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All New Jon pitches the network on a big skydiving season finale. Scared to death of actually jumping out of a plane, he tries trapeze school, indoor skydiving and VR jumps.

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Jon's wife Leslie confronts him about his gear hoarding, which inspires him to create a brand new activity: gearing! As Jon spirals further into gear addiction, his loved ones stage an intervention.

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Swing Dancing
Jon begrudgingly goes swing dancing with his wife Leslie, which opens a Pandora's box of formerly hated couples' activities.

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Jon rekindles a long-held passion for photography. But when seemingly innocent professional portraits awaken him to a personal proclivity, he becomes exposed to a whole new world and finds his true calling.

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Road Trip
Jon and his real family hit the road for a snowboarding vacation and all the cool gear that comes with it. But things quickly turn ominous when Jon realizes his son may be the Anti-Gear!

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Jon's vasectomy isn't going to stop him from shooting a super cool episode about basketball. But when his prolonged recovery starts crossing lines, he risks a mutiny among his cast and crew, including his trusted 'Spurt.

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Golf turns philosophical when a ghost from gear past forces Jon to make a difficult choice; a choice that could threaten to put a permanent wedge between Jon, his trusted Spurt, and the network.

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Jon gears up for his son's first football game with a kick-ass tailgate. But when the mysterious art of magic gets in the way, Jon must confront a deep secret from his past.

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Jon and his wife Leslie gear up for a couples' tennis tournament. But when Jon's fake wife Eva drops a bombshell revelation, Jon abandons Leslie to stand by Eva's side.

Watch Jon Glaser Loves Gear Season 2 Episode 2 Now

When the network tells Jon it wants his 'Spurt to be the new host of the show, Jon comes up with a devious plan to oust him; Jon visits a barbershop, tattoo parlor and CrossFit gym to prove that he's just as macho as his old sidekick.

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Jon Glaser Loves Gear is an invigorating blend of reality TV, sketch comedy, and documentary-style storytelling that debuted on truTV in 2016. The innovative series combines elements of meta-commentary, improvisational humor, personal passion, and even a touch of surrealism to deliver its unique premise. Born from the creativity and performative ingenuity of actor-comedian Jon Glaser, this show promises an immersive and endlessly entertaining look into the world of exploratory consumerism and the deep-seated American love for gear.

At its core, Jon Glaser Loves Gear is an affectionate parody of two intersecting, and immensely popular, media landscapes – reality television, specifically the specialized variants dedicated to niche hobbies and interests, and YouTube influencer culture, obsessed with unboxing and reviewing consumer products. It takes these familiar conventions, flips them on their head, and brilliantly levels humor at the materialism and obsession that often accompany our modern culture's infatuation with stuff.

The premise of the show is simple – Jon Glaser loves gear. As a self-proclaimed gear enthusiast, Glaser indulges in an array of hobbies and activities, exploring – often to ridiculous lengths – the world of gear associated with them. Episode by episode, Glaser embarks on explorations of various pastimes, ranging from camping and football to photography and scuba diving. Whatever the activity, his animated dedication to inspecting, discussing, and showcasing every piece of related equipment and kit proves to be as hilarious as it is educational.

A key aspect of the show’s quirks and humor comes from its intentional blurring of fiction and reality. The line between Glaser’s true-life persona and the heightened version of himself he portrays on the show is cleverly obscured. The audience is treated to an alternatively obsessive and dismissive version of Glaser, whose irrational passion for gear often brings him into comical conflict with his fictional family, friends, and even the show's producers.

Where other reality shows genuinely aim for earnest exploration, Jon Glaser Loves Gear lathers itself in irony and absurdity. Its humor lies in both the petty squabbles and surreal situations Glaser lands himself in and the disproportionate importance placed on gear in every situation, over the activity it was designed for.

Contradiction also adds color to the show. As much as Glaser loves gear, he appears to have an equal and opposite disdain for actually doing the activities the gear is for. His refusal to engage often leads to comical situations that feel reminiscent of Curb Your Enthusiasm or Extras – heavily imbued with the painfully funny awkwardness of things going exactly the opposite of what dictates convention.

Throughout the show, Glaser's interactions with other characters add to the comedy. His on-screen wife, played by Eva Solveig, is long-suffering yet affectionate, while his gear-loving assistant, Steve Cirbus, provides an endearingly enthusiastic counterpoint to Glaser's frequently cantankerous disposition. The show also includes guest stars like John Hodgman, Janeane Garofalo, and Peter Grosz, who further enliven proceedings with their unique touch.

The show also revels in self-awareness and isn’t afraid to break the fourth wall. The fact that Glaser is making a TV show about his obsession with gear becomes a focal point of the narrative with several meta-elements running multiple threads through the show.

What sets Jon Glaser Loves Gear apart is the unique blend of genres it successfully amalgamates. It takes the familiar format of a reality show and product review vlog, and infuses it with the spirit of a mockumentary. Each episode is packed with jokes that poke fun at the genre, but also pays homage to enthusiast culture with over-the-top fervor for gear of all sorts.

In summary, Jon Glaser Loves Gear is more than just a reality show about a man's love for gear. It’s a witty expose of our consumer-oriented society, a clever play on the reality TV format, and an off-kilter examination of a middle-aged man's obsession with stuff. It’s undoubtedly offbeat, and therefore, might not be everyone’s comedic cup of tea. Still, for those who appreciate humor that strays off the beaten path or have an explicable fascination with gear, it’s a laugh-filled spree worth indulging in.

Jon Glaser Loves Gear is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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