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Green Out
A kid participates in a role-playing game via webcam, immigrants' names get changed at Ellis Island, and the guys try to prank Gary at the mall on "Suck It, Gary!

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The D.O.N.G.
Sammy tries to make "Jeff & Some Aliens" into a hit TV show, Ricky the Rocketship tries to prevent a gang war, and Chaz Sinclair throws a bachelor party at his hillside mansion.

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The Director
Jerk Chicken visits a strip club, a group of forest animals make a dress for Cinderella, and director Buck LaFontaine wreaks havoc at the TripTank offices.

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Deuce Ex Machina
Jeff goes on a trip to the aliens' world; a fairy godmother has too many drinks; a lady discovers a new way to carry her items.

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Brain Virus
A clown vs. a mime; a Bond villain-turned-stand-up comedy celebrity; an angry response to jokes about a guy's wife.

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Gary gets hit with bird feces; an upset boss wants his Oops All Berries cereal; Steve shrinks himself to absolve of one of Roy's memories.

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TripTank 2025
Stand-Up Dad's "Rocko" character angers his family; Sir Ian fights a warlock. Also: another edition of "Pills, Pills, Pills.

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Sick Day
Fallen from grace, a mayor holds a press conference in the middle of an insect apocalypse, a very loud ninja assassin executes a job, and Animal Hitman struggles to take out a fly.

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How the Sausage Is Made
Jerk Chicken goes on an afternoon adventure; cowboys battle for the title of Smallest Dick in the West; Steve and Roy get stuck in a long bathroom line.

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Crime Steve Investigation
Bethiffer searches for terrorists at the mall; the aliens "sound machine" has unexpected consequences; Gary is pranked at a water park.

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TripTank is an avant-garde animated anthology series from Comedy Central, featuring the talents of Carlos Alazraqui amongst others, that ran from 2014 to 2016. This outlandish and often blatantly ridiculous show pushed the boundaries of comedy, animation, and storytelling, treating its audiences to a unique media experience that could only be described as a wild roller coaster ride of emotions.

The show can perhaps be best described as a potpourri of comedic skits, stories, and parodies, all produced in a variety of animation styles and techniques. Everything from traditional 2D animation to stop-motion puppetry, claymation, and even live action is used to bring these often bizarrely hilarious skits to life. The sheer diversity in animation styles only added to the show's overall appeal, keeping audiences on their toes and engaged with the rapid-fire change of pace.

Carlos Alazraqui, along with a stellar line-up of comedic talents, lend their voices to the eclectic mix of characters. Alazraqui, well-known for his diverse voice acting contributions in TV shows, films, and video games, adds a significant dose of charm and humor to the show. Not only does his voice comfortably slip into a variety of characters, but his impeccable timing and charismatic presentation amplify the humor even further.

However, it's crucial to note that TripTank isn't for the faint-hearted or for those seeking light-hearted, family-oriented humor. The humor is oftentimes dark, blunt, and purposely offensive, straying into territories that most conventional shows wouldn't dare tread. The intention behind such audacious humor seems to be the challenging of societal norms and the encouragement of audiences to question their own comfort zones, all while delivering gut-busting laughs.

From talking animals engaged in adult conversations to parodies of popular culture, nothing is off-limits for TripTank. Each episode consistently delivers a barrage of laugh-out-loud moments that often catch viewers off-guard. It dives into the absurd, stretching the limits of reality to create hilarious scenarios that stand out in their creativity and originality. Each story, no matter how short or long, comes bundled with an absurd twist that adds to the show's overall unpredictable nature.

The narration style of TripTank is non-linear, with unrelated stories interwoven with the main plot in each episode. Moreover, some of these plots are carried over multiple episodes, creating a thematic continuity amid the chaos. This style of presenting stories within stories sets it apart from other comedy or animation shows.

Furthermore, the sound design and music score of TripTank deserves a special mention. From catchy tunes to absurd sound effects, the audio perfectly complements the visuals on the screen. The crude humor is often enhanced by cleverly timed sound effects, turning seemingly normal scenarios into a comic spectacle.

While TripTank eventually concluded its run in 2016, its unique blend of humor and animation left a lasting imprint. It offered an alternate perspective on animated shows, demonstrating that they aren't just whimsical and child-friendly. TripTank is an unusual anomaly that celebrates the weird, engages with the offbeat, and puts an unconventional spin on humor. It's a thought-provoking and entertaining show that defies set norms, offering viewers a refreshing departure from the norm.

All in all, TripTank is a distinctive kaleidoscope of the outlandish, zany, and sometimes outright strange, where anything can happen. Its uniqueness lies not just in its unusual storytelling but also in its courage to venture into dark humor zones. Above all, it’s an animated show that’s meant to be viewed with an open mind, allowing the viewer to enjoy its unconventional humor without any predefined expectations. Whether it’s a talking plant waxing philosophical or a zombie apocalypse in an office, TripTank takes the ordinary and turns it into an extraordinary comedic spectacle.

TripTank is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 33 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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