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Episode 106
Some ladies are charmed into hooking up with your friends while Mandy turns "sane" to win you back. Choose once and for all who will be your girlfriend.

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Episode 105
Your friends hire an "Aquarium Girl" to hang out on your couch in her underwear - and later, as you and Jessica hunt for a place to have sex before she leaves town, Phil gets jealous of Sam's new friends.

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Episode 104
You and the guys get all CSI to figure out the identity of a porn star you met at the gym - and later, Jessica poses as your cousin to keep Mandy from getting jealous and killing you both.

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Episode 103
Phil tries to hook up with Jessica's hot lesbian roommate, and later, Mandy starts hanging out with Sam to make you jealous.

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Episode 102
The guys hope to attract some girls using a lazy dog as bait. Sam eagerly awaits his first nocturnal emission.

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No synopsis available.

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Secret Girlfriend is a unique and innovative comedy series that aired on Comedy Central in 2009. The show caught attention because of its interesting first-person perspective format. This means that the viewers see everything from the main character's point of view, as if they themselves are the protagonist of the show. This approach lends greater interaction and immersion to its audience in a way that other sitcoms could not, giving viewers the feeling of being active participants in the unfolding story.

The main character remains unnamed throughout the series, referred to only as 'you,' further instigating the idea that the audience is the protagonist. You are seen to lead a typically chaotic yet humorous life, filled with friends, ex-girlfriends, potential new love interests, parties, and comedic happenings, all viewed through the first-person perspective. The unconventional storytelling method heightens the sense of personal engagement, getting viewers more emotionally invested in the character they're 'portraying'.

The plot takes many amusing turns as the viewers navigate the protagonist's rather tumultuous love life. The basic premise of the show centers around living in an apartment with two roommates and balancing two different romantic interests, Jessica, the attractive but slightly clingy ex-girlfriend who's working on becoming a model, and Mandy, an adventurous and spontaneous girl-next-door type who is always ready for a fresh, new experience. Through its 6 episodes, the show grapples with the complexities of relationships, infatuations, break-ups, and friendships, serving it all with a hearty dose of wit and comedy.

Adding to the chaos of your character's life are your roommates and best friends, Phil and Sam who, while proving to be endlessly entertaining, often complicate your relationships and life predicaments. They churn out their own flavorful mix of memorable misadventures involving girls, pranks, crazy ideas, and occasionally abnormal situations, which all add another level of buoyancy and comedy to the storyline.

The cast features actors like Derek Miller and Michael Blaiklock, who bring their characters to life with a range of funny quirks and gags. The two leading women, Sara E. R. Fletcher and Alexis Krause both deliver their roles splendidly, each embodying their respective characters with charm and humor. All actors involved demonstrate acute comic timing and chemistry with one another, enhancing the overall quality of the show.

The show’s unique format allows for a myriad of experiences and characters to be introduced at a brisk pace and leaves a lot of room for comedic situations to take shape, from awkward encounters with overzealous fans of Jessica's burgeoning modeling career to comical interactions with eccentric characters throughout the city.

The script, written by Jay Rondot and Ross Novie, is filled with smart comedy and well-structured dialogues that keep the viewers interested and amused. The unique format of the show, combined with the talented comedic cast and well-written script, make for an engaging series.

The humor of Secret Girlfriend is often sharp and humorous, driven by the relationship dynamics and the unusual situations that the main character finds himself embroiled in. The show provides plenty of laughs as you navigate romantic entanglements, curious circumstances, and the occasional disaster stirred up by your roommates.

Secret Girlfriend’s visual style is accompanied by a modern soundtrack that blends seamlessly with the show's contemporary setting and complements the narrative flow. Its effective use of music and sound design aids in amplifying the comedic impact at the right moments.

With its original format, humorous content, and engaging characters, Secret Girlfriend is a show that successfully generates a personalized comedy experience. It provides an unsolicited yet strangely delighting opportunity for viewers to step into someone else's shoes and navigate their way through tangled love triangles, quirky roommates, and hilarious life experiences in a vibrant city setting. Secret Girlfriend makes an unforgettable impression through its unique concept and engaging storytelling, making it a standout during its brief run on Comedy Central in 2009.

Secret Girlfriend is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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