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NASA Deep Space Antenna
Riley teams up with Nasa in the Mojave Desert to repair the DS-114 Mars Antenna.

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Ultimate Water Ride
This park has an injured roller coaster -- and Riley is along for the ride as the engineers attempt to nurse it back to health.

Watch World's Toughest Fixes Season 3 Episode 6 Now

Salt Lake City Sky Bridge
Three days, one 300,000-pound bridge, two buildings, and mere inches to spare - there is no room for error on this next-to-impossible fix, as Riley helps lift a bridge between two buildings. Working in downtown Salt Lake City - with a commuter train running through the worksite, power lines all around, and five stories of parking garages below - two massive cranes will work in tandem, and all work has to be done in the dead of night.

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Sky High Texas Tower
Sean Riley and engineer Steve make a precarious roller coaster repair 900 feet over Las Vegas.

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Interstate Bridge
How do you move an object weighing 2 million pounds? Very carefully! Riley helps move a bridge into place with inches to spare.

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San Francisco Bridge
A team of tugboats guides a mega cruise ship into drydock.

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Philly Mega Transit
When a train tunnel under the Schuylkill River starts taking on water, the transit authority has to act fast.

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World's Toughest Fixes, a gripping documentary series produced by National Geographic and first aired in 2008, takes viewers deep into the world of high-risk, complex yet fascinating engineering repairs or constructions that are crucial across different industries. From skyscrapers to nuclear power plants, oil rigs to space satellites, undersea fibre optic cables to giant turbines, these are not your average repair jobs around the house, but fixes that demand incredibly skilled professionals, high-end technology, substantial resources, and most importantly, nerves of steel.

Every episode of World's Toughest Fixes dives into challenging tasks with a sense of urgency that keeps the audiences glued to their screens, the series also educates the viewers on how different technologies and systems around us work, and what it takes to keep them running smoothly or bring them back to operation from catastrophic failures.

In this series, the host, Sean Riley, is not just a presenter, but an extremely accomplished professional rigger. With a track record of involvement in numerous complex technical repairs, Riley takes centre stage in understanding, planning, and executing these daunting repair tasks. His knowledge, experience, and hands-on approach not only lend a sense of authenticity but also provide an insider's perspective on how these ambitious projects are managed and completed.

The series ingeniously weaves together the excitement and nervous anticipation of the actual fix with thoughtfully curated information about the machinery or system involved, its significance in our modern world, and the potential risks of its malfunctioning. These tidbits of knowledge are far from dry or technical jargon; instead, they are related in a manner that is easily digestible for the average viewer and contributes to the overall narrative.

World's Toughest Fixes is not just about machines, cables, bridges, and oil rigs, but also about the people behind these projects. The series does a commendable job of highlighting the teamwork, determination, precision, and courage of these unsung heroes working behind the scenes. A significant part of the excitement is seeing the interaction between humans and technology - the determination and skill of professionals like Riley as they tackle risky and virtually impossible tasks with precision and calm.

The series also brings to light the various complexities and challenges that emerge while dealing with such mammoth tasks, like battling extreme weather conditions, holding their nerve while working at dizzying heights, dealing with the immense pressure underwater, or ensuring safety in potentially hazardous environments like oil rigs or nuclear reactors. It underscores the fact that one tiny slip-up or oversight can not only jeopardize the entire project but could also result in severe consequences.

Each episode of World's Toughest Fixes unravels like a thriller, with tension escalating till the final resolution. Success indicates not only the resurrection of a key piece of machinery or infrastructure but also the triumph of human spirit, collaboration and intelligence over complex challenges.

From a technical standpoint, the series is well-executed with great attention to detail, capturing both the macro and micro aspects of each operation. The camera work is excellent, embracing the size and scale of these mega-constructs, yet also focusing on the individual elements that make up the bigger picture. It uses innovative techniques to give viewers a feeling of being 'on the spot', reproducing stunning visuals and the intense atmosphere during the fixes.

With a runtime of approximately 50 minutes per episode, the show manages to neatly pack in the entire process - the underlying problem, planning and preparation phase, actual execution, and the final result - without stretching the narrative or losing viewer interest. The pace is brisk, and the presentation style engaging, making it easy for even those unfamiliar with the subject matter to understand and appreciate it.

World's Toughest Fixes is a captivating series that combines reality TV, educational content, and thriller-like suspense in a unique and refreshing format. It is not only a must-watch for tech and science aficionados but also for anyone curious to understand more about the incredible engineering marvels that shape our world and the equally incredible humans who maintain them. Through engaging storytelling and dramatic visuals, World's Toughest Fixes provides a fascinating look at a facet of our modern world that is too often taken for granted.

World's Toughest Fixes is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 28 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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How can I watch World's Toughest Fixes online? World's Toughest Fixes is available on National Geographic with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch World's Toughest Fixes on demand at Vudu online.

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