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Blabbermouth/All Grown Up
Buster is hurt when he learns his friends don't trust him to keep a secret. Then, the gang finds a mysterious fortune telling game at the library and gets a hint of what their futures could hold.

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Listen Up/Arthur's New Old Vacation
When Francine's Bubbe passes away, Muffy tries to understand how she can help her friend. Then, when Arthur's family goes on the same vacation they take every year, he and Buster try to make it more exciting.

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Making Conversation/A Cloudy Day
Talking to adults makes George want to hide under a table! When he learns he must go to a grown-up party, he turns to his friends for help.

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Binky Wrestles with a Story/All Will Be Revealed
Binky imagines like he's wrestling for real./Something will be revealed.

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Arthur is a popular American-Canadian animated television series created by Marc Brown in the mid-1990s. It is based on the book series of the same name, which Marc Brown also wrote. The television series began on PBS in 1996, and over more than 25 years, it has become a much-loved staple of children's educational television. The show utilizes storytelling to tackle real-world situations faced by children, making it popular among viewers as it conveys important life lessons.

The show revolves around the daily life of Arthur Read, an 8-year-old aardvark with glasses, and his family and friends. Arthur, the protagonist, attends third grade in Lakewood Elementary School in the fictional town of Elwood City. While Arthur is an aardvark, his family and friends are a playful mix of other animals. This diversity is a testament to the show's commitment to representing a broad array of experiences and perspectives.

Arthur's family plays a significant role in the series, offering viewers an insight into different family dynamics. Arthur's parents are both working – his mother, Jane Read, is a caterer, and his father, David Read, is an accountant. Arthur also has two siblings: a pesky little sister, D.W., who is notorious for her strong will and outspoken nature, and baby brother, Kate, whose gestures and body language speak volumes despite her inability to talk. This familial backdrop not only form an integral part of Arthur's identity but also serve as a platform for teaching important values and handling crises.

The series shows Arthur interacting with a diverse group of friends, who are all distinct, vibrant characters contributing to the broad scope of storylines. Buster Baxter, the happy-go-lucky rabbit, is Arthur's best friend, and their friendship illustrates the bonds of camaraderie, trust, and honesty. There's Francine Frensky, the outspoken tomboy, and Muffy Crosswire, the wealthy and sometimes snobbish monkey, illustrating the varied economic and lifestyle standing. Other friends include The Brain, a bear known for his intelligence, and Binky Barnes, a bulldog who may come across as a bully initially but is revealed to have hidden depths of kindness and sensitivity.

Arthur is well-known for its unfiltered representation of various situations children may face growing up, such as bullying, learning to be accepting of differences, handling disappointments, becoming responsible, and dealing with peer pressure. It does not shy away from exploring more serious issues like illness, autism, and even death. The show always presents these topics in an age-appropriate, thoughtful manner, encouraging understanding and empathy.

Each episode typically contains two 15-minute stories. They are framed with a live-action 'And Now a Word from Us Kids' segment, featuring children discussing the themes of the episode. These children participate in fun activities and share their thoughts, anchoring the show's messages in real-life experiences. This not only validates the children viewers' emotions and experiences, but also promotes discussion and critical thought at an early age.

While primarily a children's series, Arthur's sophisticated humor, multilayered storytelling, and insightful life lessons often appeal to adults as well. The show enjoys a broad demographic of viewership, making it a program that entire families can watch together.

Over its long run, the show has won numerous awards for its quality, including several Daytime Emmy Awards. Additionally, through countless educational and socially conscious episodes, the show has made significant contributions to children’s television. It’s no wonder Arthur is the longest-running children’s animated series in the U.S. It is more than just a show; Arthur is a timeless educational resource for children and parents alike. It has made an indelible impact on generations of viewers and continues to be an invaluable tool in teaching essential values to young audiences. Even after so many years, the legacy of Arthur – with its signature tagline "Believe in Yourself" – is remarkable and remains unrivaled.

Arthur is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 25 seasons with a total of 277 episodes, the show debuted on 1996. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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