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The Reveal
Chase goes on a spiritual quest with his llama & tracks down his own fugitive. He discovers a secret his wife has been keeping.

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The Rise Of The Lamas
Chase must make a decision that affects more than just him. A previous competitor comes back and Chase must face his fears.

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Fear No Evil
Chase and the cast confront their deepest fears. Chase helps Jake make a new commercial for his company.

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Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?
Skylar hears a message from her dead husband that chills Chase to the bone. Wanda gives an arousing lesson in frisking and Randy returns the favor in the hot tub.

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An Actor Among Us
Chase is suspicious of a set-up and the producers work to keep the entire show from falling apart. An urn goes missing and feces is found.

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Bring Your Convict to Work Day
Chase is chained to a convict from a local prison. Stan gets violated, and Allison unleashes a tsunami of rage.

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Say Hey to Ray Ray
Chase helps Lavernius reveal his secret to the group. Chase's ability to remain calm is put to the test.

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Schmo In The Wild
A challenge doesn't go well and Chase is sent to the hospital. Skylar confides in Chase and sends him down an awkward rainbow colored spiral.

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A Date With Lady Justice
A shocking revelation tests Chase's loyalty. Lorenzo Lamas pushes his own banana hammock. And the most insane eviction ceremony ever: flame throwers, wild animals & a 60ft tall woman! Will Chase realize it's all fake?

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The Bounty Begins
A guy participates in a fake show thinking he'll become a REAL bounty hunter and win $100k.

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The Joe Schmo Show first aired in 2003 on Spike TV. Iconic for its unique concept in the realm of reality television, the series deviates from the predictability of several reality TV shows of that era. The show's intriguing and hilarious premix was framed around a mock reality show format, designed to deceive one unsuspecting contestant into believing they were participating in an actual reality show. The central character of this well-crafted satire is the amicable "Joe Schmo", a role played by an unaware contestant who believes in the show's reality, while everyone around him is an actor, intricately scripted to offer an overly dramatized depiction of reality television.

Evolving like a real-world Truman Show, The Joe Schmo Show starred comedian and voice actor Ralph Garman who donned multiple roles, including the over-the-top flamboyant host named Derek Newcastle. Each of the caricatured characters in the show, portrayed by talented actors, was meticulously designed to represent common stereotypes found in conventional reality shows. The entire setup was engineered to test "Joe Schmo's" reactions, his resilience, endurance, and optimism under various emotional, physical, and challenging situations.

Season 1 was presented as "Lap of Luxury", where the unsuspecting "Joe" thought he was participating in a Big Brother-style game show. Betrayals, eliminations, alliances, unexpected surprises and more, unraveled in an overly melodramatic manner, set in an opulent mansion, all fabricated to offer an impeccable setting for the satirical take on reality television. Entangled in the bewilderment, the genuine participant, in his obliviousness, often reacted in ways that turned the tables, adding elements of surprise for the viewers and even the actors around him.

As the series progresses, we see the various schemes that the producers come up with to keep the ruse alive, meticulously maneuvering around doubts that the "Joe" might have. These efforts were not merely to get a good laugh but also to commentate on the artificiality and manipulative strategies employed by some reality TV shows. The reactions are real, the feelings genuine, everything presented unscripted from "Joe's" perspective, which is the striking charm of The Joe Schmo Show.

Alongside all the humor and high jinks, there are moments of unexpected depth, where the 'Schmo' sometimes displays a remarkable level of kindness, consideration, and sportsmanship. These instances provide a level of earnestness that contrasts effectively with the farcical scenarios stitched around him. It reiterates the fact that reality doesn't necessarily have to be scripted to be entertaining, and that genuine human emotions can indeed be compelling to watch.

Ralph Garman's performance is one of the remarkable qualities of the show. With his charismatic screen presence and brilliant comic timing, he was successful in holding the character of an eccentric reality show host together, ensuring that he leaves the audience in splits whilst never breaking character. Each actor in the ensemble cast delivers, contributing to the overall comedy and ensuring the lead remains oblivious to the farce.

Over the course of its run, the program has attempted other themes in subsequent seasons also, mimicking different flavors of reality shows, yet keeping the singular "Joe Schmo" element constant. Despite its mocking undertone, the show inadvertently ends up becoming an intriguing social experiment, challenging the boundaries of reality in television.

The Joe Schmo Show thrived in its distinctive style of presentation, successfully critiquing reality TV by pushing it to its hyperbolic extremes. For anyone who enjoys reality television or even critiques it, The Joe Schmo Show offers an expert blend of parody and unexpected sincerity, a show that goes beyond mere entertainment – it skilfully indulges the viewers into an introspection of the genre and leaves a lasting impact. All this while maintaining its core purpose - to entertain.

Overall, The Joe Schmo Show is an inventive take on reality television, providing an entertaining, and at times, revealing patina to reality genre without losing sight of its humorous roots. It stands as a benchmark for satirical television, providing an engaging blend of parody, sincerity, and humor.

The Joe Schmo Show is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 29 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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