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Save the Last Dance
The thrilling account of Cheryl Pierson, with a new perspective from one who was there: her boyfriend and future husband, Rob Cuccio. When Rob discovers the Pierson family's darkest secret, this unique perspective begs the question, how far are you willing to go for the person you love?

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Mother Undercover
Kenneth Cloud is shot outside a restaurant, while his wife looks on. Detective Bill Martin goes with his gut down a path of lonely hearts and polygamous drifters to nail the shooter.

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Mother Undercover
​Just after Christmas, Carol Bushard's adopted son, Andy Bushard, mysteriously disappears. When police fail to act, Carol and her husband blaze their own investigative trail through the criminal back woods of a California mountain town.

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Keep Your Enemies Closer
After the mysterious disappearance of her teenage brother, Lacresha Stanton launches a relentless investigation to extricate the truth from his tightlipped circle of supposed friends.

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The Accused
An attorney doesn't believe that her client killed his 3-year-old daughter despite his confession.

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The Smith Sisters
A kidnapper wants to have "fun" with his victim's sister.

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Last Dance
The true-crime series, which chronicles murder cases through the eyes of one person, begins with the 1986 murder of a 42-year-old widower and father of three.

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I, Witness is a chilling investigation series produced by Investigation Discovery that made its debut in 2017. The show offers a fresh perspective on true crime by taking viewers through tales of crime stories as described by one person who was intimately bound to the case. Each episode successfully blends narrative storytelling, expert investigation, and first-person perspectives to create a high-stakes drama that keeps the audience engaged from the first minute till the last.

This unique show brings a distinct format to the table which sets it apart from most crime investigation series. It portrays the crime through the eyes of a single witness, diving deep into their personal journey as they tend to be the lone observer, the one surviving victim, a friend or a mere acquaintance who had laid their eyes on the crime scene. This single narrative focus provides a powerful sense of immediacy and emotional intimacy to the storytelling that adds suspense and intrigue to the portrayal of real-life crime stories.

Behind each of these witnesses is not just a story of crime but a human story that has been impacted by the incident. These personal narratives woven throughout the course of the episodes often instigate the audience to ponder about the thin line between being a bystander and being entangled in the case themselves, somehow finding themselves in an around-the-clock pursuit of justice.

With a run-time of approximately 45 minutes, each episode of I, Witness meticulously maintains a balance between suspenseful storytelling and a deliberate unfolding of facts. The narratives include detailed forensic evidence, investigative trails, and interviews. The portrait-based documentary format of the show combined with its real-life crime elements gives it a gritty journalistic feel.

The objective of I, Witness is to shed light on the repercussions of crime on its direct and indirect victims. It dives beyond merely presenting the facts of the case, delving into the emotional impact of the crime on the witness. This all-encompassing approach helps humanize the victims while enlightening viewers about the complex fallout of criminal activity.

Throughout every episode, the audiences are captivated as they join the vital journey of a witness from their initial harrowing encounter, through the police investigations, to their slow march to recovery. This often includes their ongoing struggle with fear, trauma, and hope as they strive towards obtaining justice and attempting to return to normalcy after witnessing the crime. In essence, I, Witness envelops audiences into an engulfing narrative that reveals crucial insights into the nature of crime and its effects on the human psyche.

The direction team and producers of I, Witness have ensured to incorporate the objective law & order perspective to keep the narrative balanced. From the testimony of the witness to detailed recounting of clues, the show resolutely encompasses all angles of the crimes in question. It provides a stark and honest portrayal of raw human emotion coupled with methodical crime scene evaluation.

I, Witness does not sensationalize crime but presents it in a realistic, tactful manner. The show's gripping and intimate depiction of crime stories combined with insightful commentary about the justice system makes it a must-see for those interested in true crime documentaries. The episodic narratives ensure that each case is given its due attention, facilitating a depth of understanding for viewers about the crime, the investigation process, and its implications.

Experiencing an average crime through the lens of a witness changes the usual complexion of a crime story entirely. As viewers follow these individuals' stories, they will learn about the cases at the same time as the person who lived it, adding an extra layer of suspense and surprise to the storytelling.

I, Witness boldly pushes the boundaries of conventional crime documentation. With its immersive storytelling style, seamless transitions, and a sympathetic look into the harsh reality of law and order, this show offers a unique perspective to the genre. It is an exploration into the intersection of human resilience, the drive for justice, and the aftermath of crime, providing viewers a first-hand perspective of the lingering shadow that crime can cast on a witness’s life.

The audience is left with a deeper understanding of the human element behind crime stories, fostering empathy towards the individuals tied to the case. This simply goes to show that crime is not a secluded incident but a ripple that affects everyone who comes in contact with it. Gripping and intense, I, Witness is a unique take on the true crime genre that pulls you in and does not let go until the very end.

I, Witness is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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