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Illinois Waterworks, Pennsylvania Lumber Warehouse, Texas Lighthouse
Check out a 200-year-old hay barn turned home in the Connecticut woods, a church transformed into an artists' sanctuary, a unique Texas lighthouse inspired by the New England coast and a multi-barn homestead in Waco, Texas.

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San Antonio Candy Factory, Chicago Livery, New England Corner Store
From a Dutch barn transformed into a rustic Texas dwelling to a candy factory repurposed into an art gallery/penthouse, take a personal tour of some of the most unique home conversions in the world.

Watch You Live in What? Season 5 Episode 5 Now

Ink Factory, Glass Warehouse
Creative homes include an urban oasis crafted from an industrial ink factory, a funky fire station home in Northern California, an artist's abode built from a former glass warehouse and a 200-year-old stone meeting hall.

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Bourbon Distillery, Carpet Cleaning Warehouse, Coal Commissary
Inventive owners convert historic buildings into one-of-a-kind homes. Explore a Kentucky bourbon distillery whose crumbling stone walls are now the centerpiece of an amazing country home, a Pennsylvania residence created from a one-room Civil War schoolhouse, an old coal company commissary turned eclectic abode, three orange shipping containers converted into a country cottage north of Manhattan, and a historic Knoxville grist mill that's now a live-work space with a working water wheel.

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Bank Barn, School House, Firehouse
From an Ohio bank barn and a New York schoolhouse to an Indiana firehouse.

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Hay Barn, Gas Station, Shipping Containers
From a Tennessee hay barn and a Mississippi gas station to a Northern California shipping container home.

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You Live in What? is a captivating television program from HGTV which captures the essence of moving beyond the conventional norms of real estate architecture to truly embrace the philosophy of 'home is where the heart is'. Debuted in the year 2012, this remarkable series delves into the astonishing world of unconventional homes that showcases the pinnacle of human imagination and creativity.

Based on an engaging format, the show travels across various geographic locales and introduces the viewers to homeowners who've turned the unthinkable and the eccentric into glorious and comfortable dwellings. These are not your typical residences, these are vintage structures, abandoned commercial sites, ancient storage houses or even old-time public facilities that have undergone transformative alterations to become extraordinary living spaces.

These homeowners are not just maverick thinkers but passionate visionaries who have taken the concept of recycling to an extreme, yet inspiring new level. They merge the conventional functions of a family home with the unique structural quirks of the buildings they adapt. They are committed to dreaming big, taking on an architectural challenge, and turning the improbable into their ideal abode.

The individual episodes revolve around various types of constructions transformed into residential homes. This includes anything from rejuvenated barns, historical jails, water towers, firehouses, old factories, boathouses, and more to downright unusual constructions like disused airplanes, grain silos, caves, and shipping containers. Each episode of "You Live in What?" introduces us to these incredible properties and the people who made their unconventional and eccentric house dreams come true.

In each episode, the viewers get to delve into the stories of these homes, learning about the history of the original structures, the reasoning behind their choice of such unconventional homes, and, most importantly, their transformation journey from rubble to fabulous. The characterization of each homeowner is also a significant part of the storytelling where the audience gets a glimpse of their inspiration, struggles, and triumphs in their journey of home-building.

The design aspect is a crucial highlight of the show, where the homeowners take those unique architectural elements and enhance or incorporate them into the new living space design. Whether it's an old opera house's stage being converted into an elegant living area or the tall cylindrical structure of a grain silo morphing into a staircase, every design decision aims to retain or repurpose the building's inherent character. The creative ingenuity on display is not just about functionality, but also aesthetic appeal, resulting in breathtaking outcomes that redefine the limits of imagination.

The series is masterfully narrated and lovingly explores the process of transformation of each unique space. The production value is stellar, taking viewers inside these amazing creations, focusing on details and highlighting the originals' architectural charm while honestly portraying the transformative journey. It's a well-balanced blend of history, architecture, design, and personal narratives that leaves viewers awestruck at human creativity and determination.

Yet, the show is not just about architectural marvels or interior design wonders. It is a testament to human ingenuity, resilience, determination, and the audacity of the human spirit to envision and create a comfortable safe haven from structures that are initially far removed from being liveable spaces. It is about reimagining the use of space and breaking the mold of what constitutes a traditional home.

"You Live in What?" aims to inspire viewers to see the potential in the unusual and unexpected. Each episode is a narrative of rebirth and renewal, and perhaps the displays of out-of-the-box thinking might encourage you to envision your living surroundings differently. It channels the message of resourcefulness, resilience, and the power of DIY spirit while respecting and celebrating the original architecture's historical lineage.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of historic buildings, a fan of impressive design elements, keen on unique real estate, or someone who enjoins tales of tireless human effort, there is definitely something in "You Live in What?" for you.

As an offering from HGTV, "You Live in What?" stands as a distinctive addition to the channel’s line-up, further enriching its diverse content portfolio that explores the realms of home and lifestyle. This 2012 show is a treat for the senses and a petition to reimagine the idea of what makes a house truly a home.

You Live in What? is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 45 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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How can I watch You Live in What? online? You Live in What? is available on HGTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch You Live in What? on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Sling, Discovery+, Apple TV online.

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