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Don't Mess With Mommy
When Marie Singleton-Jackson-a newlywed with young children and a seemingly routine life as a wife and mother-goes missing, detectives' mission, should they choose to accept it, is to take on the CIA, and delve into a world of cloak-and-dagger and murder.

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I Died...or Did I?
When the Wickses first moved to town, everyone thought they were a normal family. Who knew they had so much to hide?

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Marlene and Bill Major are young lovers who appear to be enjoying life. But behind closed doors, this wholesome family has dark secrets that are about to emerge.

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Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?
Franklin Bradshaw is a proud man who never misses a day of work. But this husband and father isn't what he seems.

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Naughty Neighbors
Kay and Nick Parsons are happily married high school sweethearts, who have just started a family. But when their home becomes a crime scene, the truth about this couple begins to unravel.

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The Lovesick Doctors
Attractive, successful and beloved in their community, Orange County, CA married MD's Carolyn and Ken Stahl's bullet-riddled bodies beg the question - who kills a couple with no enemies - and why?

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The Price of Murder
Joe and Tina Caronna are a financial power couple living the good live in the suburbs of Memphis, TN. But when Tina fails to show up for a party, local investigators discover that bad blood has long plagued this seemingly perfect southern family.

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Who's Been Sleeping in Your Bed?
Lisa Underwood is living the life she always wanted as the co-owner of a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. But when this pregnant young mother fails to show up for her baby shower, a frantic search uncovers a bizarre web of deceit.

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Dear Diary
Jessica Killian returns to her hometown determined to reunite with the daughter. When Jessica and $11,000 both vanish, and a woman's body is found littered with cash, police lift a veil of deception hiding a savage pan-sexual lust.

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Gambling With Fate
Bob and Polly Devor are the envy of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. But when Bob returns from a trip to find their home ransacked, and his wife Polly missing, the secrets that emerge from under the Devor family's roof will shake their community.

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Just Between the Three of Us
When Renee and Brent Poole enjoy an anniversary tryst on a moonlit vacation beach, a masked gunman interrupts and kills Brent. Investigators must dredge a murky sea of amoral secrets behind this cold-blooded murder.

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Thou Shalt Not Kill
Pastor Michael Tabb and his young wife, Marla play prominent roles in their religious community. But a shocking turn of events shatters their small town dreams, as one unholy act soon reveals another, and threatens to destroy everything.

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Dressed to Kill
Fireman Bill Delaney and his beautiful wife Deborah are the pride of their quiet Arizona community. When Deborah suddenly vanishes, a desperate search ensues, and their suburban fairy tale goes up in flames.

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My Dirty Little Secret is a fascinating and edge-of-your-seat true crime television series that debuted on ID: Investigation Discovery channel in 2013. This riveting TV series takes viewers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions as it uncovers the darkest secrets hidden beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary and perfect lives. The show delves into the reality that each one of us has secrets, and some could be enough to cause significant harm, alter lives, and in the most drastic scenarios, even lead to death.

The eerie series kicks off with a straightforward premise - everyone has secrets, but some secrets are so distressing and horrific, they have the potential to shatter lives when unveiled. Each episode is a blend of dramatization and real-life interviews, often featuring friends, family, and investigators involved in the real case. The series sheriff their perspectives, aiding the viewer to perceive the full gravity of the hidden scandal and its impending doom.

The fundamental focus of My Dirty Little Secret is on wicked actions committed under the cloak of everyday life to devise a carefully contrived illusion of normalcy. These secretive actions could range from illicit affairs, theft, living a double life, to something as horrendous as murder. The narrative is beautifully laid out, drawing the viewer into the confounding mystery while keeping them guessing until the very last moment. These seemingly innocuous individuals are involved in a variety of criminal activities, often prompted by driving factors such as greed, lust, love, or sheer malice.

Each episode of My Dirty Little Secret begins innocuously, often portraying the protagonist as an average individual with an ordinary lifestyle. The narrative slowly begins to unravel the buried secret, leading the viewer step by step through the progression of events. The thrill and suspense build incrementally, expertly maintained until the climax, revealing the startling truth hidden in the shadows of ordinary life.

The series showcases sinister real-life stories with a hauntingly dramatic assertion that below the surface of commonplace daily existence, dark secrets can hide. These stories are chilling reminders that things aren't always as they appear, and what is seen on the surface is just a fraction of the whole picture. The show does a magnificent job of demonstrating the shocking extent of deception that humans are capable of, comforting their friends and family with a veneer of normalcy, while also living a life engulfed in secrecy.

While the dramatized sequences weave the narrative with intrigue and suspense, the commentary from real-life individuals provides a grounding in the reality of the case, often adding significant weight to the narrative. The inclusion of investigators helps in providing an in-depth examination of the case from a law enforcement point of view. This technique aids viewers in understanding the mindsets of the detectives while connecting critical pieces of the bewildering puzzle.

The production value of My Dirty Little Secret is top-notch, with detailed and gripping reconstructions, clever cinematography, and compelling narratives that are bound to keep the audience captivated. The combination of intriguing plotlines, slick visuals, and meticulously conducted interviews makes for a terrifying yet engaging view. It's a journey into darkness that promises to raise heartbeats with its chilling revelations.

The series is perfect for true crime aficionados and casual viewers alike, with its combination of suspense, mystery, and real-life drama. It brings to life the age-old saying, "Truth is stranger than fiction," as it reveals devastating secrets hidden behind the guarded doors of regular people leading seemingly regular lives.

In the vein of its other true-crime counterparts on ID: Investigation Discovery, My Dirty Little Secret provides its viewers with an in-depth look into the world of crime that exists within plain sight, often in places where we feel the safest - our homes, our neighborhoods, our towns. It emphasizes that even those who appear innocent and ordinary can harbor terrible secrets.

In conclusion, My Dirty Little Secret is an engaging blend of suspenseful storytelling, real-life horror, and the sobering reality of human nature's darker aspects. This series will leave you pondering on the tangled web of secrets that ordinary people might weave, leading to extraordinary and often dreadful consequences.

My Dirty Little Secret is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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How can I watch My Dirty Little Secret online? My Dirty Little Secret is available on ID: Investigation Discovery with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch My Dirty Little Secret on demand at Amazon Prime, Investigation Discovery, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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