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Save The Worlds
When Phyllis' Multi-Universe Transprojector is damaged, vortexes open up throughout the multiverse and the kids begin an epic journey through every world they've ever visited!

Watch Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Season 102 Episode 10 Now

Zap One
We flashback to how it all started... On his first day of high school, Penn learns his parents aren't insurance salespeople, but part-time heroes - his own true destiny.

Watch Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Season 102 Episode 9 Now

Massive Morphy Merge Mechs / Ultrahyperball
Penn, Boone, Sashi, Rippen and Larry must work together when they merge as giant robots. Penn must convince two coaches to admit their love in order to save two alien planets.

Watch Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Season 102 Episode 8 Now

The QPC / Shirley B. Awesome
Uncle Chuck and Aunt Rose wreck the QPC and have to try to be heroes in order to get Penn back.

Watch Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Season 102 Episode 7 Now

Plantywood: City of Flora / Boone's Apprentice
Penn investigates a twisted mystery in a world where everybody is a plant. Boone is zapped into a barbarian wizards world where he has to come up with a spell to stop Rippen.

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Chuckle City 500 / Rock and Roll
Penn's mission becomes endangered when he realizes he has the lowest tech gadgets available.

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Where Dragons Dare / Rip-Penn
By accident Penn drinks a potion that turns him into a Rippen-monster.

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The Ripple Effect
Penn finds out that Phyllis is trying to locate the Most Dangerous World Imaginable to bring his parents back to Middleburg.

Watch Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Season 102 Episode 3 Now

Totally Into Your Body / Fish and Chips
Because of Boone's fooling around, he and Penn zap into the wrong roles. Penn questions the importance of their mission when they are tasked with finding Rufus.

Watch Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Season 102 Episode 2 Now

Lady Starblaster / Amber
Rippen falls instantly in love with the brutal space villain, Lady Starblaster. Penn, Boone and Sashi have to stop Rippen from rustling all the Cow-o-saurs in Big Butte.

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Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is an American-Canadian animated television series that aired on Disney XD from 2014 to 2017. The show, which leans heavily into comedic and adventurous themes, was created by Jared Bush and Sam Levine.

The titular protagonist, Penn Zero, is a regular boy with an unusual part-time job - he’s a hero. However, he isn't an ordinary hero, residing in a single world, and fighting against common villains. He’s a part-time multidimensional hero, traveling to different dimensions to stand up against evil and maintain peace across the realms. Accompanied by his best friends Sashi, an overqualified part-time sidekick, and Boone, an under-qualified part-time wise man, Penn Zero works to save numerous worlds from destruction – all before his parents can get home from work.

Each episode of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero typically involves Penn and his friends zapping out of their ordinary lives in middle America and into a plethora of strange and fantastical worlds. These range from a world made entirely of clay to a universe inhabited by super heroes, or a realm overrun by ghost pirates. The fantastic story-lines and whimsical animation serve to inspire and captivate the imagination of its viewers, while the humor straddles the line between kid-friendly jokes and more sophisticated humor likely to entertain older viewers.

The series does an impressive job at world building, with each dimension presenting its unique rules, cultures, and inhabitants, which adds depth to the variety of situations our heroes encounter. The team must routinely adapt to new settings and quickly devise strategies to vanquish the local villains who purportedly seek to disrupt the peace of their realms. The creative use of settings is one of the show’s most shining aspects.

The uniqueness of the show is further accentuated by its characters. Penn Zero is an enthusiastic and optimistic hero who stands as the moral compass of the group. His friends, on the other hand, with their noticeable differences in personality and approach, help in fostering balance and teamwork within the group. Sashi, a no-nonsense, fiercely loyal sidekick never hesitates to engage in hand-to-hand combat while Boone, the wise man of the group, often stumbles upon enlightening insights amidst his often silly and clueless persona.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is also a family-oriented series. The creators weave the narrative around the mystery of Penn's disappeared parents, who were full-time heroes, and instill the show with a meaningful sense of continuity. This subplot reveals Penn's motivation to follow in the footsteps of his parents, intertwining familial themes with the over-arching saga of his various inter-dimensional exploits.

The series celebrates heroism and underscores values like teamwork, responsibility, courage, and the importance of friendship, all while maintaining a light-hearted tone. This combination of comedy, action, and heartfelt storytelling has garnered Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero a dedicated following. Additionally, the show features a perfect mix of catchy music and stunning animation that enhances its appeal. Kudos to the stellar voice-over cast comprising actors like Thomas Middleditch, Adam DeVine, Tania Gunadi, Alfred Molina as well as guest stars, who breath life into these multidimensional characters.

Overall, Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is a shining example of a kids' action-comedy series that transcends the barrier of age, with enough nuance to keep both children and adults engaged. Its imaginative plot, showcasing adventures across a multitude of surreal worlds, resonates with anyone who revels in exploring the boundaries of creativity. The show masterfully mingles fast-paced action, quirky comedy, valuable life lessons, and a sprinkle of heartwarming moments in a blend that leaves audiences hooked. From its innovative concept to its colorful animation and meaningful character arcs, Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is an unforgettable journey from start to finish.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 102 seasons with a total of 41 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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