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Under Siege
A woman calls 911, her husband is exchanging gunfire with intruders, and her toddler is outside with them. Police find the boy safe, though the husband is dead and a ranch hand injured.

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Last Call
A traumatized man calls 911 after seeing his friend shot and killed right before his eyes. With a surprisingly long list of suspects, investigators must sort through layers of lies, jealousy, and mistrust, until they finally uncover the shooter.

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Torched Heart
A frantic woman calls 911 saying an intruder just entered her home and shot her husband. When the victim

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Shadow of Death
A woman calls 911, whispering that intruders broke into her home, bound her and her son, and attacked her husband. Police arrive and find the husband dead and the killers gone.

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Big Sky Murder
A frantic woman calls 911 when she finds her husband shot to death. The investigation reveals allegations of harassment from the victim's ex-lover and eventually uncovers a complex trail of deceit, in a murder that was years in the making.

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A terrified neighbor calls 911 when she witnesses a young mother gunned down in her driveway. Police work to uncover a complex conspiracy that ripped the loving mother from her three children, just to keep dark secrets hidden.

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The Devil's Voice
When two girls from neighboring counties disappear and are found murdered, one family receives multiple taunting calls from the kidnapper. Investigators work to track him down and succeed with they discover a clue delivered by the killer himself.

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Hearts of Darkness
A dying man calls 911 saying he's been shot in the heart, and his son has also been shot dead. The detectives navigate a complex group of suspects to uncover a tangled web of rage and revenge.

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The Silencer
With the help of a neighbor, an injured woman calls 911 saying an intruder broke into her boyfriend's home and shot them both. Police respond and find the boyfriend executed.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
A woman calls 911, saying she's found her son unconscious in his home. When police arrive, they realize he's dead: his hands are bound and he's been strangled.

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The Slender Man
When a young mother is shot dead in front of her son, horrified witnesses call 911 and describe the shooter as a slender man who disappeared into nearby trees. Though clues are scarce, investigators finally uncover the killer's shocking identity.

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Tears For My Mother
A man calls 911 claiming he found his ex-girlfriend dead, and his behavior on the call leads police to wonder if he could be involved. Investigators tirelessly gather evidence to convict a killer whose unchecked rage left a young son motherless.

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Murder Calls is a gripping true-crime series that aired on Investigation Discovery in 2017. At its core, it exposes instances of actual 911 calls, using them as starting points to unravel and piece together murder investigations. It combines rich storytelling and meticulous investigative techniques to explore the events that lead to the tragic emergency calls.

Each episode commences with the sound of a chilling 911 call, then meticulously unwinds the backstory and context leading to that harrowing moment. Every phone call made tells a tale, a piece of a puzzle that detectives must carefully fit together in order to find the truth and bring justice to victims and their families. The narrative is constructed using dramatic reconstructions, interviews, and archival footage, switching dialogically between the past events and the investigation timeline.

The show provides viewers a unique perspective on the cases by presenting them from the emergency phone calls' point of view. These calls serve as both the narrative backbone and heart beating at the drama's core. The dread-infused recordings—a desperate plea for help, a heart-breaking cry of agony, or the unsettling calmness of a cold-blooded killer—offers a raw emotional connection between the audience and the chilling reality these victims and investigators faced.

The innovative narrative style of Murder Calls keeps the viewer on the edge of each twist and turn, as critical parts of the investigation are revealed bit by bit. The audience becomes part of the investigators’ journey as they uncover clues and work through the sometimes frustrating puzzle to forge the path towards justice. As the answers are fleshed out and the killer's evil deeds are exposed, viewers share in the relief - and horror - at the unveiling of the truth.

But Murder Calls is not just about the race to find the culprit. It also explores the psychological impact of these crimes on the victims' loved ones, as well as the investigators tasked with solving them. The exhaustive toll investigations like these can take on the professionals who pour every resource into solving them is vividly captured. Balancing the urgency for justice with the emotional trauma of loss is depicted realistically, adding an additional facet of poignancy to each story.

The show also introduces us to the resiliency and power of the human spirit, representing the dualities of darkness and light, desperation and hope, justice and injustice that real-life crime entails. It recognizes not only the terror inflicted by the murderers but the strength and resilience of the individuals who have suffered, as well as the relentless dedication of the investigators seeking the truth.

Every episode of Murder Calls is a self-contained story packed with suspense and gut-wrenching drama. The audience experiences the full scope of the emotional rollercoaster, from the initial moment of blissful unawareness to the panic of the emergency call and the relentless pursuit of justice that follows. It's an immersive journey into the often-unseen depths of the investigative process, from the police, forensic experts, behavioural analysts to attorneys, witnesses and, of course, the victims.

In conclusion, Murder Calls presents a unique and captivating mix of crime investigation and emotional storytelling. It focuses on the humanity in each case, evoking empathy from its viewers, even as it delves into the deepest and darkest corners of human nature. For fans of true crime, it's a fascinating and sometimes chilling look at what happens when murder calls. The show offers a fascinating and insightful exploration of the labyrinthine processes of investigation and justice in murder cases, leaving no stones unturned to completely unravel the truth behind unthinkable crimes.

Murder Calls is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 27 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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