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The Grandmaster
Kim returns from Japan with her sensei, Tomo. After hearing the impact he's had on their lives, Sensei Tomo makes Rudy the offer of a lifetime.

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You Don't Know Jack
Jack suspends Jerry from taking his black belt test.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 17 Now

Bringing Down the House
The gang decide to buy themselves a boat but they run out of money and come up with an alternate plan.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 16 Now

Kickin' It in "The Office"
A documentary film crew from the Karate Channel comes to film a typical day in the dojo.

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Seaford Hustle
Milton meets the president of a powerful brotherhood, who has plans to steal an original "Star Wars" lightsaber. Kim visits Jack.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 14 Now

Martinez & Malone: Mall Cops!
Jerry quits his job at the bowling alley and joins Joan as a mall cop.

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Full Metal Jack
Jack, Jerry, and Milton team up to compete in a Commando Paintball Challenge.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 12 Now

Tightroping the Shark
Jack and Milton recruit legendary daredevil Spanky Danger.

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Fight at the Museum
At the Seaford History Museum, Milton and Jerry help out.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 10 Now

Battle of Seaford Hill
The pupils celebrate the anniversary of a victory at Seaford Hill.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 9 Now

The Amazing Krupnick
Jack and Jerry discover Milton is a talented magician, so they decide to put his talents to use to make some money.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 8 Now

Invasion of the Ghost Pirates
It's Pirate Day, honoring Seaford as a historical spot for pirates.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 7 Now

RV There Yet?
When Jack and Milton can't stop arguing, Rudy decides a road trip will solve the situation.

Watch Kickin' It Season 4 Episode 6 Now

Nerd with a Cape
Milton dresses up as an original superhero for a convention, but must assume the role when a crisis arises.

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The 'Stang
Milton hopes to woo his ex-girlfriend with his dad's classic convertable. The code of conduct for the gym is ignored when Rudy and Jack invite seemingly friendly bodybuilders to train.

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From Zeroes to Heroes
Milton, Jerry and Joan decide to make a martial arts video as a new MA performance group called the "Tiger Trio.

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Gold Diggers
Rudy inherits a seemingly worthless piece of land, but when Jack and Milton encourage him to explore, they make a shocking discovery.

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The Boys are Back In Town
In the fourth season premiere, Jack and Milton are back in Seaford after three months in Washington, D.C.

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Kickin' It is a captivating family-friendly comedy series broadcasted on Disney XD from 2011 to 2015. The action-packed series, appreciated for its combination of humor, adventure, and heartfelt moments, revolves around a group of friends who meet at an underperforming suburban martial arts academy known as Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy.

In the show, each of the young protagonists displays a different strength and personality trait that brings a unique dynamic to their group. Leading the cast is Leo Howard, who plays the role of Jack, an exceptionally gifted martial artist. Jack quickly becomes the heart of the academy, and his exceptional skills and inherent heroism go on to save the dojo several times from being closed by their rivals.

Alongside Jack is Milton, played by Dylan Riley Snyder, an honor student who, despite seeming out of place in a dojo, uses his intelligence and always surprising martial art moves to support his friends. Standing out with his brooding and mysterious demeanor is Jerry, played by Mateo Arias, who despite seeming not-so-smart tends to come up with profound insights at unexpected times.

The talented Olivia Holt plays Kim, the sole girl in the tight-knit group, who breaks girl stereotypes with her martial arts prowess and fearlessness. Another vital character, Rudy, is portrayed by Jason Earles, who serves as the well-meaning but often comical owner of Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy. He is a former top amateur martial artist who provides the kids with guidance when they need it most.

The series also introduces several other supporting characters who pop in and out of episodes, adding additional layers of zany comedic angles and plot twists. An ensemble of guest stars, including Denise Richards and Loni Love among others, appear throughout the series, adding star power to the wide range of characters.

Throughout its four seasons, Kickin' It never deviates from its premise of focusing on the spirit of friendship, team camaraderie, and the power of martial arts to instigate personal growth and form deep bonds. Each episode is generously sprinkled with humorous situations, gripping action sequences, and instances of problem-solving, where the team faces varied adversities ranging from school troubles, contentious rival dojos, to local miscreants.

Another remarkable aspect of the series is the engaging story arcs that span across various episodes, giving the audience an authentically serial experience. The exploration of key themes such as loyalty, bravery, perseverance, and respect for diversity is deftly presented within the construct of a light-hearted, family-oriented program set in a martial arts backdrop.

Kickin' It is also commendable for its martial arts choreography. Masterfully crafted fight sequences are gracefully executed by the young stars, displaying the intricate martial art forms that are visually stunning. Simultaneously, these scenes reinforce the importance of discipline, sportsmanship, and honor in martial arts.

Besides the humor and action, the series delivers heart-warming moments where the characters learn invaluable life lessons, fostering self-confidence, respect for others, and a commitment to personal integrity. These poignant moments add heart to the show, which is charmingly balanced with plenty of comic relief to keep viewers continuously entertained.

In essence, Kickin' It is not merely a show about martial arts; it's about friendships, personal growth, overcoming adversities, and learning life lessons. Clear messages about teamwork, respect, and responsibility make it an excellent viewing choice for younger audiences and their families. Together with the lovable characters, exciting martial art scenes, and humorous plotlines, the show succeeds in providing entertainment with substance, making it a memorable addition to the Disney XD lineup.

Kickin' It is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 84 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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