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Marble Jar Head / Good Night and Good Chuck
How in the world is Rico supposed to behave well when King Julien has kidnapped his doll, Miss Perky, with the intention of marrying her?

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Best Laid Plaintains / P.E.L.T.
It's a special day when Bada and Bing get a shipment of delicious plantains to eat. Although they jealously guard the African bananas, King Julien's determined to taste them too.

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Nighty Night Ninja/Seige the Day
Watching too many ninja movies has brainwashed Leonard the koala. During the day, as he sleeps, he terrorizes everyone by sleepfighting.

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Fred stumbles onto an oak tree which is loaded with acorns.The Red Squirrel captures the twosome in order to squeeze the acorns out of them.

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Operation - Swap-panzee
Skipper agrees gives a day off from training to the first penguin brings him a kipper. The penguins are determined to make opening day a blockbuster movie!

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The Penguins of Madagascar, first broadcast on Nickelodeon from 2008 to 2015, is a charming and upbeat American animated television series that, at its core, is about the myriad of adventures undergone by four anthropomorphic penguins - Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private - who reside in the Central Park Zoo in New York City. The series is a spin-off of the successful 2005 movie "Madagascar", and its sequels, and these four penguins are undoubtedly fan favorites. Though it primarily aims at entertaining the younger viewers, the clever humor woven into each character’s interactions often appeals to an older audience, giving it a wide demographic. For fans already familiar with the franchise, the series retains the rich humor and lovable personalities of the penguins from the original films, but it adds more depth to their lore, explores their personalities further, and depicts the day-to-day scenes of the zoo and the misadventures of the penguins. The narrative follows the lives of four main characters. Skipper, the closest thing to a leader the penguin group has, is a gutsy, headstrong penguin who doesn't believe in backing out of any situation, no matter how perilous it may be. Kowalski is the team's scientific genius, who comes up with audacious plans and wild inventions that often provide comical relief in the series. Rico is the demolitions expert, a character of fewer words, but explosive action. Lastly, Private is the youngest and most innocent member of the crew, who adds a lot of charm and humor to the series. Aside from these four main characters, the show has a colorful cast of supporting characters, including King Julien, a royal ring-tailed lemur from Madagascar, Marlene, the street-savvy otter, and even a pair of mischievous lemurs named Mort and Maurice. Each episode sees these characters immersed in fun-filled plots and outlandish scenarios, providing pure entertainment that keeps the audience hooked. Throughout the episodes, the penguins, despite their flightless nature, aspire to soar to great heights, navigating a series of adventures, shenanigans, and capers. They fancy themselves as a military-style unit that constantly safeguards their home, Central Park Zoo, from external and internal threats. Sometimes, the threat can be as minor as a pest infestation, while other times, they might be engaged in complex missions involving international espionage. However, their antics don't always go as planned, leading to unexpected, comedic results. Another distinct feature of The Penguins of Madagascar is the stunning visual quality. The animation is clean, colorful, and energetic, perfectly complementing the show's fast-paced antics and lovable characters. The lively urban backdrop of the New York City zoo alternating with occasional lush exotic jungles introduces viewers to a wide variety of settings that are stunning and highly enjoyable. From an educational perspective, the show emphasizes teamwork, friendship, and problem-solving. Each episode provides a subtly placed life lesson, whether it's about stepping up to the plate, the importance of sticking together in times of adversity, or how individual skills contribute to the overall success of a team. It's not just the excellent animation and engaging storylines that make The Penguins of Madagascar a popular series, but also its memorable voice acting. Skilled artists bring each character to life so vividly that it's easy to forget we're watching fictional, animated penguins and lemurs. With a delightful blend of humor, action, and subtle educational values, The Penguins of Madagascar has been a successful venture for Nickelodeon. It received critical acclaim during its airing and even garnered a few prestigious awards. With its wide array of engaging characters and continuous stream of high jinks and adventure, this series continues to be treasured by audiences of all ages. In sum, The Penguins of Madagascar, with its charming narratives interweaving humor and character-driven adventure, not only continues the legacy of their movie counterparts but also expands on the depth and complexity of these beloved characters. This ingenious series has ensured the Penguins' place in the pantheon of memorable animated characters, making it a must-watch for fans of animated action-comedies.

The Penguins of Madagascar is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 175 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Jeff Bennett, James Patrick Stuart, John DiMaggio, Kevin Michael Richardson, Danny Jacobs, Tom McGrath, Tara Strong, Mary Scheer, Andy Richter, Nicole Sullivan, Conrad Vernon, Diedrich Bader, Richard Kind
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