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New Girl in Town
The President's niece comes to vist and Pac and his friends have to protect her from Betrayus.

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Pac's Very Scary Halloween. Part II
The insidious brain-in-a-jar Doctor Pacenstein has stolen Pac's body and stuck our hero's grey matter (yellow matter, actually) in a jar! Pac and his pals have to make things right before Pacenstein can use his newly-acquired body to wreck the Presidential Halloween Party.

Watch Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Season 3 Episode 12 Now

Pac's Very Scary Halloween. Part I
Forever unable to come up with a creature powerful enough to vanquish Pac-Man, Betrayus employs the diabolical Dr. Pacenstein (who is now a scheming brain-in-a-jar) to create a mega monster.

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Santa Pac
Betrayus plans to put an end to PacWorld's most festive holiday by getting rid of the holiday's icon - Santa Pac.

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Honey, I Digitized the Pac-Man
All of PacWorld technology is under attack from ghost viruses, so Pac eats a WiFi berry to get digitize and save the cyber world.

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Indiana Pac and the Dentures of Doom
The diabolical dentures of an evil mummy wizard could cause the destruction of PacWorld.

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The Wizard of Odd
Pac and Fuzzbits are eaten to a giant space worm, ending up in another world, where many of Pac's friends and enemies are completely different.

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Easter Egg Island
Spring break's here, but Pac and Spiral have nowhere to go. They ask to stay with Cylly's family, only to learn how peaceful they are.

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The Legend of Creepy Hollow
On a camp-out, Skeebo pranks Pac, Cyli and Spiral by making them believe a legendary monster is real. The trio decide to prank him back, not knowing Betrayus is about to get into the act with his own monster.

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The Bride of Grinder
Grinder's attempts to build a mechanical mate go horribly haywire when the diabolical Doctor Buttocks reprograms Grinder's gal with malicious code, compelling her to steal Sir C's secrets. Will love conquer all, or will Grindette succumb to Buttocks' evil scheme and betray her robotic beau?

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The Nerd is the Word
Utt-ler gets roped into infiltrating Pac-Man's dorm, disguised as an exchange student so that he can find psychological weaknesses for Betrayus to exploit.

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The Ghost Behind the Throne
Following Obtuse becoming President of Pac-World in a rigged election, Pac has to act fast to keep the planet's new ruler from turning over the Tree of Life and the Repository to the real power behind the throne: Betrayus!

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Peace Without Slime
President Spheros is up for reelection, so of course his brother does everything possible to make sure Spheros loses to Betrayus' evil puppet candidate: Obtuse.

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is an invigorating animated series based on the classic eponymous video game that was broadcasted on Disney XD from 2013 to 2016. The series spotlights the life of Pac-Man (referred to as Pac), providing an entertaining spin-off on his classic adventure laced with humor, action, and drama.

Set in a bustling high-tech city known as Pac-World, the plot revamps the conventional narrative of presentation around the city's iconic resident, Pac. Although he might appear to be an average teenager, Pac hides an extraordinary secret – he is the last living yellow Pacworlder, a rare breed with a unique ability to fight the Ghost Gang of the Netherworld. However, the Ghost Gang is consistently controlled by the malevolent dark forces that harbor the sinister plan to invade Pac-World.

Given the treacherous objective of his enemies, Pac carries a significant obligation to protect his city, and in certain instances, the entire universe from the advancing evils. These escapades make the heart of the show, keeping the spectators engrossed with definitive excitement, thrill, suspense, and humor, traditionally intrinsic to the genres of sci-fi and fantasy.

What is interesting to note, however, is how the series tries to keep Pac grounded despite his larger-than-life heroism. His character emphasizes an ordinary teenager's emotions and experiences making the series relatable to its young audience. An element of a buoyant school life, a strong bond of friendship, and challenges like dealing with bullies, engaging in school events, managing academics, alongside saving the world, make Pac's character multi-dimensional and his life understandably hectic.

Like in every great story, Pac's friends – Spiral and Cylindria – play an essential part, offering a mix of real-world dynamics and a fantastical setting. The bonds formed, the laughter shared, the dangers faced together create an engaging sub-plot of friendship and loyalty that resonates with viewers. It portrays how allies can help each other evolve, learn, face adversity, and attain success.

The antagonists, or the ghosts from the Netherworld led by Betrayus, provide the essential element of conflict, giving the narrative its engaging twist and turns. The battles between Pac and the Ghost Gang keep the audience's excitement levels high, tantalizing them with elements of suspense and thrill. The diverse personalities of the Ghost Gang, from the comically stupid to the menacingly sinister, make for varied plots and encounters.

The animation style of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures deserves special mention for its impressive use of bright colors, detailed movements, and aesthetically pleasing backdrops. It exhibits a fine balance of contemporary CGI aesthetics and the retro design of the original game. This vibrant art coupled with stellar voice acting, well-timed humor, and dialogue enhances the total viewing experience.

Moreover, the catchy background score and remarkable sound effects breathe life into every scene and character. Sometimes electric and upbeat, sometimes suspenseful and dramatic, the music expertly syncs with the narrative's changing moods and enhances audience engagement.

A hidden element that this series offers is its subtle but valuable life lessons. It teaches the importance of bravery, friendship, perseverance, duty, and integrity. It also highlights the realities of bearing responsibilities, dealing with changes and handling challenges – be they of a typical day at school or a universe-saving mission.

Overall, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is an encapsulating show that manages to encompass several genres- action, adventure, comedy, and even elements of drama. It adds depth to the iconic character of Pac-Man and builds an intricate world around him, filled with quirky characters, captivating storylines, and a healthy dose of fun and excitement. This show vividly expands the Pac-Man universe beyond its arcade boundaries, delivering a slice of nostalgia to older viewers and a tantalizing new saga to the younger ones.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 53 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.6.

Ian James Corlett, Andrea Libman, Brian Drummond, Sam Vincent, Matt Hill, Lee Tockar, Ashleigh Ball, Erin Mathews
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