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Jumpin' in the Rain
Elmo tries to find something to do in the rain while he waits to jump in puddles.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 24 Now

The Sign Language ABCs
At Alphabet Day, Elmo sings the ABC song and his friend Mathis signs the alphabet using American Sign Language.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 23 Now

The Feelings Fair
At the Feelings Fair, Elmo, Alan and Julia learn to figure out how someone is feeling by looking at their facial expressions.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 22 Now

Elmo and Abby's Ocean Adventure
After Abby turns Sesame Street into a magical ocean, Dorothy disappears, and Elmo and Abby must follow clues to find her.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 21 Now

Our Family Musical
For a school project, Mia writes a musical about how special it is to grow up in a family with two different cultures.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 20 Now

Bert and Ernie's Opposite Day
On Opposite Day, everyone is doing things that are as different as they can be. Bert and Ernie realize they like so many opposite things too!

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 19 Now

Tamir's Water Works
Tamir needs to figure out how to keep the community garden watered while he's away at camp. With his friends' help, Tamir makes an irrigation system.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 18 Now

The Kitty Sitters
Chris and Elmo put up signs to try to find a lost kitten's owner, and Grover and Cookie Monster learn all about how to take care of a kitten.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 17 Now

The Grover Game
At Street Carnival Day, Cookie Monster is playing the Grover Game and needs to move ping pong balls off a plate without touching them.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 16 Now

Elmo Helps the Amazing Zero!
The Amazing Zero and Elmo are on Sesame Street to help take everything away when people need to get to zero.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 15 Now

Sesame Street's Lunar New Year Celebration
Lily, Qui and Ji-Young are celebrating Lunar New Year on Sesame Street. They share with their friends how their families celebrate the holiday.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 14 Now

A Home for Fido
Chris, Elmo and Abby help Fido feel proud that he's a frog and find him the right habitat to live in.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 13 Now

The Flamingo Scoop
When Fred the Flamingo is visiting Sesame Street for a family reunion, Elmo, Rudy and Nina learn all about flamingos.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 12 Now

Sesame Street Song Day
Mia learns how to sing a song in Spanish with help from her friends, who tell her how special she is no matter how much or little Spanish she speaks.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 11 Now

Supermarket Games
Alan creates a game to make food shopping more fun! Can Elmo, Abby and Cookie Monster get the food in Alan's cart before checking out?

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 10 Now

Are You Ready for School?
When Rudy and Zoe feel nervous about getting ready for kindergarten, Ji-Young and Baby Bear host a game show all about school to help.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 9 Now

Elmo's Morning Routine
Elmo and Abby help Crystal the Ball come up with a morning routine so she can be ready to go out and play.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 8 Now

Worms Want to Play
Frankie the worm wants to play with her cousins, but they moved far away. To help their friend, Rosita, Gabrielle and Zoe must think like engineers.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 7 Now

Scootin' on Sesame Street
Elmo shares his scooter with Zoe and learns how to be patient and wait for his turn, while she practices and learns how to ride.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 6 Now

Sesame Street Self-Portraits
Elmo, Tamir, Charlie, Julia and Cookie Monster are making self-portraits, drawing what they look like and what they love to do.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 5 Now

Abby's Magical Sleepover
Gabrielle, Charlie and Abby are having a sleepover! As they start their bedtime routines, they learn that their routines are different and alike.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 4 Now

Proud of My Name
Rosita is frustrated when her coach shortens her name. With help from her friends, she tells the coach that she wants to be proudly called "Rosita.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 3 Now

The Oct-Dough-pus
At Hooper's Store, Grover and his octopus friend fill a customers orders while learning that families all over the world make bread in different ways.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 2 Now

Can They Be Friends?
Reporter Grover learns that people can be friends even if they are different ages, cheer for different sports teams and like doing different things.

Watch Sesame Street Season 54 Episode 1 Now

Sesame Street is an enduring and iconic American television program that first aired in 1969 on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The show, designed for children, is widely renowned for its unique blend of education and entertainment, combining traditional elements of children's programming with innovative puppetry, animated segments, and live-action parts. The show is notably renowned for its iconic characters such as Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, and Elmo, all inhabitants of the idyllic, urban Sesame Street. Together, these characters, ranging from conversational humans to irresistible monsters, provide engaging entertainment while imparting educational values to young children. Kevin Clash's dynamic voice work and puppetry brought to life Elmo, one of the most beloved characters on Sesame Street. Clash's charisma and expertise made Elmo the emblem of friendliness and kindness, inspiring children across generations. Similarly, Roscoe Orman portrayed Gordon, one of the warm-hearted and friendly faces of Sesame Street, delivering profound affection and guidance to the children in the show. Linda Bove, a noteworthy deaf actress, played Linda, a character with the same name who uses American Sign Language to communicate enlightening millions about deaf culture. Sonia Manzano, known as Maria, emerged as the beloved figure representing the Hispanic community on Sesame Street, while Emilio Delgado's character Luis offered another significant representation of the vibrant multicultural tapestry of Sesame Street. The talented puppeteer Caroll Spinney brought to life two of the most beloved characters on the show, Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, lending them unique and distinct personalities that have captivated audiences for decades. Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, and Richard Hunt were the brilliant minds and hands behind some of the most iconic puppets on the show. Henson and Oz teamed up to bring to life the lovable Ernie and Bert, while Nelson and Hunt brought numerous other characters to the fold. Fran Brill, another dynamic puppeteer, carved a place in children's hearts with her puppet Zoe, while Richard Hunt's distinctive voice as Forgetful Jones became part of the show's charm. Alan Muraoka, Chris Knowings, Nitya Vidyasagar, and Alison Bartlett-O'Reilly represented the diversity of Sesame Street, portraying characters of different backgrounds and ethnicities, reflecting the multiculturalism at the heart of the show. In the midst of its zany inhabitants, Sesame Street also routinely features real-world personalities, including actors, musicians, athletes, and even politicians. These guest stars bring engaging tidbits from differing areas of interest or expertise, giving kids unique learning experiences. Sesame Street doesn't shy away from tackling serious topics. Whether discussing physical disabilities or broaching subjects of loss, the creators handle each subject with sensitivity and age-appropriateness. Through carefully scripted storylines and empathetic characters, Sesame Street offers an approachable platform for children to understand complex concepts that they might find intimidating otherwise. The show's appeal owes much to its music, emphasizing catchy, educational songs that stick in the mind of any child or adult who hears them. Songs like "ABC-DEF-GHI" and "Rubber Duckie" boast whimsical lyrics and infectious tunes that not only entertain but also bolster learning, making Sesame Street's melodies an integral part of its success. Characterized by a rich array of diverse personalities, Sesame Street retains its decades-long allure through its unique blend of lovable puppet characters, engaging cast, and its commendable commitment to children's education. The show’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and educating children about life’s fundamental lessons have etched Sesame Street firmly on the global pop culture map, making it an enduring legacy in the realm of children’s television programming.

Sesame Street is a series categorized as a returning series . Spanning 54 seasons with a total of 3034 episodes, the show debuted on 1969. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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