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Revolution Isn't a Tea Party
In 1975 Janja Lalich joins an underground political organization. She's soon trapped in a web of abuse, at the hands of leader Marlene Dixon.

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He's My Master
Librarian Sarah Rose abandons her family and friends to go on the road with a mysterious spiritual guru "˜Master David'. It soon turns into a horrific journey of brutal violence at the hands of the teacher she worshipped.

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Forsaken by God
Maura Schmierer joins a Christian group to devote her life to God. Instead she's trapped in a militaristic regime that destroys her marriage and separates her from her children.

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The Power of Hate
Angela King is a troubled teenager who falls in with the wrong crowd. She becomes a white supremacist preaching hate and inflicting brutal attacks on innocent victims.

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Escaping Jonestown
Teenagers Vernon and Leslie are members of the People's Temple, a Utopian commune set up in Guyana. But paradise turns into hell as head of the group Jim Jones becomes increasingly unhinged and despotic.

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A Scientologist's Escape
Mark signs a billion year contract with the Church of Scientology, convinced it will help cure his mentally ill brother. He climbs the ranks becoming one of its most elite officers.

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Dangerous Persuasions is a fascinating true crime documentary series that aired on ID: Investigation Discovery in 2013. This gripping series explores the chilling, psychological manipulation tactics used by notorious criminals and predatory individuals against their unsuspecting victims. Although each episode may be viewed as a standalone, Dangerous Persuasions as a whole paints a disturbing portrait of manipulation, entrapping innocent people in dangerous, often life-threatening situations against their will or better judgment.

In emphasizing the dark realm of persuasion and manipulation, the show features a variety of tragic real-life scenarios where once-ordinary lives are drastically altered, and in some instances, destroyed. The series delves into the mind-bending tactics used by cult leaders, con artists, abusive partners, and oppressive organizations to control people’s minds and coerce them into acting against their own best interests. From this frightening vantage point, Dangerous Persuasions sheds light on the often invisible yet tragically powerful strings of manipulation and control.

Disturbingly, the narratives illustrate just how easily someone can fall prey to manipulation despite their background, intelligence, or education. The power this show brings is in the realization that any person can potentially be exploited and controlled given the right — or rather wrong — circumstances and manipulative tactics.

The appeal of Dangerous Persuasions lies greatly in its detailed recounting of these chilling tales. Each episode is primarily focused on one specific case throughout. The survivors themselves, those who've lived through these harrowing experiences, recount their journeys of manipulation, coercion, and abuse. This intimate perspective lends authenticity to the narratives and intensifies their emotional impact. Tales of conviction, self-delusion, and systematic manipulation callously orchestrated by the antagonists make every episode both engrossing and unsettling.

Through dramatic reenactments, viewers are pulled into the whirlwind of manipulation. The show makes effective use of documentary-style interviews, expert commentary, and cinematic recreations that visually and emotionally engage the audience, making each episode a captivating watch. These platforms allow the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate and sinister tactics employed by the manipulators, providing a stark glimpse into the grim realities of exploitation and abuse.

Besides serving as compelling and sensational true crime narratives, Dangerous Persuasions also works to raise awareness about the pervasive issue of mental manipulation and the power dynamics at play. Each case study underlines the absolute vulnerability of the victims, their systematic degradation, and the chilling ease with which they could be manipulated. Through the survivor's experiences, the series sends out a powerful message about the far-reaching dangers of manipulation and coercion.

Evidently, Dangerous Persuasions is not for the faint-hearted. It dives headfirst into themes of control, manipulation, and psychological abuse. The show’s fearless exploration of such dark and sinister subjects married with its empathetic portrayal of the victims creates a tension-laden viewing experience that tugs at the heartstrings and plays on fears, making it an exceptionally powerful series in the true crime genre. The series invites viewers into a world where the fight is not physical and confrontational but psychological and subversive.

Whether you are a true crime fanatic, an avid viewer of psychological thrillers, or someone interested in understanding the dark crevices of the human mind, Dangerous Persuasions is a series that will both engage and educate. By recounting these unnerving tales of manipulation and control, the series raises cautionary flags and is a reminder to be mindful about who we trust and to stay vigilant, making it a much-needed asset to the lineup of true crime documentaries on ID: Investigation Discovery.

In conclusion, Dangerous Persuasions is a chilling exploration into the psychology of manipulation, shedding light on the countless ways in which people can be coerced and deceived. This show takes its viewers on an unforgettable journey, revealing how people's lives can be tragically derailed by cunning manipulators. Its bold and raw narrative combined with the gripping retelling of survivors’ struggles and resilience makes Dangerous Persuasions an unforgettable series in the realm of true crime television.

Dangerous Persuasions is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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How can I watch Dangerous Persuasions online? Dangerous Persuasions is available on ID: Investigation Discovery with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Dangerous Persuasions on demand at Amazon Prime, Discovery+, Philo, Tubi TV, Investigation Discovery, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Sling online.

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