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Enchantra comes to town for her Annual Witch Evaluation test. She finds Sabrina's progress unsatisfactory, and criticizes our favorite witchling by saying how Sabrina has the life!

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Sabrina, the Animated Series, is an enchanting and lighthearted Syndicated cartoon based on the Archie Comics series and drawing inspiration from the live-action television show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. With voice talents like Emily Hart as the title character, Nick Bakay as the wisecracking feline familiar Salem, Melissa Joan Hart providing the voice of Hilda and Zelda Spellman, as well as a diverse cast including Bill Switzer, Lalainia Lindbjerg, Jason Michas, David Sobolov, Chantal Strand, Cree Summer, and Jay Brazeau, the show weaves magic across its two seasons from 1999 to 2000.

Sabrina, the Animated Series transports viewers to Greendale, a suburban setting brimming with magic. It's a half-human, half-witch, thirteen-year-old girl named Sabrina Spellman, who, unlike her live-action counterpart, is studying at Junior High School, navigating the common difficulties of adolescence - friendships, schoolwork, crushes - all while working to control and understand her blossoming magical abilities under the watchful eyes of her two zany aunts - Hilda and Zelda. Meanwhile, Sabrina shares her home with Salem Saberhagen, a witty, mischievous, and somewhat self-centered talking cat who serves as Sabrina's confidante and advisor on all things magical and mundane.

The premise of Sabrina, the Animated Series mainly revolves around Sabrina's struggle to lead a normal life while juggling her magical upbringing. From handling extreme situations at school to unwittingly causing chaos via her unpredictable magic, Sabrina's endeavours are as magical as they're relatable. The series regularly employs humor, wit, and subtle moral lessons, often laying focus on themes including friendship, responsibility, empathy, self-esteem, and honesty. The show often takes Sabrina on fun adventures and hilarious trials, many times orchestrated by Sabrina's magic gone wrong that give young viewers an entertaining glimpse of the importance of consequence for one's actions, even if they are bewitched.

We meet many fascinating characters in the Sabrina universe. Like Sabrina's two distinct aunts, Aunt Hilda, who is erratic and spontaneous, often causing Mayhem despite her best intentions and Aunt Zelda, the more responsible and level-headed of the duo, often picking up the pieces and teaching Sabrina how to use her magic wisely. Salem, the black American short-hair with a sense of humor almost as big as his desire for world domination, is a fan-favorite character who is serving a century-long punishment from the Witches Council for attempting to take over the world. Sabrina's school friends, including best friends Chloe and Pi, and her love interest Harvey Kinkle also add to the rich tapestry of personable characters, making the show a whole-hearted viewing experience.

The voice acting performances are vibrant and bring a unique aura to every character. Emily Hart delivers an exceptional performance as the young, quirky, and endearing Sabrina Spellman. Melissa Joan Hart, despite not reprising her live-action role as Sabrina, joins her sister Emily and steps in to voire the two contrasting characters, Aunt Hilda and Zelda, with gusto. Nick Bakay's voice role as Salem adds an unmistakable charm, infusing life into the sarcastic and mischievous Salem Saberhagen.

Another charming aspect of Sabrina, the Animated Series, beyond its magical narrative and believable characters, is its brightly colored animation style. The animation provides an interactive somehow familiar suburbia, enchanting viewers with its sparkly magic and transports them into Sabrina's magical world. While diverse in all its magical whimsy, the animation style of the series is perfectly balanced with the familiarity of a typical American suburb and Junior High, serving to make the bewitched narratives all the more relatable.

In addition appealing aesthetics and entertaining narratives, Sabrina, the Animated Series, also offers a comforting score that sets the magical tone without being obtrusive. It creates an atmosphere that accentuates the enchantment rooted in the plotline, contributing to the overall magical viewing experience.

In a nutshell, Sabrina, the Animated Series is a delightful fusion of magical fantasy and everyday teenage life, presenting relatable storylines with a touch of enchantment that appeals to audiences of all ages. Whether it's braving the challenges of adolescence or dabbling in magic, this show truly is a charmer. It is a joyful ride that explores the yin and yang of Sabrina’s dual reality as a teenage girl and a witch, procuring laughter and life-lessons in equal measure.

Sabrina, the Animated Series is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 102 seasons with a total of 70 episodes, the show debuted on 1999. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.9.

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