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Episode 4
Paul and his family arrive in court to face his accusers and await the verdict. Paul is desperate to take the stand, to put his side of the story; Jerome is dead against it.

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Episode 3
Marie is thrown by an encounter with one of her husband Paul's accusers and a bruising interview on her marriage by Paul's barrister, Zoe. She begins to question why she's remained loyal to Paul for so long, despite his many affairs.

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Episode 2
Paul and his family have to deal with the pressure of the mounting allegations against him. Dee confronts her former babysitter, Christina, now one of Paul's accusers.

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Episode 1
Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters, Andrea Riseborough and Tim McInnerny star in Jack Thorne's four-part drama. Paul Finchley is one half of a much-loved comedy double act - a cherished household name with a career that spans several decades.

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National Treasure is one of those gripping narrative pieces that is presented as part of Hulu Originals. Inspired by true events and disturbing stories that broke the illusion of glamorous entertainment industries, National Treasure is brought to life as a British television drama in 2017. The title provides an interplay of words, pertaining to the show's protagonist who is hailed as a "national treasure" in the world of comedy and television.

Crafted meticulously and brilliantly by the consummate writer Jack Thorne, the show deftly navigates across the dark and ambiguous spheres of fame, public image, and the ultimate question of innocence and culpability in the face of scandalous allegations. With only four episodes, this mini-series succeeds in weaving a tale that leaves the audience on edge and constantly questioning the credibility of characters.

Each episode stretches over an hour, raising the tension bar and leaving its resonance with the audience long after the show concludes. Set in the backdrop of Britain, National Treasure revolves around the life of a highly acclaimed and beloved comedian, Paul Finchley. Played by the veteran actor Robbie Coltrane, Paul Finchley is a revered figure in the British comedy scene who basks in his glorious past, offset by his rather dull and diminished present.

The narrative in National Treasure takes a sharp, unexpected turn when Finchley is accused of historical sexual abuse charges. From here, the show explores the harrowing journey of Paul along with those related and closely associated with him. Julie Walters masterfully portrays Paul Finchley’s wife, Marie, a woman forced to confront an unsettling reality about her husband. The love, support, and faith that Marie unwaveringly reserves for her husband, though sensing potential turbulence in their relationship, complicates the narrative for viewers. This portrayal of marriage and its intricate workings carefully unfold, often providing a needed respite from the overarching, heavy theme.

The veteran duo’s performances are intensely complimented by Andrea Riseborough who plays Dee, the strained daughter of Marie and Paul. Stuck in her struggle with mental health and addiction, Dee’s arc further sociopolitically contextualizes the show and instills an empathetic angle to a tale otherwise filled with horror and unease.

Through the carefully picked cast, the directors and writers manage to balance the narrative. Together with the atmosphere formed by the somber cinematography and haunting soundscapes, National Treasure is less about the truth of the allegations but more about how people react as life turns on its head. It's about lives getting derailed due to unimaginable circumstances, and the countless ethical and moral dilemmas arising from such a profound crisis.

Enveloped with an eerie sound design, melancholic cinematography, and engaging character trajectories, National Treasure makes a conscious attempt at shedding light on how such uncomfortable allegations not only impact the accused but also those in their close vicinity. It provides a perspective into the grey shades of our society with much-needed sensitivity and caution.

National Treasure also gives strong commentary on the role of the media and the masses in handling such cases. From blind faith to cancel culture, the show doesn’t shy away from showcasing the potential toxic extremities of public judgement and their implications in reporting and subsequently dealing with such sensitive issues.

Moreover, the series highlights the potential power dynamics at play during such scandalous revelations. It delves into the deep notion of how influential public figures intricately entwine their 'reality' and public image, thus, throwing light on society's handling and view of such high-profile criminal cases.

National Treasure is not an easy watch. It pulls the viewer into a tumultuous whirlwind of emotions, forcing us to question loyalty, responsibility, fundamental dignity, and the very idea of truth. The show skillfully presents a tale examining personal fallout from public judgement and the price one pays in the face of scandal. This is a well-crafted piece of drama that leaves a lasting impact on its viewers, making us reflect on the complexities of human nature and society at large.

National Treasure is a series categorized as a now streaming. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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