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Midnight Monster
A popular young entrepreneur and his girlfriend are found dead. His brother is convinced they were murdered and will stop at nothing to find out the truth.

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Lone Star, Double Murder
A Texas woman is murdered during a night out with a friend.

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If I Can't Have You
Allan Neuman loved life and so did his brother. They were more than brothers, they were best friends.

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Written In Blood
Lisa Lightfoot is a young, quiet bookworm living in Indianapolis, IN. She decides to move in with her boyfriend, but fails to come home one night.

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Backcountry Blood
A young father's copper mine has been robbed on several occasions prior to his death - are the two incidents connected?

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Devil You Know
Without a body, how can investigators prove a midwestern teen was murdered?

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Final Delivery
Bob Lexa always knew he would be a star. He finally became a household name when Police began searching for his killer in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night
Bob Young and his wife always look for opportunities to pay it forward. So the residents of Nampa, ID are shocked when the popular couple are found dead in their home.

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Just My Type
John Arana is beloved by his friends and family for his generosity and sense of humor. One night, John is found brutally stabbed to death in his own home, leaving police baffled as to how a man who was so dearly loved...

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My Bloody Valentine
A typical teenager, 16-year-old Diana Peterson dreams of being free to follow her desires. But when the young girl is found murdered at her home in Shoreline, WA on Valentine's night, hearts are broken.

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Newlywed Nightmare
A Western Washington couple are murdered.

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A Perfect Storm
In the series premiere, a recently divorced woman and her daughter are killed in their Florida home.

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I Was Murdered is a riveting true crime television series that aired in 2013 on the ID: Investigation Discovery network. The show takes viewers into a captivating world of intrigue and suspense, where each episode unravels the tale of a murder from the victim's perspective. By adopting this unique narrative style that underpins an inherently subjective viewpoint, the program distinguishes itself from its peers in the genre, raising the stakes on the chilling reality of homicide.

The series provides a distinct approach to storytelling, resurrecting voices of victims to share their unfortunate tales. It crafts suspenseful accounts of investigations using the technique of posthumous narration. This groundbreaking perspective offers viewers a unique journey through every episode, as each one deals with a self-contained storyline that tells the deceased's side of the story. The victims themselves narrate their lives before being cut short, their relationships, their ambitions, and how their demise had a ripple effect on the lives of everyone they left behind.

I Was Murdered stands as an engaging and intimate exploration of murderers and victims alike. It presents an in-depth look at the victims' lives before and during their final moments, providing an empathetic portrayal that invites viewers to experience the joy, sorrow, love, chaotic frenzy they experience leading up to their untimely demise.

In a poignant manner, the show explores the circumstances leading up to the murder, analyzes past events' that have led to this grim end. Every episode is a probe into the human psyche, exploring how people react under extreme and dire situations.

True to its goal of turning the victim into the narrator, the series also examines signals that something may have been amiss in the time leading up to the victims' murders. It's a chilling reminder that, although these victims might have suffered unfortunate ends, they were real people with families, dreams, and aspirations. By showcasing their lives instead of just focusing on investigations or concentrating only on forensic analysis, I Was Murdered compels viewers to see beyond the cold statistics and realise the shattered human lives left in the wake of such tragedies.

The series intertwines this unique narrative style with the detectives' analytical and forensic skills. It works simultaneously on two intriguing approaches — the victim’s narration provides insights into the emotional, personal aspect of the crime, while the detectives' expertise allows for a practical examination of the crime scene. This fusion of both analytical and emotive narration provides a comprehensive exploration of each case.

Firmly rooted on expert investigative research work, the series also highlights the tireless efforts of law enforcement professionals, relying on their testimonies, interviews, and extensive crime-scene analysis to provide accurate accounts of the crimes committed. Paired with the personal anecdotes from the victims' families, the series frames the horrific narrative of the murders distinctly from all angles.

I Was Murdered uses the power of storytelling to honor the victims, providing them a voice they wouldn’t have otherwise had, making it an unquestionably unique entry among true crime television programs. Echoing the chilling, eerie, and emotionally charged sentiments that come with delving into real lives cut short by heinous crimes, the series pushes the boundaries of conventional perspectives to spellbinding effect. It is ideal for those seeking to indulge in a heart-wrenching yet refreshing take on real-life homicide cases.

I Was Murdered is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.8.

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