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Born Bad
A suburban mom covers up a secret past of embezzlement, arson and murder.

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The Cell Phone Bandit
A college student and her boyfriend rob banks together.

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Mean Teen Mom
A pregnant teenager hires a hit man to kill her boyfriend.

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The Wicked Witchduck Waitress
A fired waitress and her lover shoot her former coworkers.

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Hungry Heart
A dancer and her partner's plot to rob a man for his jewel collection doesn't go as planned.

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Sex! Party! Murder!
A woman becomes involved in the adult-film business after abandoning her family and encounters a dangerous relationship.

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To Kill a King
A wealthy businessman is the target of a murder plot orchestrated by an unsuspecting person - his wife.

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Sugar Daddy Caning
High school beauty Kristina Pongracz decides to forego her job at a lingerie shop for a position working for a wealthy older businessman. The blond bombshell quickly becomes his beloved mistress.

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When Cougars Attack
When Sheila LaBarre's lover dies she starts preying on young men who are easily controlled; but when the men men start disappearing, the police start looking for her.

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The Barbie Bandits
Two strippers seek a more profitable but illegal gig: robbing banks.

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Her Ultimate Gamble
The series opens with a woman seeking revenge on her married ex-lover.

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Pretty Bad Girls is an engaging crime documentary television series that first premiered on ID: Investigation Discovery channel in 2012. The show thrusts the spotlight onto the darker side of femininity, exploring shocking true stories about beautiful women, driven by greed, lust and a thirst for thrill, who commit heinous crimes. This creatively formatted show packs an intriguing cocktail of beauty and brutality, humor and horror, cunning and cruelty, pretty and gritty – all in one captivating package, and probes the depths of these seemingly deceptive criminals' minds.

At its essence, the series contemplates the question: Just how far can seemingly innocent and drop-dead gorgeous women go for their selfish motives? Their beauty often acts as a camouflage for their horrendously cunning and lethal intentions, leading to high-stakes dangerous criminal activities that enthral the audience and leave them on the edge of their seats.

Each episode of Pretty Bad Girls unravels a different story, presenting a unique narrative filled with suspense, twists and turns. It showcases a vast array of crimes and criminal activities involving beautiful women. This includes stories of glamorous women involved in unexpected robberies, elaborate scams and cold-blooded murders which are shockingly elaborate, dark and equally intriguing. The dramatized reenactments and real-life narratives intensify the thrill and suspense of the unfolding crime stories.

The series, Pretty Bad Girls, is intelligently woven with both dramatized reenactments and interviews with the real people connected with the case. The real-life drama and interviews add credibility to the narrative, providing depth to each episode and enhancing the viewer's experience. The narration marries the seriousness of the genre with subtle streaks of dark humor, effectively modulating the mood of the audience. The series is likely to engage those who enjoy watching crime investigative programs, but also find interest in real stories rather than relating purely fictional content.

While the show fundamentally centers around crime, it also explores the psychic dimensions of these female characters. The deeply nuanced portrayal of these characters offers a psychological exploration into their motives and the circumstances that led them to their heinous acts. It tries to delve into the backstory and the manipulative minds of these women, revealing their deviant character traits and showing how they used their beauty, charm, and wit as a tool for criminal intent.

Pretty Bad Girls serves not just as a source of entertainment but also as an examination of society and human nature. The series questions the notions of beauty and its impact in society, making the audience reflect on the idea that the face presented to the world can be far removed from the true self hidden beneath. This series depicts the paradoxical transformation of normal pretty women into bad criminal figures, which is both shocking and thought-provoking.

In totality, Pretty Bad Girls is compelling viewing for audiences seeking thrill and chilling experiences from true crime shows, offering an intriguing perspective on attractive females and their involvement in huge criminal escapades. By delivering visceral sensibilities through the narrations, dramatized sequences and real-life interviews, the series maintains taut suspense and successfully keeps the viewers hooked onto their screens till the shocking conclusion. This combination of beauty, brains and brutality makes Pretty Bad Girls an irresistible pick for the lovers of crime documentaries.

It is a TV series that fearlessly enters the unnerving territories, exposes some chilling truths about beautiful women crossing the line of law, and redefines the stereotypical clichés of the damsel in distress. The attractive real-life femme fatale, the clever and quirky narration, and the interesting crime stories—add these together, and you have Pretty Bad Girls, a series that's as spellbinding as pulpy crime novels. A riveting experience, Pretty Bad Girls provides a unique take on reality crime stories—one that viewers will not forget.

Pretty Bad Girls is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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How can I watch Pretty Bad Girls online? Pretty Bad Girls is available on ID: Investigation Discovery with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Pretty Bad Girls on demand at Investigation Discovery, Apple TV, Amazon, Discovery+ online.

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