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Two Sides of Charlotte
The serenity of an "old money'' neighborhood is shattered when an elderly resident is attacked and killed while coming home from church; Detective Garry McFadden investigates the victim's stabbing death and the subsequent use of her credit cards.

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Kross Kountry Kriminal
Detective Garry McFadden must delve into the dark world of white supremacy in order to take down a slippery murder suspect who flees town and leads McFadden on a a cross-country manhunt.

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The Long Night
When Detective Garry McFadden agrees to do a favor for a witness, he finds himself involved in a strange murder investigation that plays out over one of the longest nights of his career, leading to an unexpected killer.

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Murder Becomes Personal
Detective Garry McFadden finds it hard to separate out his personal feelings after a friend is killed; his investigation hits a dead end, then DNA test results give him the answers he needs, and the answers, like the crime itself, hit close to home.

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The Body in the Rug
While Detective Garry McFadden is the middle of training a new female homicide detective, the two are assigned to investigate the murder of a woman found wrapped up in a blanket.

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Hit and Run
Detective Garry McFadden is assigned to conduct what he thinks will be a routine investigation of a man injured in a hit-and-run automobile accident, then the victim dies, and McFadden discovers it was no accident.

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A Promise Kept
Early in his career, Detective Garry McFadden is assigned to investigate an apparent robbery at a fast food restaurant during which the assistant manager was killed.

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Holy Terror
Investigating a woman's shooting death, Detective Garry McFadden finds himself playing a cat-and-mouse game with a family of churchgoers who seem to be hiding a killer behind church doors.

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Stalker or Lover?
After a woman's body is discovered in a burning mobile home, Detective Garry McFadden finds himself with two potential murder suspects, both with solid alibis.

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What the Toddler Saw
A young mother is ambushed and shot dead in the driveway of her home in Charlotte, N.C., and Detective Garry McFadden's best witness may be the victim's 3-year-old son, who gives him a cryptic clue.

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I Am Homicide is an intense, addictive reality series aired on the must-watch channel for crime drama lovers, Investigation Discovery. This sizzling crime drama series first hit television screens back in 2016 and captivated audiences with every heart-stopping episode.

The central focus of I Am Homicide resides on one strikingly dogged individual, retired police detective Gary McFadden. Through tenacious crime-solving techniques, a piercing gaze, and remarkable intuition, McFadden has managed to solve over 700 homicide cases during a police career of more than 20 years. He is an enigmatic figure, with his personable demeanor and charismatic storytelling helping to pull viewers further into the often gritty and grim realities of his job.

Each episode of I Am Homicide dives deep into one of McFadden’s previous homicide cases, presenting a real-life detective narrative to its viewers. With the intricate detailing of criminal investigations and gripping dramatizations of the crimes, the show invites audiences to ride along the journey of a homicide detective, each step a complex mix of fact-finding, instinct, determination, and a relentless pursuit.

The series does a commendable job of demonstrating both the methodical, procedural aspect of solving a homicide, as well as the emotional weight that such investigators must bear. Viewers get an up-close look at McFadden’s approach – which celebrates patience, attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit for justice. His relentless curiosities, vast experience, and deep human understanding serve as thr powerhouse behind his venture into the darkest pathway of society.

One of the key aspects of I Am Homicide lies in McFadden’s unique approach to homicide cases. His strategies and coping mechanisms set him apart as one of the country's most successful detectives. He retains an uncanny ability to flip between the cool, detached professionalism of a seasoned investigator into the reassuring, compassionate humanity required to comfort grieving families – swinging from each role as and when required - a testament to his unique character.

Each episode unravels linking chains of evidence, suspect interviews, crime scenes recreation, and seeks to decipher the puzzle behind the victim's last moments. Furthermore, it employs a series of flashbacks, commentary by McFadden himself and real-life images from the crime scenes. This technique of toeing the line between dramatization and documentary provides the series with a sense of authenticity that other shows tend to lack.

I Am Homicide is more than just a procedural crime drama. It also captures the human side of things. This is particularly seen in McFadden's interactions with victims' families. The show does not shy away from showcasing the raw emotions, the heartbreak, and often the desperate need for closure that accompanies such tragic events. This subtly reminds viewers of the real stakes in homicide investigation – human lives and the pain left behind by their loss.

Throughout the series, McFadden's passion for justice is palpable, and his determination to hold killers accountable for their actions is unwavering. His distinctive personality and unique set of skills bring an intriguing perspective to the viewers and make the show much more compelling. By providing insights into the mind, methodology, and motivations of a seasoned homicide detective, the series propels its audiences into a full exploration of the human drama, gritty procedures, and harsh realities embedded within law enforcement.

Beyond doubt, I Am Homicide is an absolute must-see for any ardent fan of crime dramas. Its appeal lies in its reality-rooted narratives, the depth of cases explored, and most significantly, the larger-than-life personality of Detective McFadden. Investigation Discovery's I Am Homicide is a tense, terrifying roller-coaster ride that fascinates, educates, and shocks, often all at the same time - an unadulterated look into the twisted world of crime and justice.

I Am Homicide is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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