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The Long Road Home
The 101st Airborne prepares to leave Afghanistan. After a year in the Korangal, the soldiers are changed men but six years and a reunion later promises some peace.

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It's the Afghan election. RPGs rain in on the COP and at Outpost Pride Rock. The soldiers face a grueling battle with brutal consequences.

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Flipping the Switch
After four months in Afghanistan SGT Adams now has stronger reasons to mack it back home alive. He is also more determined than ever to get his men home safely, but it won't be easy, as the men are getting desensitized to the non stop fire.

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Hero Flight
After three months in Afghanistan, the 101st Airborne suffers a devastating hit. For Rookie medic, Shreeve, one mistake and SGT Petry will be paralyzed.

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A year in the life of the 101st Airborne Division as they are deployed to Afghanistan.

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Taking Fire is an electrifying and emotion-packed docudrama series that aired on the Discovery Channel in 2016. Uniquely, this remarkable five-part show offers audiences an unprecedented and firsthand perspective of the experiences of American soldiers who were deployed in Afghanistan. The series explores the reality of war beyond the reported heroes and villains, spotlighting the actual emotions, strategies, comradery, fear, and adrenaline-filled everyday life of the brave men on the battlefield. Unlike most military-based television programming, Taking Fire is not an actor-recreated, production-enhanced depiction of the situation. Instead, the series pivots around real-life footage from helmet cameras and handheld recorders used by the soldiers themselves. This brilliantly immersive approach serves to offer a raw, unfiltered, and genuinely emotive perspective of modern warfare, directly from those who have lived through the perilous experience. The series primarily centers around the 101st Airborne Division—specifically, the soldiers assigned to defend Combat Outpost (COP) Michigan. These men are stationed in one of Afghanistan's most volatile areas: the Korengal Valley, known infamously as the "Valley of Death." Over their year-long deployment, and under constant threat, these soldiers undertake the nerve-wracking task of pushing the boundaries of the American front line. Taking Fire meticulously follows their experiences through an entire tour of duty in 2010, capturing all their struggles, achievements, disappointments, and brave endeavors. Taking Fire showcases the immense courage and unwavering resolve of the soldiers. By effectively interweaving helmet-cam footage with post-tour interviews and follow-ups, the show provides intriguing insights into their lives. It delves deep into their relationships, bonds, hopes, fears, reasons for signing up for duty, and memorable moments with their squad members. It also keeps a brave, unflinching eye on the harsh reality of war—unplanned situations, injuries, emergencies, decisions made in the spur of the moment, and the immediate consequences that follow. One standout and unique aspect of Taking Fire lies in its intimate narrative method. The firsthand accounts from the soldiers not only describe the situations they encountered on the battlefield but also reveal the thoughts and emotions that they went through during those moments. The immersion is taken a step further using their recorded videos, which allow viewers to see the unfolding drama from the soldiers' point of view. Audiences can expect to be summarily transported to the fray—feeling the intensity of the fight, the narrow escapes, the clenched-jaw resilience, and the heart-wrenching sacrifices. Taking Fire is not simply about heroism and valor. It is about survival and unity, about learning and adapting, about facing death and yet finding the spirit to live, laugh, and carry out the duty assigned to them. It excellently highlights how soldiers evolve and mature, not just as warriors, but as individuals under challenging circumstances. Importantly, it reveals the human side of these men battling out in the wild terrain—their camaraderie, their love for family, their sensitivity towards local inhabitants, and their shared loss and triumphs. With Taking Fire, the Discovery Channel has gone beyond the conventional realm of armed forces documentaries. By focusing on personal experiences and creating a narrative out of real-life footage combined with interviews, it brings out the hidden nuances of warfare, of soldier life, and of facing extreme adversities. Perspectives that are often lost or ignored in the grand political or strategic narratives of war are thrust into the limelight, resulting in a series that is both an adrenaline rush and an emotional journey. To sum it up, Taking Fire stands as a testimony to the excruciating reality of war, aiming to bring audiences closer to the brave hearts who defend their nation under the harshest of circumstances. It indeed serves as a remarkable eye-opener, unveiling the harsh brutality and the profound humanity in modern warfare. This is a series that resonates beyond its runtime, leaving viewers with a deep sense of respect and gratitude toward the soldiers and a profound understanding of what it means to be at the front line of a war.

Taking Fire is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 5 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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