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Unbroken Chain
Big Foster puts his plan into motion to take down the coal company, drawing him and G’Win into battle for leadership of the clan.

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What Must Be Done
As Wade finds evidence of a cover-up in the coal company's plan to evict the Farrells, activist Gordon Jerrod offers to help Big Foster save the clan's mountaintop home.

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The Run
As Haylie plots to expose One Planet's destructive campaign, G'Win and Big Foster try to find a way to replenish their family's dwindling supplies of food and water.

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Strangers in a Strange Land
As Wade investigates the disappearance of Haylie, G'Win demands that she answer for her company's destruction of Shay Mountain.

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Loyal to the Bone
G'Win and Big Foster team up to make Haylie Grimes answer for the coal company's campaign to drive them off Shay Mountain.

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As Big Foster is shunned following a disastrous effort to help G'Win, Wade is suspected of helping Lil Foster escape.

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Home for Supper
As Big Foster nurses G'Win following their showdown with the Kinnah, Wade reveals that Lil Foster is in jail being held for the murder of a prison gang leader.

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Kill or Be Killed
The mountain requires a sacrifice; Lil Foster struggles to resist his primal instincts.

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We Are Kinnah
G'Win's loyalties are tested on the mountain while Hasil grapples with a new career in town.

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How We Hunt
The animals aren't the only ones to bleed during the Farrell's winter hunt.

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G'Win is confronted with an impossible decision; at the same time, Lil Foster begins to feel like all hope is lost.

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A new arrival threatens to interrupt the balance of power on Shay Mountain.

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And The Three Shall Save You
In the second season premiere, the Farrells and the townspeople of Blackburg attempt to regroup following the Kentucky mountaintop clash.

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Outsiders is a compelling action-drama series that originally premiered on WGN America in 2016. It ran for two seasons, until 2017, featuring a blend of intriguing social commentary and gripping storylines, coupled with intense performances. The series primarily unfolds in the rugged mountains of Appalachia, offering a stark backdrop and imbuing the narrative with a rustic authenticity for its storytelling. The series focuses on the Farrell clan, a family of outliers who have lived on the mountaintop of Shay Mountain for roughly two centuries. They are anarchists by nature, holding their ground against the encroachment of the outside world and maintaining their own unique way of life. 'Outsiders,' in this context, denotes not just their geographical isolation, but also their ideological and societal differences. At its core, Outsiders seeks to throw light on the struggles of power, control, and survival. The story presents a lawless society where the Farrells are unarmed men and women—their contemporaries have long moved on to more modernized societies. But while they might be bereft of the conventional ways of the world, they are deeply rooted in their traditions and principles, defiant of the ever-progressing civilization. Their status quo is challenged when a large coal conglomerate attempts to exploit the mountain's resources, casting a precarious shadow over the livelihood and existence of the Farrell clan. This results in an ongoing clash between the Farrells and the outsiders—the coal company and the town locals, who have questionable loyalties. The main characters, key members of the Farrell clan, are carefully constructed with deep, multidimensional personalities. They're distinctive, loyal, and complex, each with their unique aspirations and dilemmas. Dave Morse's portrayal of Big Foster, the clan's presumptive leader, is of particular note. He conveys a layered character wrestling with his own strengths and weaknesses, eager to protect his family yet haunted by his own demons. The Outsiders also confronts the audience with various underlying themes such as racial bias, environmental degradation, bureaucracy, and even the lighter moments of love and camaraderie. The show cleverly offers perspectives on the concept of what constitutes civilized society. On one side is the small town grappling with unemployment and poverty, willing to let big corporations ravage their homeland for the illusion of progress. On the other hand, we see the Farrell family, living without modern amenities—content with a sustainable lifestyle, closely bonded with nature, and fiercely protective of their home. In terms of technical aspects, the cinematography stands out as one of the series' strongest points. The gorgeous shots of the Appalachian Mountains indicate the austerity and beauty of the Farrells’ lifestyle. The panoramic views of the lush, rugged hillsides and dense woods provide a stark contrast to the city valleys below, further emphasizing the disconnect between two drastically different worlds. The sound design, too, adds to the immersive experience. The raw, ethereal music enhances the overall impact of the narrative, alternately conveying a sense of doom, suspense, and serenity. It complements the harsh yet beautiful landscape, resonating perfectly with the characters' emotions and the plot's progression. In conclusion, Outsiders is a unique story about a group of people trying to hold onto their cultural heritage and way of life, while resisting the intrusions of a corporate giant. It presents, starkly, a clash of two worlds—one that embraces the seductive trappings of modern civilization, and the other that defiantly clings on to a slower, primal spirit. With terrific performances, impactful storytelling, and stunning visuals, the show offers a gripping exploration of the complexities of human behavior, social norms, and the tenuous balance between progress and preservation. In its heart and soul, Outsiders is a captivating illustration of the struggle to protect one's identity and the lengths one would go to maintain it.

Outsiders is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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David Morse As Big Foster Christina Jackson As Sally-Ann Francie Swift As Haylie Gillian Alexy As G'Winveer Joe Anderson As Asa Farrell Kyle Gallner As Hasil Phyllis Somerville As Lady Ray Farrell Ryan Hurst As Lil Foster Thomas M. Wright As Sheriff Wade Houghton
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