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Henry Louis Gates, Jr. solves mysteries for 3 everyday Americans chosen to be guests.

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In the Blood
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the roots of actor Michael Douglas & writer-director Lena Dunham. Both guests are the children of famous artists--and both proudly followed in their parents' footsteps. But their family trees contain a cast of characters whose lives were forgotten. Gates recovers them, telling fascinating stories from the shtetls of Eastern Europe to the streets of colonial America.

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Mean Streets
Comic Tracy Morgan and actor Anthony Ramos, both native New Yorkers, map their family trees.

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The Brick Wall Falls
Actress Danielle Brooks and singer Dionne Warwick learn about their distant ancestors.

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Far and Away
Journalist Sunny Hostin and actor Jesse Williams learn that their ancestors come from very diverse places.

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Hold the Laughter
Actor Bob Odenkirk and comic Iliza Shlesinger explore their family histories and learn about relatives who took great risks to overcome hardships.

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Buried Secrets
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. helps singer Sammy Hagar and actor Ed O'Neill uncover their hidden roots, revealing scandals and secrets that their ancestors went to great lengths to conceal.

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Fathers and Sons
Actors LeVar Burton and Wes Studi, two men who grew up without their fathers, explore their family histories.

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Forever Young
Actors Valerie Bertinelli and Brendan Fraser explore their family histories.

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Born To Sing
Singers Ciara and Alanis Morissette examine their family histories.

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Finding Your Roots is an engaging American documentary television series that premiered on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the spring of 2012. This captivating show, which blends history, science, and storytelling, is hosted and executive produced by esteemed Harvard University scholar, Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., who is renowned for his work in genealogy and African-American history. The series uncovers the hidden family histories of famous American personalities through a comprehensive exploration of their ancestry, allowing them insights into their heritage that they were previously unaware of. Over the course of each episode, Dr. Gates presents the more complex aspects of genealogical research in an approachable and comprehensible manner, making Finding Your Roots an enjoyable watch for both history buffs and casual viewers alike. The core concept of Finding Your Roots lies in unraveling the ancestral stories that have been buried in the forgotten corners of history. Dr. Gates achieves this by employing the latest tools derived from genealogy, genetics, and historical records. By using in-depth historical documents, advanced DNA testing, and meticulous genealogical detective work, he peels back the layers of history, providing glimpses into the rich tapestry of experiences and stories that have constituted the lives of the featured guests' ancestors. Each episode focuses on a set of guests, usually celebrities, athletes, authors, or influential personalities, who embark on an intimate and often emotional journey, as their family trees unwind before their eyes. The narrative often unearths dramatic stories filled with unexpected discoveries. From the ancient past to more recent history, the secrets revealed span an array of experiences that encompass strife, success, hardship, triumph, and the immense human capacity for survival and resilience. The ancestral histories that are traced back often encapsulate significant historical events and periods. These narratives offer a personalized glimpse into various epochs, nationalities, and communities, and contribute toward a profound appreciation of historical and cultural diversity. Guests are frequently moved to tearful moments, joyous discoveries, and contemplative pondering as they come face-to-face with poignant stories of their forebears, unraveling their own identities in the process. In addition to revealing the complexities of family histories, Finding Your Roots also provides an accessible and engaging entry point into the broader discipline of genealogical research. Dr. Gates endeavors to demystify the science behind genealogy by elucidating the practical applications of genetic fingerprinting, DNA sequencing, mitochondrial DNA, and Y-chromosome DNA. His effective communication leaves the audience with a greater understanding of how science aids in the formation of our understanding of human history and migration patterns. All the while, the show maintains a respectful tone, particularly when dealing with traumatic historical events such as slavery and war. This balanced approach invites viewers to examine history from a more personal and empathetic perspective, exposing them to perspectives and experiences that they may otherwise not encounter within conventional historical discourse. In conclusion, Finding Your Roots is an enthralling combination of being a human-interest storytelling series and a study in history and genealogy. Whether shedding light on the lives of well-known personalities or exploring the broader strokes of human migration and intermingling, it is a TV show that fascinates, educates, and connects. Each determined search, each revealed secret, each discovered ancestor, only reinforces the idea that we are all inextricably linked to the past, and reminds us of the undeniable value in understanding our roots. The broad appeal of Finding Your Roots might arise from its suggestion that if a notable figure can find intrigue, surprise and sometimes resolution in the revelations of their family's past, then the same could hold true for any viewer. As such, it invites audiences of all backgrounds and ages to dig deeper into their own histories, and in doing so, discover new sides to their identities and form stronger bonds with their heritage. In more ways than one, Finding Your Roots is not just a show about the past - it's a show about what it means to be human, about how history, culture, and ancestry have shaped our identities, and about revisiting these roots to understand the essence of who we are today. And in its telling, it continues to forge a path for other genealogy concepts in popular culture to venture and thrive.

Finding Your Roots is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 107 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

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