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The Secret of the Hieroglyphs
Jean-François Champollion visits Egypt at last, hoping to become the first person in over a millennium to read the inscriptions on its temple walls.

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The Mystery of the Rosetta Stone
Two brilliant men -- an English scientist and a young French linguist -- race to unlock the hidden language of the pharaohs.

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The Temple and the Sands
Giovanni Belzoni clears centuries of sand from the buried temple at Abu Simbel, and his life-changing quest leads him to the tomb of a great pharaoh.

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The Pharoah and the Showman
An Italian circus performer describes how he became Egypt's greatest explorer; the 67-year reign of Egypt's most impressive pharaoh is explored.

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The Curse of Tutankhamun
The prize that Howard Carter sought all his life yields more than anyone could imagine, including the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun himself.

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The Search For Tutankhamun
British archaeologist Howard Carter hunts for the tomb of Tutankhamun, fascinated by the tale of the boy who became king when he was just 9 years old.

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The Pioneer
It's considered the greatest archaeological find ever. In 1898, Howard Carter stunned the world when he stumbled upon the tomb of Tutankhamun.

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The Showman
The extraordinary story of Giovanni Belzoni, an Italian engineer and circus strongman who became a legendary Egyptologist almost by accident. Finding himself destitute in Cairo, Belzoni joined the antiquities 'gold rush' as ancient sites were plundered for their treasures.

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The Rivals
When Napoleon's army discovered the Rosetta Stone, scholars believed they would now be able to decipher hieroglyphs. But it was not to be so easy.

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Egypt is a captivating historical documentary series that first aired on BBC One in 2005. As expected from the broadcaster, the series is informative, engaging, and filmed with beautiful attention to detail that brings the ancient civilization of Egypt right into your living room. Thoroughly researched and finely crafted, the series provides an in-depth exploration of the extraordinary history of Ancient Egypt, one of the world's oldest and most astounding civilizations known to man.

The series consists of six intriguing episodes that span across various points in Egypt's timeline, with particular emphasis on some of its most profound and enduring eras. The producers take care to plot an understandable timeline and layer it with intricate stories from the past, utilizing a mix of gripping dramatizations and traditional documentary storytelling techniques.

The series’ narrative focuses on three core areas – the discovery of Ancient Egyptian civilization, the lives of its people, and the mysteries that shroud their beliefs and rituals. Each episode draws on the latest historical research to bring to life the many facets of Ancient Egypt, whether that's the engineering genius evident in their monuments, the sophistication of their system of governance, or the intensity of faith that defined their culture.

One striking aspect of Egypt is its exploration of how modern histories of Ancient Egypt came to be. It delves into the riveting tales of those who rediscovered this incredible civilization. We journey with archaeologists, explorers, and historians, from Howard Carter, who famously discovered Tutankhamun's tomb, to Giovanni Belzoni, the Italian explorer who shipped colossal Egyptian statues and obelisks back to Europe. Retracing the steps of these pioneering explorers, the program presents an extraordinary clash of cultures, as Western adventurers and scientists painstakingly decode the mysterious hieroglyphs and lay bare the magnificence of Egypt's architectural wonders.

With authenticity and accuracy at its heart, each episode of Egypt is a visual treat, providing detailed dramatizations that transport viewers back to Ancient Egyptian times. The series prides itself on its excellent production values, with ornate costumes, magnificent set designs, and special-effects that mirror Hollywood standards. Re-enactments of historical events are carried out with great attention to detail, adding a personal, engaging touch to the largely informative content. Expert historians and Egyptologists feature throughout the series to provide depth, authenticity, and scholarly insight into the civilization's culture, politics, and mythology.

Egypt's narration, crisp and engaging, ensures viewers maintain their interest throughout. The series provides knowledge about a wide range of subjects while remaining accessible to all, from history buffs to casual watchers. It presents factual information in the form of fascinating stories that captivate viewers, encouraging them to develop an appreciation for Ancient Egypt beyond its iconic pyramids and pharaohs.

However, this series is not limited to being an educational guide about the past. Instead, it carefully navigates the zeitgeist and politics of Ancient Egyptian times to present relatable narratives of ambition, courage, adventure, and discovery. It speaks volumes about the human spirit, drawing parallels between the ancient and contemporary world, thus underlining the timeless nature of our shared human history.

Overall, BBC One's Egypt is an immersive journey through a culture and civilization that were once at the pinnacle of human achievement. The series beautifully balances academic rigour with compelling storytelling, offering viewers an enriching historical adventure. Whether it is for the detailed exploration of the wonders of Ancient Egypt or the captivating narratives of modern-day adventurers, Egypt is a series that appeals to the curiosity in all of us, proving that time might fade memories, but the echo of civilization continues to intrigue and inspire. It is a must-watch for history enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates well-researched, highly produced, and dramatically rendered documentary television.

Egypt is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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How can I watch Egypt online? Egypt is available on BBC One with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Egypt on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV Channels online.

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