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Alex goes undercover as a prisoner and, with the help of Kai and Ernesto, figures out how The Waterboarder has been running his criminal empire from behind bars.

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Old Times
When Alex entangles himself in a homicide investigation on behalf of his love interest, Ann Villegas, he is forced to befriend a geriatric couple with peculiar personality traits, coming to terms with the fact that life - and people - are often more complicated than they appear.

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Kai and Alex go undercover as a New Age-y couple at a self-help retreat in order to extract a na

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All In
Before the grand opening of Mactan

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Ghost Month
During the traditional

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Deus Ex-Wife Machina

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Bahala Na
When Alex temporarily moves in with Ernesto, he is drawn into a family drama that transcends generations, spans decades, and proves that, indeed,

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A Fisherfolk Tale
Alex befriends a boat mechanic wrongfully accused of murder in a remote fishing village, and, along with Kai and Ernesto, unravels an international smuggling operation and resolves a local blood feud in order to prove the man

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Breaking Badminton
When Alex

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The Magellan Cross
A local priest is murdered over a long-lost ancient cross, the cross which Magellan held in his hand the day he was killed by Lapu-Lapu in the Battle of Mactan.

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Almost Paradise is a compelling action-drama TV series released in 2020 by WGN America. The show perfectly blends suspense, humor, and emotion, presenting a plot that keeps the viewer hooked till the very end of each episode. The show is a brainchild of Dean Devlin and Gary Rosen, who have expertly woven a narrative that appeals to a broad spectrum of audience, ranging from hardcore action-drama lovers to those who have a soft spot for heartfelt emotional moments.

The central character of the show is an ex-Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent, Alex Walker, played by the versatile actor Christian Kane. Forced into early retirement following a stress-induced heart attack, Walker relocates to a quaint, peaceful resort town in the Philippines in a bid to live a less complicated life. However, everything does not go as planned.

Riding on the trite but still entertaining "mess pulls the hero back in" trope, Walker gets dragged back into the dangerous and chaotic world of crime and law enforcement in this exotic location. Thus, the calm and serene life he was looking forward to living soon evades him. Walker finds himself tangled up in island conflicts and criminal activities, due to the resort's close proximity to global crime hotspots. His decades of experience as a seasoned DEA agent, and his involuntary interaction with the island's local law enforcement, thrust him back into the world he was trying to escape, but now with additional complications triggered by his heart condition.

Despite this being an action-drama series, Almost Paradise does not compromise on the character development front. Each character feels like a real, complex individual with their own backstories and motivations, rather than simply serving as a backdrop for Walker’s exploits. From Kai Mendoza, the eager and ambitious resort director who is always keen to lend a helping hand to Walker, to the stern detective Ernesto Alamares, the other characters infuse distinct dynamics into the narrative.

The show does a commendable job of incorporating and showcasing Filipino culture. The lush landscapes, the bustling markets, the friendly locals, and the unique naval and nautical aspects of the Philippines provide a fresh and intriguing backdrop for the storyline. This cultural inclusion helps to distinguish Almost Paradise from similar crime dramas and brings about a distinct identity of its own.

In terms of the technical aspects, Almost Paradise is top-notch with slick editing, high production values, and cleverly choreographed action sequences. The show does a remarkable job of making the most of its beautiful locations, keeping viewers visually engaged while enhancing their overall viewing experience. The narrative pacing is also commendable and strikes a perfect balance, never feeling too rushed or too slow while serving justice to both the action-accentuated plot and the emotional subplots.

What makes this show stand out is its ability to distribute equal footing between the thrilling moments of danger and human moments of vulnerability. It doesn't shy away from highlighting Walker’s difficulties as he adjusts to his newfound second life with all its unexpected implications, thereby, highlighting the significance of emotional investment in the characters and their story arcs.

Moreover, the chemistry among the cast, a mix of Hollywood and Filipino actors, gives an appealing depth to the series. They all bring in commendable performances, handling both action and emotional scenes effortlessly, thereby effectively selling the dramatic premise and the riveting narrative of the show.

In conclusion, Almost Paradise presents intriguing crime-solving and action-packed plots beautifully intertwined with emotional sub-narratives and endearing character arcs. Its setting and effective use of Filipino local culture further add a refreshing flavor, distinguishing it from other shows in the genre. With its well-rounded characters, engaging storyline, impressive visuals, and thrilling action sequences, it offers a captivating viewing experience for any audience keen on crime dramas with an emotional twist.

Almost Paradise is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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