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Ultra LSD
With the precise structure of LSD's molecular target identified, Hamilton discusses the new era of psychedelic research and meets pioneers of the field.

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Bufotenine: In Search of Hataj
Succumbing to viewer requests, Hamilton journeys to South America to understand the legend of Bufotenine, the world's oldest psychedelic.

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Synethetic Ibogaine-Natural Tramadol
After revealing a scientific mystery around Tramadol-addicted cows in West Africa, Hamilton follows a Gabonese opiate addict to a psychedelic ritual.

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Xenon: The Perfect Anesthetic?
Hamilton traces the multibillion year history of nitrous oxide on Earth and follows the strangest noble gas to the Czech Republic.

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A Positive Methamphetamine Story
From X-ray crystallography to vesicular dopamine release, Hamilton travels the country visiting meth labs to understand the process behind a great American folk art.

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Synthetic Toad Venom Machine
Hamilton synthesizes 5-MeO-DMT, and traces the origin of toad venom smoking.

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Hamilton's Pharmacopeia is an enlightening and engaging documentary series produced by Viceland that first premiered in 2011. The television series is a fascinating exploration of the history, chemistry, and societal impacts of the world's most extraordinary psychoactive substances. It boasts a unique approach to the theme of drugs and their diverse impacts on human beings, away from the typical narratives of addiction or law enforcement that dominate the genre. By traversively canvassing the cultures, science, and politics behind drugs, the show steps into uncharted territories.

Hamilton Morris, the host and the eponymous Hamilton of the show, is a science journalist and 'psychedelic' enthusiast with a laudable trait of curiosity. In the show, he approaches the world of drugs not as a user, but as an investigator seeking to unravel the mysteries, dispel myths, and understand better how these substances impact human consciousness. His scientific background and an open-minded perspective make him an informative and reliable guide. He takes the audience with him on intellectual and literally trips around the world, making sense of the complex and often misunderstood world of psychoactive substances.

Each episode stands alone as an exploration of a specific drug or a type of drug. Some episodes focus on well-known substances such as LSD, Psilocybin (magic mushrooms), and Ketamine, while others delve into the lesser-known, intriguing worlds of fish that naturally produce psychedelic effects or Amazonian brews that reputedly enable communication with spirits. Throughout his journey, Hamilton engages with scientists, shamans, government officials, and casual users in a thought-provoking dialogue that uncovers the truths and misconceptions about these substances.

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia is far from promoting recreational drug use. Instead, it aims to offer eye-opening insights into the cultural, scientific, and medical aspects of these substances, emphasizing both their potential benefits and the potential risks. Hamilton's position is not of a moralistic pundit; he remains impartial, using science as his primary tool to explore the facts. His mission is to illustrate the complexity of psychoactive substances, highlighting the need for a nuanced and educated discourse on drugs.

The show’s aesthetic appeal is worth appreciating as well. Both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating, Hamilton's Pharmacopeia combines high-quality production with a rich, exploration-led narrative that caters to both the scientifically curious and the layman viewer. Hamilton's journalistic pursuit frequently takes him to entrancing locations across the globe, including the psychedelically painted interiors of LSD therapist’s office, the exotic landscapes of the Amazon rainforest, and the hidden laboratories of underground chemists. Through Hamilton's eyes, audiences can experience the color, beauty, and intrigue of these unconventional spaces.

All the elements of Hamilton's Pharmacopeia come together to create a truly unique viewing experience. It provides viewers a chance to gain a deeper understanding of a topic that is often misrepresented or sensationalized in mainstream media. It elucidates, informs, and challenges preconceived notions about psychoactive substances, triggering viewers to reflect on their understanding and judgment of these controversial substances.

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia does more than just explore the world of drugs and their effects; it offers different paradigms through which we can examine and understand our own society and our relationship with drugs. It underscores the importance of having an informed and open-minded dialogue on such a complex issue. Whether or not you're interested in the world of psychoactives, this series is a captivating and enlightening exploration into a lesser-known realm of human consciousness.

In essence, Hamilton's Pharmacopeia breaks down complex scientific concepts, sheds light on hidden cultures, and provides an unbiased perspective on psychoactive substances. It proves that conversation on drugs doesn't have to be polarizing but can be an avenue for learning, understanding, and appreciating the diversity of human experiences. With its blend of scientific inquiry, stunning visuals, and engaging storytelling, Hamilton's Pharmacopeia is not just a trip through the world of psychoactives, but a journey into the depths of human consciousness and society at large.

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

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How can I watch Hamilton's Pharmacopeia online? Hamilton's Pharmacopeia is available on Viceland with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Hamilton's Pharmacopeia on demand at Philo, Sling, Viceland, Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, Vudu online.

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