corruption, love and power. The series utilizes its complex narrative and memorable performances to wrench emotional engagement from the audience.

On one hand, Pure investigates the internal emotional turmoil of people grappling between their faith, duty, and personal relationships, while on the other, it maintains a constant tension of a high-stakes crime thriller. Characters operating in morality’s grey zone, and a plot that spirals into a web of deceit, betrayal, and survival, make Pure a riveting watch.

Pure is an unflinching look at the human capacity for compromise and the labyrinthine depths of criminal enterprises. At its heart, it is a story about the struggle to maintain humanity amid chaos, the power of faith, and the price one pays in the pursuit of justice. If you enjoy crime dramas with a touch of unique, Pure is a series that warrants your attention.

Pure is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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