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Merry Madagascar
When Santa and his reindeer crash onto the island of Madagascar, it's up to Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and those wacky penguins to save Christmas.

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Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
Just before Christmas, Private decides to go into the city for some last-minute shopping but along the way winds up stuffed into a Christmas stocking.

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Madly Madagascar
Romance is in the air for Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman after King Julian discovers a magical perfume and takes on the role as "King of Love.

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Play All Three: Madagascar Short Stories
Romance is in the air after Julien discovers a magic perfume./ Private gets stuck on a shopping trip.

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"DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar" is a delightful animated television show special dating back to 2005 seamlessly laced with humor, wit, fun comedic jabs, and packed with a meaningful narrative. This show is a spinoff from the beloved and highly successful DreamWorks Animation franchise, "Madagascar".

Set in the vibrant New York City, the TV special revolves around the Central Park Zoo animals that are no strangers to audience: Alex, the charismatic Lion; Marty, the zany Zebra; Melman, the hypochondriac Giraffe; and Gloria, the sassy Hippo, who have all become household names. Together with the notorious and eccentric crew of Penguins and the dim-witted and hilarious duo of lemurs led by King Julien in the bunch, there is no shortage of light-hearted humor and entertainingly chaotic antics.

"DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar" explores the holiday season through the eyes of these exotic animals. The unique perspective and charming misinterpretations of the holiday customs create a fresh, upbeat approach to familiar holiday traditions. The writers explore seasonal themes like gift-giving, celebration, and holiday spirit endearingly, with enough comic relief to keep audiences of all ages entertained. The characters find themselves entangled in holiday preps and festivities, leading to unexpected comedic moments that make the show incredibly engrossing and amusing.

This show blends the extraordinary silliness that children absolutely adore with the tongue-in-cheek humor and cultural references that adults appreciate. This combination ensures that the humorous undercurrent never fumbles and strikes a chord with every generation. The cultural diversity and colorful ambiance of New York City are also skillfully integrated into the narrative, providing a rich background that complements the plot and character development.

The animation quality of "DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar" is nothing short of spectacular, a standard that DreamWorks Animation is renowned for. The vivacious colors, detailed character designs, and dynamic motions breathe life into the narrative. Additionally, the atmospheric setting of New York City during the holiday season, with its sparkling lights, snowflakes, and holiday decorations, is astoundingly performed, amplifying the holiday mood. The show's animation smoothly combines an attention to detail and comedic physicality, mirroring the animation style seen in the "Madagascar" films.

In line with the spirit of the holiday season, "DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar" also subtly incorporates life lessons. These beautifully woven messages about compassion, understanding, friendship, and the true meaning of holidays give the show a depth that transcends its comedy-filled facade. In their fun-filled misadventures, our lovable characters accidentally stumble upon the holiday spirit, warming hearts, and evoking thoughts in the process.

The voice acting in the "DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar" is exceptional, matching the pacing, style, and essence of the characters. The voice cast, including the returning actors from the original "Madagascar" films, remarkably brings each character's unique traits to life. Their performances collectively create an ensemble of irresistibly endearing characters, where each animal possesses a distinct personality and voice.

Further enriched with a remarkable background score and holiday music, "DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar" makes sure to keep its atmosphere vibrant and interactive. The addition of beloved classic holiday tunes along with original tracks adds an extra layer of joy and comfort, enhancing the viewers' overall holiday spirit.

"DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar" suits every audience's palate, adults or kids, catering to the humor, whimsy and meaningful storytelling in a balance only DreamWorks Animation could achieve. While children get engrossed in the visually delightful animation and slapstick comedy, grown-ups can appreciate the clever wordplay and references. This harmonious weave of comedy, sentiment, engaging narrative, and festive cheer positions this show as a must-watch holiday special for the whole family.

In conclusion, "DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar" is an entertaining and heartwarming animated television special that merges the captivating world of "Madagascar" with the enchanting ambience of the holiday season. It serves up not just a platter of entertainment but also a subtle and tenderly delivered reminder of the core values of the holiday season: love, togetherness, and goodwill.

DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 4 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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