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Challenges of Analytic Theology
Is analytic theology for the better, clarifying beliefs? Or for the worse, undermining faith? How does it compare with philosophy of religion, biblical studies and exegesis, and systematic theology?

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God's Sovereignty: A Tribute to Hugh McCann
Hugh McCann, philosopher of action and advocate of God's absolute sovereignty, died in 2016. A few years earlier, we discussed God's radical, maximal nature.

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What is Extended Mind?
How does the mind work? It's not obvious. Where does the mind stop and the rest of the world begin? What is extended mind? What is embodied mind?

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If God, What's Evolution?
If God does not exist, evolution is a full explanation of human origins, without deep meaning or purpose. But if God does exist, what is evolution and how did it happen?

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Being in the World- A Tribute to Hubert Dreyfus
Hubert Dreyfus, renowned philosopher of phenomenology, died in 2017. A few years earlier, we discussed consciousness, AI, God, creation, religion, body and soul, existence, and meaning of life.

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What is Analytic Theology?
Can the analytic enrich the theological, sharpening distinctions of doctrine? Can deep questions about God be addressed with methods and practices that are precise and rigorous?

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Epistemology: How Do I Know?
How can we have confidence in what we know or believe? What is knowledge? What is belief? How is belief justified? And is justified belief knowledge? How can we not doubt everything?

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What is Philosophy of Biology?
Biology has big questions. What is life, language, race, gender, morality, wisdom, religion, extraterrestrial intelligence?

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Cosmology and Creation
To most physicists, mindless laws generated the universe. A few believe that a supreme being is the creator.

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Does Consciousness Require a Radical Explanation?
What causes consciousness? Our inner sense of awareness is at once most mundane and most bizarre. No explanation makes sense. Here are three novel candidates for explaining consciousness.

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Why Consonance in Science and Theology?
The relationship between science and theology has easy conflicts and hard harmonies. Is consonance possible?

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Critical Realism in Science & Theology
What's the world as it really is? Not filtered, not represented, not interpreted. Bedrock reality. Meaning and purpose, if any, depends on it. But can we know if what we perceive is bedrock reality?

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The Multiverse: What's Real?
What could be more startling than many universes - multiple universes, innumerable universes, perhaps an infinite number of universes? But does the multiverse really exist?

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Closer to Truth represents an intellectual deep dive into the world of science, religion, and philosophy. This captivating American television series first began its journey into the airwaves in the year 2000, and it is presented by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The focus of the show is to explore essential, never-ending and complex questions about the universe and humanity's place within it, providing viewers with profound insights into the profound and omnipresent questions of existence.

The series stands unique in its quest for truth, seeking to explore both the tangible natural world and the intangible realms of the intellect. It straddles profound topics related to theoretical physics, cosmology, consciousness, philosophy of religion, and theology, presenting them in an engaging conversational format that draws in both the novice and the knowledgeable.

The host of Closer to Truth, Robert Lawrence Kuhn, plays a crucial role in driving the nuanced discussions about the fundamental truths of our universe. Kuhn, a heavyweight in the field of philosophy, dons the twin role of an explorer and a guide, adeptly navigating viewers through the maze of complex theories and philosophies. His ability to communicate complex ideas in an accessible manner is truly commendable, providing a fascinating and accessible entry point into high-level discussions that might otherwise be inaccessible to the majority of people.

Each episode of Closer to Truth tackles a specific theme, revolving around profound scientific or philosophical questions. The format sees Kuhn indulge in insightful discussions with experts from various fields—physicists, philosophers, theologians, neuroscientists—about the chosen theme. These conversations are thought-provoking and in-depth, without being intimidating, and they lead viewers towards new perspectives and deeper understandings.

The questions that Closer to Truth seeks to address are not plain analytical queries; rather, they are existential enquiries that are at the heart of human curiosity and longing for knowledge. What is the nature of the universe? Does God exist? What is consciousness? What makes us human? Are we alone in the universe? These are just a few of the topics tenderly unwrapped on the show.

Indeed, it is not just the choice of topics, but also the manner of approach and exploration that sets Closer to Truth apart. The show does not aim to convince or preach; instead, it wants to inform and provoke thought. It values doubt and uncertainty and treats them as the vital stepping stones on the journey towards enlightenment.

Visual appeal also plays a crucial role in making the viewing experience intriguing. Many of the discussions in Closer to Truth are embellished with contemporary scientific imagery and enlightening graphics, adding to the overall appeal of the series, making complex topics visually digestible, stimulating, and comprehensible.

Throughout the series, the viewers are encouraged to participate actively. Instead of simply absorbing information, the audience is prompted to think, reflect, question, and ponder, promoting intellectual growth. The show attempts to stimulate the curiosity of viewers, encouraging them to match the analytical pace of the discussions and follow along the complex yet fascinating path of knowledge and learning. This interactive aspect of the show effectively keeps viewers engaged and makes them eager for more.

Closer to Truth is an intellectual treat, a sharp and polished investigation of cosmology, consciousness, and God, where science meets philosophy, and curiosity leads the way. It is a treasure trove of knowledge for all those who seek and are fascinated by the truth, no matter how elusive it may be. Its scientific yet empathetic approach to uncovering the truth about the most complex and baffling questions of human existence makes it definitely a series well worth watching.

In a nutshell, Closer to Truth is an enriching and absorbing educational television series; a thought-evoking journey that combines the three pillars of human wisdom - Science, Philosophy, and Religion - to embark on a relentless quest to unravel the complexities of the universe and human existence. A comprehensive exploration of profound questions that prompts the viewers to think deeper and broadens their intellectual horizons, Closer to Truth is an invaluable addition to the repertoire of any lifelong learner.

Closer to Truth is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 18 seasons with a total of 234 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

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