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Raphael The Relentless
Raphael forms the trinity of great masters of the Italian high renaissance... alongside Leonardo and Michelangelo.

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Turner Leading Light
Joseph Mallord William Turner was hailed as a prodigy from an early age and went on to have a remarkably successful painting career. These experimental works would prove highly controversial amongst his contemporaries.

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Capturing Cezanne
Paul Cezanne inspired the most lauded artists of the 20th century, but he struggled for years to achieve anywhere near the levels of success. Today one of Cezanne's paintings is rumoured to have sold for the highest price in history.

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Vermeer Lost Pearl Of Delft
Johannes Vermeer was all but forgotten for centuries and this iconic work lay dormant, overlooked before it was rediscovered.

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Monet First Impressions
Capturing the changing nature of light was the lifelong obsession of Claude Monet, the father of impressionism. The movement would have its roots in Paris, but would draw on diverse inspiration, to achieve its artistic visions.

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Van Gogh's Seven Sunflowers
Painted for the arrival of Paul Gaugin in Arles, this set of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh has gone on an astonishing journey ever since

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Stealing the Scream
One of the world's most-famous works of art has been stolen on numerous occasions. Thieves in 1994 left a message saying only 'thanks for the poor security.

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The Elusive Van Eyck
Jan van Eyck left behind a remarkable legacy of works, including the spectacular Ghent altarpiece, but very little evidence of who he exactly was. After he died, his reputation would only grow and grow, and his paintings would become highly sought after by buyers and thieves alike and, in the process, the mysterious tale of the van Eyck family would slowly be revealed.

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The Lessons Of Leonardo
Leonardo DaVinci is believed in many ways to have been the most talented individual who ever lived. But, While his greatest legacy remains in his art, we're still unearthing the secrets of how he worked.

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El Greco Lost In Time
It took nearly three centuries for el Greco's paintings to be truly appreciated. no artist has ever been more ahead of his time.

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The Many Faces Of Rembrandt
These works that span Rembrandt's entire adult life have been scattered across the globe and had a life and history all their own

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Klimt Gustav's Gold
Painted during Vienna's cultural heyday, Gustav Klimt's "Portrait of Adele" was confiscated by the Nazis during WWII

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Raiders of the Lost Art is a riveting docu-drama series that first aired on Ovation TV in 2014. Delving deep into the enigmatic world of art history, the show exposes the untold stories of lost masterpieces, their elusive artists, and the exhaustive quests to recover them. The series showcases incredible narratives woven with mystery, drama, betrayal, crime, and at its heart, the enduring love for art.

Celebrated art that once adorned the halls of palatial estates, reputable galleries, and admired by many, have sometimes vanished without a trace, lost to time and humanity. Often valuable beyond measure, these artistic pieces are central to cultural inheritance, personal collections, and expansive historical narratives that define civilizations. Raiders of the Lost Art not only explores the disappearance of these invaluable works of art but also embarks on a thrilling journey to unearth them. Carefully crafted with rich narratives and intricately researched accounts, the series aims to reveal the layers of mysteries cloaked around these lost pieces of art.

In the span of its multiple episodes, the audience embarks on a fascinating journey through the annals of time, across varied geographical locations, from the grand museums of Europe to the high-stakes world of the black market in antiquities. Key artworks include those of great masters such as Monet, Van Gogh, and Vermeer.

Each episode focuses on a different lost masterpiece, retracing the timeline from its creation to its disappearance and, in some cases, to the present-day efforts to recover it. The mysteries surrounding their loss are unraveled as each episode visibly transforms into detective stories filled with suspense, twists, and turns. The filmmakers also employ dramatic re-creations, expert interviews, archival footage, and slick animation to capture the richness of the storytelling. This insightful approach helps show the magnitude of these losses, the role of such art in shaping cultures, and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

Raiders of the Lost Art shines the spotlight on the complex issues concerning art, crime, and history. It educates the viewers about the common issues that persist in the art world, such as theft, forgery, and the destruction of important works, laying bare the dark underbelly of this sophisticated world. It also draws attention to the incessant battle art historians, law enforcement, galleries, and individuals wage against these unsettling odds to protect, retrieve, and restore the cultural and historical legacy.

As the series progresses, the viewers understand more than just the details of a mysterious art heist. They see the efforts put forth by enthusiastic art historians, crime fighters, and often unexpected individuals who see immense value in these works beyond their material worth, who perceive the cultural importance, connection to history, and their impact on society. These unsung heroes' determination to restore lost art to their rightful place is one of the inspirational highlights of this series.

Understandably, Raiders of the Lost Art appeals to a wide range of audiences. For art enthusiasts and historians, the series offers captivating stories of famous artworks, their creators, and intriguing tales of their disappearance. For those with a preference for mystery and crime narrative, this show offers an exciting look into art heists, high-stakes crime, and adventurous pursuits. And for the general viewer, it provides an entertaining journey riddled with fascinating facts, suspenseful storytelling, and educational insights into the history of art.

In short, Raiders of the Lost Art is not merely an exploration of lost artworks. It is a celebration of art in its entirety, proving that true art transcends material value, bearing immense cultural, historic, and sentimental worth. The series reveals the deep-seated passion for art that exists across all of humanity, driving many to go to exceptional lengths to bring these lost masterpieces back into the light. This TV show paints a fascinating picture of the intertwined relationship between art, history, and crime, where every painting tells a story far more complex than meets the eye. Just like each art piece itself, Raiders of the Lost Art is a masterpiece, compelling, intriguing, and an essential watch for anyone who appreciates the captivating world of art.

Raiders of the Lost Art is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 19 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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