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The Cowgirl Mystery
Whyatt's family members are too busy to play his board game with him, but when he goes to put the game away, it's gone! To solve the mystery of where the game went, the Super Readers jump into the book The Cowgirl Mystery.

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The Underwater Treasure Mystery
Pig has almost finished his puzzle when he realizes that the last piece is missing. To solve the mystery of the missing puzzle piece, the Super Readers jump into the book The Under Water Lost Treasure where they meet a treasure-hunting Starfish who needs help.

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The Banana Mystery
Pig's lemonade stand is sabotaged when someone keeps taking his lemons-but who is it? To solve Pig's mystery, the Super Readers take a trip into the book The Banana Mystery where a search for Monkey's missing bananas takes them on a wild ride.

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Roxie's Missing Music Book
Whyatt can't wait to show his new comic book to his friends, so when it goes missing they all jump into the book Roxie's Missing Music Box to solve the mystery. Inside the book, they help singer and musician Roxie remember and retrace her steps to find her missing book of music just in time for her performance.

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Super Why! is a highly imaginative, interactive and animated television series from PBS aimed primarily at pre-school children aged between 3 to 6. First aired in 2007 and running through 2016, it is an educational program with a twist. The show embodies the perfect blend of entertainment and knowledge embellished with fun, adventure and a dash of magic realism. Its unique feature lies in its innovative presentation of literacy as an empowering tool while promoting a love for books and reading.

In the town of Storybrook Village, a magical 3D world inserted within the pages of a book, reside four good friends – Whyatt Beanstalk, the younger brother of Jack from "Jack and Beanstalk", Pig from "The Three Little Pigs", Red from "Little Red Riding Hood", and Princess Pea from "Princess and the Pea". These cute, bubbly, and delightful characters are every day kids by day and transform into literacy superheroes, the “Super Readers”, when vicinity demands.

Each successfully devised episode begins with a real-life problem faced by one of the characters. This is located within everyday situations, allowing young viewers to easily relate. With the problem at hand, Whyatt summons his friends to the "Book Club" by sending out an e-mail on his laptop. Here, they engage in a brief discussion about the problem and then turn to the "Super Duper Computer", a magical device that transports them into a classic children's storybook relevant to their problem.

Doubling as the “Super Readers”, they invite the audience to join their exciting sojourn into the world of a book. In every new adventure, their task is to follow the storyline while overcoming obstacles by playing interactive reading games and solving puzzles related to spelling, letter identification, alphabet recognition, and phonetics. The central idea is to use reading comprehension skills to study the story and determine how it relates to the problem they're trying to solve. Their comprehension of the story's theme enables them to find an answer.

The unique format of the show doesn’t just aim at teaching literacy but addresses social-emotional themes involving friendship, empathy, addressing emotions, problem-solving, and respect for others. The engaging stories and interactive elements keep children involved and stimulated throughout each episode, promoting active participation rather than passive viewing. With every new episode, the children learn that they can change the story by using the power of literacy, thus empowering them.

Another astounding feature of this series is its excellent lyrics, catchy music, and colorful, vibrant animation. The background music is beautiful soothing, engaging young minds, making it a visual as well as an aural treat. They also sing catchy songs which help in retaining and learning new concepts, words, and spellings. The bright and vibrant colors, carefully detailed characters, and enticing animation are attractive, visually appealing, and contribute towards holding the audience's attention throughout the episode.

Super Why! has also been one of the few animated series that represent racial and gender diversity amongst its characters encouraging inclusivity, harmony, and mutual respect, suggesting everyone no matter their background can help shape the solutions to the problems they face.

In conclusion, Super Why! is not just a children's show. It is a literacy empowerment tool, a friend, a guide, a teacher, and a much-needed fun element! It provides the perfect combination of education and enjoyment, geared towards developing a fondness for reading and the English language among young children. Encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and fostering an understanding of social and emotional aspects, it also prepares children for cognitive and emotional development, paving the way for a well-rounded personality. An innovative, fun-filled, and engaging literacy adventure, Super Why! serves as an essential stepping-stone for every young, budding learner. It is a mark of genius calling for a standing ovation for its creators.

Super Why! is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 110 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.0.

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How can I watch Super Why! online? Super Why! is available on PBS with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Super Why! on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV, Google Play online.

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