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Death of a Dynasty
After 160 million years of dominating life on earth the dinosaurs appear as vigorous as ever. Yet closer study reveals there are hidden stresses and the rich ecosystem hides problems.

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Spirits of the Ice Forest
Throughout the entire time of the dinosaurs there were no ice caps on the poles. In the mid Cretaceous period, thick forests covered Antarctica.

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Giant of the Skies
On a deserted beach lies the dead body of a giant pterosaur, an Ornithocheirus. With wingspans of up to 13 meters, these were the largest flying creatures ever.

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Cruel Sea
For all the successes of dinosaurs on land, they never made it into the sea; that is the realm of an entirely different group of reptiles, no less successful and no less awesome. The Jurassic sea boasted the largest carnivore on the planet, Liopleurodon.

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Time of the Titans
By the late Jurassic period, dinosaurs dominated the globe and the most widespread group of all was the sauropods. These long-necked herbivores were giants even among dinosaurs, weighing between 20 and 70 tons.

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New Blood
Set in the mid-Triassic period, when the world was still recovering from a massive extinction that millions of years before wiped out 95 per cent of life. Across most of the Earth lie vast deserts but near the poles the weather in monsoonal.

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Walking with Dinosaurs premiered on BBC One in 1999, triggering a revolution in TV documentaries which would transform viewers' perceptions about dinosaurs and prehistoric life in general. This groundbreaking six-part mini-series blurred the line between reality and fiction by bringing these prehistoric creatures to life using state-of-the-art computer-generated imaging and cutting-edge animatronics. The show revitalized a sense of wonder as viewers were transported back in time to witness the majesty of these extinct animals dwelling in their natural habitats.

The series, broadcasting one episode per week, aimed to simulate the experience of a nature documentary by portraying the dinosaurs as if they were still alive today. The prehistoric creatures were not merely shown as lumbering, monstrous beasts, rather the series depicted them as intelligent, socially interactive animals, demonstrating behaviours not dissimilar to those exhibited by current species.

The narrative arc of Walking with Dinosaurs articulated over 155 million years of history, from the late Mesozoic era to the end of the Cretaceous period, and painting a well-rounded picture of prehistoric life. The series stretches across the globe with each episode visiting a different continent and replicating its unique ecosystem during a specific era. From New Caledonia to the Shores of ancient Europe, this was an incredible voyage through ancient worlds that no longer exist.

Each episode is a standalone story, depicting a year in the life of a specific type of dinosaur or group of dinosaurs. The first pairs a Postosuchus and Placerias, two creatures caught in a struggle for survival, while the second focuses on the daily life of a herd of Diplodocus, and the third follows a female Ornithocheirus, a giant pterosaur. Other episodes touch upon the life of a Tyrannosaurus rex and her offspring or a herd of Anatotitan coping with an annually recurring drought. Each story is as engaging and dramatic as the last, establishing emotional connections between the audience and these primeval beasts.

Walking with Dinosaurs did not shy away from addressing important scientific theories and hypotheses about these tremendous creatures. The series skilfully educates the viewers about the process of evolution, the shifting of the continents, the change in climate, the development of new species, and even the factors that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Produced by the BBC in collaboration with various international partners, Walking with Dinosaurs used the cutting-edge technology of its time, bringing a level of realism and spectacular scale that had never before been seen on television. The animatronics and CGI used were the fruits of a total of six years of research and development prior to the series' premiere, likening the visual effects to those utilized in major Hollywood productions.

The expert scientific advisory team, including paleontologists and biologists, was on hand throughout the production to ensure that every last detail was as accurate as possible. From the colour and texture of a dinosaur's skin to the way it moved and behaved — everything was based on the most rigorous and updated scientific research available at the time.

Narrated by British actor Kenneth Branagh, the drama, spectacle, and beautifully scripted narrative effectively crafted a viewer experience that curved toward edutainment — a combination of education and entertainment.

Walking with Dinosaurs stands testament to how education can be made highly entertaining and how the past can be brought to life. This series proved to be a milestone, setting a new standard for how television could depict natural history, a legacy that continues to inspire modern-day science shows. The marriage of educational content, impactful storytelling, and advanced special effects gave a fresh insight into the lives of dinosaurs, changing the discourse about this mesmerizing part of our planet's history.

Through six episodes of immersive storytelling, viewers were able to walk with dinosaurs, sharing their trials and triumphs, understanding the struggle for survival, and witnessing a vivid re-enactment of history. It refreshed our understanding of these incredible creatures, giving us a more dynamic, complex, and intimate picture of the ancient world, providing a thrilling journey into the fascinating world of prehistoric life.

Walking with Dinosaurs is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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How can I watch Walking with Dinosaurs online? Walking with Dinosaurs is available on BBC One with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Walking with Dinosaurs on demand at Apple TV, Amazon, Vudu online.

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