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Teen Terrors
In 2004 the body of Stephen Schulhoff was found beaten to death by a baseball bat. His daughter Courtney Schulhoff, 16, and her boyfriend are found guilty and sentenced to life with no parole.

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Killing One's Own
November, 2001 in Fort Worth, Texas, Loyd and Agnes Courtney were beaten and stabbed to death by their daughter, Deborah Pieringer. Prosecutors say it was for money, but Deborah says she didn't do it.

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The Prime Suspect
Hank Skinner claims he did not murder his girlfriend, Twila Busby, and her two sons on New Year's Eve. But what does the evidence suggest?

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The Angel of Death
In 2 months, 20 patients at a Texas hospital are murdered. Nurse Vickie Jackson, on duty at every attack, she is sentenced to life with no parole.

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Death by Stiletto
A night ends in tragedy when Stefan Andersson is bludgeoned to death by girlfriend Ana Trujillo – and her 5 inch stiletto heel. She claims self defense but a jury found her guilty of murder.

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A Craigslist Killer
A Craigslist deal goes bad when a teenager kills a reporter.

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Gone Too Soon
Baby Dylan was 3 months old when his mother, Alexandra Tobias shook him to death. She claims it was an accident but was found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to 50 years.

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A Fatal Attraction
Florida, 1995, an elderly lady and her care taker are murdered in a home invasion. Earl Linebaugh and Melissa Harris are found guilty and sentenced to life with no parole.

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The Perfect Victim
Back in 1974 Sarah "Cindy" White killed a family of six when she set fire to a house.

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Lifting the Mask
Candice DeLong talks to convicted murderer Cliff Youens about murdering his girlfriend.

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Facing Evil is a thought-provoking and bone-chilling true crime series which aired on Investigation Discovery from 2010. The show provides its viewers with an unparalleled, eerie look into the minds of some of the most notorious women in crime. The twist? This eye-opening series is hosted by none other than former FBI profiler, Candice DeLong.

Candice DeLong brings her unique expertise in behavioral analysis and criminal profiling to bear on each episode. Having tackled cases of serial killers and terrorists throughout her distinguished career, DeLong's role in Facing Evil takes a deep dive into understanding the psyche of female criminals, analyzing their motivations and dissecting their crimes, all the while attempting to piece together the convoluted puzzle that is their minds.

Throughout the airing of Facing Evil, viewers are presented with a stunning contrast to the more stereotypical representation of women on television. Each episode features DeLong going face-to-face in interviews with women who have been convicted of violent crimes across the United States. The crimes in consideration are typically of a severe nature, including but not limited to murder.

A significant part of the show's appeal, however, lies beyond just recounting the specifics of these crimes. Facing Evil goes into the heart of darkness itself by analyzing the perpetrators and the twisted rationale behind their actions. This intricate exploration of the human mind in all its brutality and complexity is, in large part, what sets the show apart in its genre.

The interaction between DeLong and the convicted criminals is at the centre of each episode, and the interviewing skill of DeLong shines through. She maintains an unwavering, steely gaze, never shying away from the tough, uncomfortable questions that help uncover the narrative behind the criminals and their actions. Her frank, blunt style of discourse adds another layer of intrigue to the series, as it helps extract some shocking admissions and soul-bearing confessions from the criminals.

The conversations initiated by DeLong and the subsequent psychological analysis bring about a unique perspective. Rarely do we get an opportunity to see hardened criminals stripped of their defences, to witness them as they confront their actions and lay bare the sheer enormity of their deeds. Each episode leads the viewer through this labyrinth of truth and remorse, evil and redemption, in an intense observation of the human condition, governed by criminal intent.

The show also delves into the broader societal and personal context that could have led these women down their precarious paths of crime. It explores the role of circumstances, past experiences, traumatic incidents, and even manipulated relationships in shaping the criminal mindset that led to their horrific actions.

Facing Evil does an exceptional job of examining these myriad factors to paint a vivid, comprehensive portrait of female criminals. For the viewers, it is an unnerving ride into the depths of criminal psychology, one that is as captivating as it is unsettling. Despite the heavy and sometimes horrific nature of its subject matter, the show carries an unexpected redemptive quality. It demonstrates that even behind the bars of the prison, there is the potential for introspection, regret, and for some, the desire for repentance.

While the show does not glorify or justify the crimes committed by these women, it does shed light on their plight in a compassionate manner, underscoring the universal human propensity towards mistake and redemption. In the often dark and tumultuous world of crime, Facing Evil works as a potent reminder of the enduring hope for redemption and change.

In conclusion, Facing Evil presents a chilling narrative of female crime, narrated with the sharp and discerning analysis of Candice DeLong. It takes audiences behind the headlines, into the prison cells, and inside the minds of these women. This is not your run-of-the-mill crime television; it is an excursion into the darkest corners of human nature, a journey filled with chilling revelations, and eventually, an authentic reflection of the criminal psyche. For true crime enthusiasts or those with an interest in psychology, Facing Evil is a show that is both fascinating and unnerving in equal measure.

Facing Evil is a series categorized as a currently airing . Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 37 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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