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Episode 6
Adam and Karen's future is thrown into jeopardy by an unexpected offer. Jenny braces herself for her first post-treatment mammogram, while Pete helps their son realise his dream.

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Episode 5
Adam comes out on top, but his excitement is short-lived when reality hits. Karen is put in an impossible position.

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Episode 4
A chance encounter gives Pete a boost. As Jenny faces fresh heartbreak, Karen attempts to make amends with her mother.

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Episode 3
Adam reaches out to Laura but risks upsetting his family as a result. Karen and Jenny's weekend away is hijacked by their mothers.

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Episode 2
Adam and Karen's new living arrangements cause chaos for their family when an unexpected visitor tips them over the edge. Elsewhere, David embraces his new role but faces humiliation from a former adversary, while Pete's time on a jury has unexpected consequences for Adam.

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Episode 1
Adam finds himself in hot water at work, while his relationship with Karen continues to affect the group. Jenny's finished her cancer treatment, but her struggle is far from over.

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Cold Feet, a popular ITV drama, offers a charming mix of heartfelt emotion and subtle humor. Though the show initially ran from 1997 to 2003, it was met with such widespread acclaim that it made its much-anticipated return in 2016, running until 2020. The series, created by Mike Bullen, takes viewers on an observational journey through the complex intricacies of life and relationships - friendships, romances, losses, and triumphs.

The series traces the lives of three couples living in Greater Manchester, England. The tightly-woven plot threads of their lives form the crux of the narrative. In the forefront are Adam Williams (played by James Nesbitt) and Rachel Bradley (played by Helen Baxendale), a couple who meet and fall in love in the first episode. Their strikingly different backgrounds set the tone for much of their relationship's comedic and dramatic moments.

Pete and Jenny Gifford (John Thomson and Fay Ripley) form another couple central to the drama. Married young and raising a family, they explore the ups and downs of a long-term relationship, with their unique blend of humour and honesty.

Lastly, there's Karen and David Marsden (Hermione Norris and Robert Bathurst), an affluent couple whose seemingly perfect life isn't quite what it appears at first glance. Their storyline probes into the world of upper-class domesticity, marital struggles, and the quest for personal identity beyond the confines of societal expectations.

Cold Feet is known for its emotional intelligence and its ability to sharply encapsulate the joys and heartbreaks of daily life. It beautifully balances moments of laughter, tears, triumphs and failures. Each character is vividly described and possesses an array of flaws that render them authentically human and relatable.

From the perspective of the technical team, the directors of the Cold Feet series deserve plenty of praise. Each episode is constructed to slowly peel away the layers of the main characters' personalities and personal histories. This not only makes them more relatable, but also humanizes the struggles faced by people from all walks of life.

The show is also renowned for its excellent writing. The dialogue is sharp, smart, and full of wit, backdropped by storylines that are both thought-provoking and relevant. This, combined with the impeccable performances by the seasoned cast, has consistently placed Cold Feet among the most loved shows on ITV.

One of the most commendable aspects of Cold Feet is its mature and realistic portrayal of relationships. The show does not shy away from the complexities of human emotions, portraying each character’s growth and struggles with a certain rawness that is rare to find. Here, love isn't always about grand gestures or fairytale endings—sometimes, it's just about being able to navigate life's ups and downs with your partner.

Cold Feet's sensitive treatment extends to the portrayals of the relationships between friends as well. The bonds between the different characters are as important as the romantic relationships. The show emphasizes that friendships, just like any other relationship, require work and dedication, but can become your strongest lifeline when mishaps strike.

The soundtrack deserves a special mention, too. With each emotive track perfectly aligning with the narrative arc of the story, the music infuses each scene with an added layer of emotional depth.

Cold Feet is a show about real life, real people, and real problems, told with a touch of humour and lots of heart. It is as much about celebrating victories as it is about grappling with defects and uncertainties. The moments of laughter, joy, and camaraderie blend seamlessly with periods of grief, struggle, and self-doubt to form an engaging, intimate, and warm-hearted series.

This is a show that has been loved by millions and continues to resonate with new viewers. If you're in the mood for a drama that powerfully encapsulates the human experience with sensitivity, warmth, humour, and candour, Cold Feet is an offering you shouldn't miss.

Cold Feet is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 62 episodes, the show debuted on 1997. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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How can I watch Cold Feet online? Cold Feet is available on ITV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Cold Feet on demand at Amazon online.

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