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Professional Wrestler - Deanna
Deanna puts hard work and dedication into her dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

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Pageant Queen - Maeve
Maeve dreams of honoring her best friend by becoming a pageant queen.

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Actresses - Emily
Two friends try to make it as actresses, but Emily has to adapt when her friend does better.

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Circus Performer - Ashley
An exciting career is ahead for Ashley as she becomes a circus performer.

Watch Made Season 13 Episode 13 Now

Drag Queen - Richard
Richard walks on the wild side and wants to become a drag queen.

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Go-Go Dancer - Shambre
Shambre takes a chance to become a gogo dancer.

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Tough Mudder - Shane
Shane has overcome a serious accident to train for a tough mudder.

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Celebrity Assistant - Chris
Chris tries his hand at being a celebrity assistant.

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Recording Artist - Amber
Amber chases her life long dream to become a singer.

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I Want My Own TV Show - Dana
Dana has obstacles to overcome to chase her dream to become a TV star.

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Roller Derby - Aly
Aly decides she is ready to take on a challenge and become a roller derby queen

Watch Made Season 13 Episode 6 Now

Actress - Rita
Rita finds to road to becoming an actress is more difficult than it seems.

Watch Made Season 13 Episode 5 Now

Professional Model - Megan
Megan leaves her home for a chance to be a model in NYC.

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Makeup Mogul - Rachel
Rachel takes her passion for makeup and wants to become a makeup mogul.

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Rap Artist - Felicia
Felicia and Kim work hard to become rap artists together.

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Actress - Cara
Cara chases her dream as an actress.

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Made is a reality television series from MTV that was widely popular and ran from 2003 to 2014. The show offered a unique and fascinating insight into transformational journeys of regular teenagers who had a dream, an aspiration, or a particular goal that they wanted to achieve. The interesting aspect of Made was that these goals were typically against their nature, persona, or what they'd typically be known to do - making the journey all the more challenging and exhilarating to follow.

Each episode of Made uniquely focused on a different teenager and their aspiration. The span of these ambitions was wide and varied, from the average high school student aiming to be a homecoming queen, a boy wanting to be a football player, a cheerleader wanting to rock as a hard-core punk singer to a nerdy guy desiring to become a ladies man. These were by no means easy tasks. The individuals had to step out of their comfort zones, face their fears, and embrace an altogether different lifestyle. This addressing of personal and social transformations is the charming allure of Made.

The charm does not simply stop at identifying these transformations for the episodes. Every aspirant is paired with a 'Made Coach', an expert in the field in which the teen aspires to succeed. These professional coaches included first-rate athletic trainers, accomplished dancers, established musicians, and many other experts. They were charged with guiding these students through their transformational journey, offering them not just professional expertise and advice, but also catering to emotional challenges that come with embarking on such a journey.

But the journey on Made was far from glamorous, which is perhaps what contributed to its authenticity and appeal. It had its fair share of struggles between the participants and their coaches, the physical and emotional challenges of adapting to an entirely new lifestyle, and the reactions from friends, family, and peers as these changes unfolded. These elements presented viewers with a surreal experience of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that came with authentic personal transformations, offering the audience a wholesome narrative and an emotive storyline to follow.

Another captivating aspect of the show is how it did not strictly adhere to the norms of makeover shows. It delved deeper into the psyche of the youngsters, their insecurities, their potential, their determination, and their resolve. That's what set Made apart, making it not just a show about external transformations but also profound inner ones. These teenagers were striving for changes that would mark a difference in their lives and in who they are, making the show's tagline "I want to be Made'' more relatable and substantial.

Made is fundamentally about teenagers and their dreams and ambitions, making it very relatable to a young audience. It maintained a balance between being entertaining and delivering a strong message of resilience, perseverance, and self-belief. The show represented the spectrum and reality of everyday American youth, their highs and lows, their strengths and vulnerabilities, and their journey to becoming what they aspire to be.

Though primarily targeted toward teenagers, the concept of personal development and transformation made Made appealing to a wide audience. The show was successful in highlighting that change is possible, regardless of where one starts, which is arguably a universally appealing narration. It was an eleven-season show that concluded in 2014 and still remains an essential part of MTV's legacy.

To sum it up, Made is a noteworthy slice of television history that shone a spotlight on raw, real, and transformational journeys of ordinary teenagers with extraordinary dreams. It broke from the mold of traditional reality TV, highlighting instead the great lengths people will go to push their limits, defy odds and realize their dreams. This premise, in itself, was a testimony to the show's distinctive appeal and lasting legacy, making it an engaging watch for a diverse audience.

Made is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 15 seasons with a total of 292 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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