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Hidden Gems
Sometimes, the most valuable possessions are hiding in plain sight; 2 Chainz goes on an adventure to uncover the secret treasures of the city that never sleeps: NYC.

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Party Poppin'
2 Chainz is on a quest to find the most expensive collections that allow him to arrive in style, get the party started, and ball out all night in Miami. Special guest Timbaland appears.

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Big Apple Ballin
They say, "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere," but 2 Chainz is eager to discover what exactly is collected once reaching the top of the ladder in the Big Apple.

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$how $topper$
2 Chainz gets hype on some encore-worthy collections that feature everything it takes to put on a groundbreaking show. With special guests Mark Mothersbaugh and Savion Glover.

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Kidy Boi
2 Chainz sets out to indulge his inner child with collections that dive deep into the world of iconic toys, games and childhood pastimes.

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Hollywood & Highland
2 Chainz's journey to find the most expensive collections takes him to Hollywood and the intersection of big dreams and the big screen. With Sarah Silverman and Kenya Barris.

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Geeked Out
Sometimes big brains equal big bucks; 2 Chainz and his kids set out to experience the most expensive collections acquired by brainy collectors with smart money.

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2 Chainz searches for the greatest collections of all time.

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Roll Up
2 Chainz is out to look for the most expensive wheels collection in SoCal.

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High Notes
2 Chainz seeks out the most expensive musical collections, meeting legends and the instruments that defined their careers. With special guests Joe Banamassa, Hit-Boy, Angelo Moore.

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Most Expensivest, which first aired in 2017 on Viceland, is a unique television series that offers its audience a glimpse into the world of luxury, decadence, and extravagance. The series is hosted by Grammy-winning hip-hop artist, 2 Chainz, whose charismatic and witty personality adds a distinctive twist to the show.

In Most Expensivest, 2 Chainz introduces viewers to the world of elite indulgence by showcasing the priciest, most lavish goods, and experiences available in the world. Each episode comes packed with interesting revelations about products and services that defy financial limits. Whether it is the costliest foods, extravagant fashion, aristocratic accommodations, or top-notch tech gadgets, the show leaves no luxury stone unturned. The unique selling proposition of this show is the unmatched combination of humor, information, and awe-inspiring opulence, which makes Most Expensivest a highly captivating series.

Right from the beginning, the show hooks its viewers with its eye-catching name 'Most Expensivest', and lives up to its title by exploring a world of high society and affluence that most people can only imagine. Using a distinct and appealing approach to investigate the very best of luxury lifestyle, the show is a journey like no other. While the primary focus is on showcasing price tags that only the richest can afford, the series also delves into the craftsmanship, hard work, and dedication behind these elite commodities.

The series is not just continually wandering through the spectrum of extravagant items and experiences, but it also intersperses 2 Chainz's humorous and refreshing take on these extravagances. As a host, he brings a touch of authenticity to the show as he reacts to these pricey products and services as many in the audience might, with surprise, admiration, and sometimes even disbelief.

Furthermore, Most Expensivest does more than just demonstrate all the luxurious goods and experiences that money can buy. It forms a bridge between the ordinary and extraordinary, the attainable and extravagant, presenting a fine blend of aspiration and relatability. It brings a sense of familiarity to something so detached from the common man's life. The host, 2 Chainz, often refers to his humble beginnings, which he contrasts with his now luxurious lifestyle. This juxtaposition gives the show a depth beyond just showcasing expensive goods—it illustrates the host's own journey and makes for a good measure of motivation and aspiration for viewers.

The show is filled with indulgence, humor, and information that keeps its audience engaged. Every episode of Most Expensivest provides a detailed explanation about the product or service under consideration. Right from the raw materials used, to the processes involved in its production, to the final price, everything is explained in an elaborate yet engaging manner. The thoroughness in each depiction educates the viewers about the reasons behind the whopping price tags and why these items and experiences are perceived to be luxury.

2 Chainz, with his honest commentary, undeniable charisma and immersive hosting, makes each episode of Most Expensivest entertaining and insightful. He seems genuinely intrigued by the fine craftsmanship and exclusivity of these items, further enticing the viewers. His off-the-cuff interactions with experts, creators, and service providers are both informative and entertaining, adding another layer to the delight that is Most Expensivest.

The show's cinematography is another noticeable aspect, with high-definition visuals presenting a pleasing feast for the eyes. The aesthetics of the show are composed with a keen eye for color, texture, and angle, which aptly highlight the grandeur of the objects and experiences showcased.

By blending wit, luxury, and a hip-hop artist’s unique perspective, Most Expensivest creates a unique entertainment experience for its viewers. As a series that encapsulates a world of opulence far removed from the average viewer’s day to day life, Most Expensivest resonates strongly with its audience. For those interested in viewing the unattainable and exploring the wealthiest corners of the world, vicariously living through 2 Chainz's experience could be their ticket to the high life. If nothing else, audiences may enjoy sitting back, relaxing, and marveling at the incredible luxuries showcased on Most Expensivest and imagining, "what if...?"

Most Expensivest is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 60 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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